June 2017

New domain name registration volumes: all new gTLD reports were updated by Jean Guillon.

Friday, May 27, 2016

The new gTLD info for Friday, May 27th

Today is the day to update the new gTLD report related to Cars where 3 new domain name extensions were added: the .TAXI - the .LIMO and the .TIRES new gTLDS. One Trademark was added to the report related to HEALTH.
  1. HOT - Details of investments from the .CLUB Registry: it cost money to deploy a Registry but it generates a lot of income too;
  2. New gTLDs related to HEALTH;
  3. Did you check if your ".gdn" new domain name was registered already?
  4. ROAR - New gTLDs related to CARS;
  5. Article - Land grab kicks off as new .game domain is introduced;
  6. SPONSORING: it is now possible to sponsor new gTLD reports;
  7. Article - Now You Can Have Your Own .Game Domain, Get The Details;
  8. Event - WHD.usa kicks off in Phoenix;
  9. 4 Reasons to Use Your Personal .ARCHI Domain Name;
  10. Article - You can now secure your very own .game domain.
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