Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The .IDN new gTLD (...)

IDN has a lot of meanings and one of them is "Internationalized Domain Names". It is the ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 code for the country of Indonesia too.
The "AGB"
For anybody who went through the process of applying to a new gTLD in the first rounfd of the ICANN new gTLD program, page 67 of the new gTLD applicant guidebook (AGB) says:
" Treatment of Country or Territory Names: applications for strings that are country or territory names will not be approved, as they are not available under the New gTLD Program in this application round. A string shall be considered to be a country or territory name if: it is an alpha-3 code listed in the ISO 3166-1 standard".
So, someone paid $185,000 + all extra costs to apply for the .IDN new gTLD. The same happened for the .AND new gTLD and a few others I think.

Just for the note, the .IDN applications says:
"The purpose of the proposed gTLD is to offer a bridge for the Internationalized Domain Name Registrant to connect to users beyond their own language communities. This gTLD would be of help in furthering the Internet Communityʹs efforts to preserve the Internet as a unified, Global space. The proposed gTLD .IDN supports multiple cultural, linguistic and ethnic communities across the world by helping communities connect to the rest of the world across the barrier of language".
In a letter sent to ICANN in March 05, 2013, the applicant reported his mistake and offered to change it to .INTERNET. Probably a lot happened since 2013 but an answer to the applicant was published by the ICANN on the 24 April 2017 in regard to this change request. It says two things:
  1. "We note your commitment";
  2. "We encourage you to participate in the Policy Development Process".
After 4 years of procedure, there's still no answer.

What to think about all this?
Applying for a new domain name extension cost a lot of money and if the entry fee should be lowered in future rounds of the ICANN new gTLD program (not that nobody can tell about this today), it will still cost a lot so:
  • Do not apply  for a new gTLD if you have not read the applicant guidebook: this should be your bible when it has been updated and finalized for the next round (s);
  • Do not apply for a new gTLD "on your own" because you will forget something: in round one, I personally faced a geek who confirmed his boss that he would take care of the back-end registry process in his office to lower the costs. Talk to a pro with knowledge about new gTLDs.
  • Don't make a mistake with your application because it can then takes YEARS to be solved.
  • And again (even if this has nothing to do with this post) don't talk to backend registry providers about your project because if they don't sign you as their client, chance are high that there could be another applicant for your extension: talk to one new gTLD specialist, not all of them.

Monday, April 24, 2017

New generic Top-Level Domains: recent News

There were interesting news about new gTLDs in the online press these weeks. I strongly recommend the reading of the article about LEGO and the one on how to present a .BRAND domain name in advertising. The news:
  1. China’s Online Dominance Worry Brand Owners;
  2. New - The Mark Validation System;
  3. Events:
    1. Webinar on the Geographic Names;
    2. GDD Industry Summit;
    3. ICANN DNS Symposium;
    4. DNS-OARC.
  4. Multiple Registry pleased to report orders for approximately 90,000 standard name registrations across certain of its US and European facing top-level domains valued at approximately US$500,000;
  5. HOT - LEGO vs Cybersquatters: The burden of new gTLDs;
  6. HOT - Boston Ivy to drop premium renewals;
  7. Did New-GTLDs Start off on the Wrong Foot?
  8. DPML Upgrade for Enhanced Brand Protection;
  9. How selling cheap domains ruins your TLD for all users;
  10. .BRAND Trends and Recent Launches;
  11. HOT - How should I present .BRAND domains in advertising?
  12. Software Updates for Net Domains Could Spur $9.8B in Revenue;
  13. Are New G's INNOVATIVE?
  14. Geographic Names Webinar and ICANN59 Session;
  15. How to Get a Domain Name Transferred under the URS;
  16. This $20 billion company uses a new TLD for its website;
  17. How Brands Should Market Their .BRAND Domain Names;
  18. China’s April batch of approved TLDs has been released;
  19. WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center.
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

UPDATE: Orange is launching a Bank

Orange is the name of a fruit, but it is also a major French Trademark in telecommunication: the largest telephone operator in France and probably in many other countries in the world.

Orange is a ".BRAND" applicant
Orange is also a .BRAND new gTLD applicant who applied for the .ORANGE new gTLD. At the moment, the Trademark has two domain names indexed in Google and they are redirections:
The traditional "" redirects to a ".com". The Whois seems to redirect to a ".orange" domain name.

Welcome to "Orange Bank"
Orange is the majority shareholder of Groupama Banque which is rebranding to "Orange Bank". The explanation is available here. One will wonder why a French company rebrands to an English name, in particular when Groupama has probably more French clients than English ones. I have a few doubts:
  • Could this change of name to an English one have something to do with the withdrawal of the ".BANQUE" new gTLD*, in which case "Orange Banque" could also have been a good name and orange.banque a fantastic domain name to use? I doubt it.
  • Could another reason be that the Orange Trademark is also managed by the UK? The .ORANGE new gTLD application was submitted by Orange Brand Services Limited, a company based in the United Kingdom, not in France. Come on...
  • Orange is the Registry for its own domain name extension: will it consider a for the French version of its website and a for the English one? And...has someone noticed what"s behind "Good Lord"...
I had a look at the Whois to check about the owner of the "" domain name and the Registrant is the Orange County Trust Company. The Registrant has an email ending with the domain name and this does not look like it belongs to the telecom company that I use for my mobile. In one word: one of the most important telecom company is launching a new product named "Orange Bank" and the exact same domain name belongs to...some sort of competitor.

Considering the .ORANGE new gTLD?
I am confident that this long time project already has a person in charge of thinking about securing the right domain names upfront and just "naming" in general, but isn't this the perfect moment to demonstrate innovation and start using domain names ending in ".orange"?

It seems that Orange, a French Bank, will be using an english word in its second level domain...with a ".fr" extension: I will keep crying during the next two weeks.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The American Marketing Association

Nice name isn't it?

The American Marketing Association

  • According to PIR, the Registry for .ORG domain names, the domain name "" was registered in 1994 so we can say that it is an old domain name...short too;
  • According to the AMA, it is an American organisation and it is a reference about Marketing in the US.
Where is all this taking us?
I went to and...wrong site: I am sure that you will be happy to search for ads related to Marketing. So I went to and guess what?

An association is an organization but what matters the most in a name? The fact that it is an organization or what it does?

The AMA does "Marketing"
New domain names offer precision in branding and branding is the second most important subject on the AMA front page after Advertising so I wonder: isn't it time to re-brand for the AMA, in particular when it already is the Registrant of ""?

Something is blocking and I foresee two reasons why changing name is not in the AMA shortlist of things to do:
  1. Why re-brand when the AMA is already an established website and an already known URL (let's say "domain name")?
  2. SEO: the AMA is already well placed in Google: why take the risk to change this?
Asking the question
I sent an email to the AMA with my question (and hope to receive an answer). I understand that many company do secure domain names to block from squatting. I also undesrtand that the AMA just won't change its name because it implies more changes then (paper documentation, etc...), but I hope that it gives them the idea to think about changing because innovation matters to marketing. And by the way, "innovation" appears 11 times in the marketing definition of Wikipedia.

Friday, April 14, 2017

The .AGENCY new gTLD is doing good

The list of domain name extensions for the Real Estate industry is long and seven of them are in the blue in April 2017. Five of them are in the red.

The .ARCHI new gTLD which had 5,831 domain name registrations in the beginning of January 2017 kept losing registrations months after months. In April, this TLD has 1,153 domains registered in total. Launched in 2011 and maintained by StartingDot until recently, it was then acquired by another company.

The .PLACE new gTLD has more then 200 registrations since the previous month. The same for .PROPERTIES and .CREDIT new gTLDs.

The .AGENCY new gTLD, added in January 2017 to this report, shows good signs of evolution and more than 1,000 registrations.

The extensions concerned by this report are:
  2. .AGENCY
  3. .CASA
  4. .HOUSE
  5. .LAND
  7. .IMMO
  10. .ESTATE
  11. .RENT
  13. .FORSALE
  14. .PLACE
  15. .HAUS
  16. .INSURE
  18. .CREDIT
  19. .LOANS
  21. .CONDOS
  23. .VILLAS
  24. .LEASE
  25. .MAISON
  26. .ARCHI
  27. .REIT
  28. .BROKER
  29. .HOMES
  31. .FRESENIUS ®
  32. .REALTY
  33. .WTC ®
  34. .LOFT
  35. .MLS
  39. .FRONTDOOR ®
  40. .LEFRAK ®
  41. .HOME

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Latest new gTLD NEWS

A lot is said about new gTLDs every day and "reading it all" can be challenging and time consuming. We take care of this for you - everyday - in our Newsletter. Subscribe, it's free.

What was said recently:
  1. New gTLDs: Holding ICANN Accountable;
  2. Farewell to new gTLDs;
  3. Combating Five Myths About new gTLDs;
  4. French - Les new gTLD ont-ils de la valeur?
  5. Question: Does Google index the new domain names as “keyword”?
  6. Job: Director, Registry Services;
  7. HOT - Notes for a new TLD round;
  8. Chinese to invade .AFRICA? CEO thinks so;
  9. Major SEO contest won with a new domain name;
  10. Companies losing $10 BILLION by ignoring new gTLDs;
  11. Two new gTLDs were just delegated:
    1. .RUGBY
    2. .HOTELS
  12. The .WALMART new gTLD;
  13. After long wait, .ECO domains roll out this month;
  14. Top 10 Own Over 10% Of All New gTLD’s;
  15. Lack of safeguarding checks leaves children vulnerable to online abuse (.KIDS);
  16. New gTLDs = Amateur Hour;
  17. Cool - "New gTLD" source of info in Japanese;
  18. .CLUB Delivers Huge Sales of over $500,000;
  19. French - Le .AFRICA est ouvert. Titulaires de marques, ne trainez pas!
  20. Should You Use a New Domain For Your Website?
  21. HOT (French) - Les extension Internet identitaires;
  22. IWF calls on more in the domain industry to do the right thing;
  23. .FFEDBACK fires salvo over PICDRP complaint;
  24. New gTLDs are scapegoated for child abuse material;
  25. Have you got the best domain name?
  26. Self Driving Car Company Launches on a .AUTO Domain;
  27. HOT - New gTLDs for Companies;
  28. Major Startup launched with Pocket.Watch;
  29. Coming Sunrise Periods:
    1. .HEALTH
  30. Making new internet domains work for everyone;
  31. How Local are They? (GEO TLDs like .LONDON in the UK, .BERLIN in Germany);
  32. .FUN enters general availability today.

Something wrong with .VIN ?

For the first time since its launching, the .VIN new gTLD loses registrations. If the progression curve of .WINE is an example since it never lost one single registration, the .VIN domain name extensions is to me, the example of an extensions that has difficulties to develop for several reasons:
  1. It is a French term and French wine makers are not fond of Internet so much;
  2. It is poorly marketed: the role of a registry is to operate a TLD, not to market it. A .VIN Registry operated by French wine makers or a similar wine organization, would probably make a difference;
  3. The .VIN new gTLD belongs to an American company and unless I am wrong, we don't speak French in the USA;
  4. The .VIN new gTLD belongs to an American company and unless I am wrong again, French are not fond of American wines. Psychologically speaking, it must be a torture for a French wine company to be buying something related to wine, to an American company but fortunately:
    1. French wine makers don't know about ".VIN" domain names...yet;
    2. French wine makers are a thousand miles away from knowing the registration process of a domain name;
    3. No registrar/registry sells ".vin" domain names during Vinexpo.
Sometimes, losing registrations for a Registry is due to the annual renewal with registrants forgetting to renew or just that period of time when registrants realize that they won't be using a domain name and then, they just drop it.

The domain name extensions concerned  are:
  1. .PUB
  2. .WINE
  3. .BEER
  4. .VIN
  5. .BAR
  6. .GLASS 
  7. .VODKA
  8. .REHAB
  9. .GALLO ®
  10. .BAREFOOT ®

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

New gTLDs: ".游戏" means ".game"

The .游戏 (.game) new gTLD just started to create domain names and has now 120 registered. This extensions comes in competition with two ASCII existing TLDs: the .GAME and .GAMES new gTLDs.

Two new gTLDs are in the red with a noticeable loss of registrations (23,000 for one of them and 6,000 for the other).

Congratulations to the .GAMES new gTLD which passes the 10,000 domain name registrations this month.

Reminder: the .RUGBY new gTLD was delegated by the ICANN. A Sunrise Period should be announced soon by the Trademark Clearinghouse.

The very much awaited .BASKETBALL domain name extension, which was announced recently, should have its Sunrise Period announced too.

The list of Sport new gTLDs:
  1. .RACING
  3. .BIKE
  4. .RUN
  6. .YOGA
  7. .GOLF
  8. .SKI
  9. .DANCE
  11. .FUTBOL
  12. .SURF
  13. .SOCCER
  14. .FISHING
  15. .TENNIS
  16. .HOCKEY
  17. .RODEO
  20. .SPORT
  21. .RUGBY
  22. And many more...
The .MOTORCYCLES ads one domain name registration in one month.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Very few are in the .GREEN (new gTLDs)

This title sounds negative right? Well, in April 2017 one might be surprised to see that the .GREEN new gTLD is the only "color related" new gTLD to have more domain name registrations. All other extensions are in the red.

This is rather strange since domain name registration volumes for extensions such as the .RED new gTLD were extremely high: more than 300,000 in January 2017: 100,000 less today.

The .ORANGE new gTLD is a Trademark to have created a specific webpage for its ".orange" domain names with policies, etc...

The "colored" extensions are:
  1. .RED
  2. .BLUE
  3. .PINK
  4. .BLACK
  5. .GREEN
  6. .ORANGE ®
Anybody can register domain names in any of these extensions (but the ".orange") which brings a question: there are more colors and brown, violet, white and yellow were not submitted an application for.
Will there be new gTLD applications for:
  • .BROWN
  • .WHITE the next new gTLD application round?

Monday, April 10, 2017

Financial new gTLDs

It is often an event when a new domain name extensions passes the 10,000 registrations or when it doubles its number of registrations from one month to the other. If no financial gTLD passed the 10,000 registrations this month, the .BROKER new gTLD more than "doubled" its number of domain name registered. This article might explain why.

Four domain name extensions are doing extremely well - one added more than 500,000 domain name registrations in one month (...) - and one lost a little less than 5,000 registrations. We removed the three extensions which were withdrawn from the list below.

New gTLDs with the "®" sign are registered Trademarks, which means that there domain names cannot be registered by third parties but from specific companies only.

The full report is available here.

The new gTLD concerned are: 

  1. .LOAN
  2. .BID
  3. .TRADE
  5. .BET
  6. .GOLD
  7. .FUND
  8. .CASH
  9. .DEALS
  10. .MONEY
  11. .CAPITAL
  12. .FINANCE
  15. .AUCTION
  16. .CREDIT
  17. .BANK
  18. .LOANS
  23. .MARKETS (s/p)
  24. .TRADING
  25. .BROKER
  27. .CITIC ®
  28. .BRADESCO ®
  29. .BARCLAYS ®
  30. .FOREX
  31. .BLOOMBERG ®
  32. .TRUST
  33. .PICTET ®
  34. .CBA ®
  35. .SHRIRAM ®
  36. .SAXO ®
  37. .DVAG ®
  38. .AIG ®
  39. .AXA ®
  40. .SCB ®
  42. .JCB ®
  44. .CFD
  45. .CFA ®
  46. .EVERBANK ®
  47. .NAB ®
  48. .CHASE ®
  49. .SOFTBANK ®
  50. .NETBANK ®
  51. .ALLFINANZ ®
  52. .NADEX ®
  53. .JPMORGAN ®
  54. .CITADEL ®
  55. .PAY
  56. .DEAL
  57. .MINT ®
  58. .UBANK ®
  59. .BANAMEX ®
  61. .BOFA ®
  62. .FIDELITY ®
  63. .VISA ®
  64. .DISCOVER ®
  65. .CITI ®
  66. .LPL ®
  68. .ICBC ®
  69. .COMMBANK ®
  70. .HDFCBANK ®
  71. .HDFC ®
  72. .STATEBANK ®
  73. .工行 (xn--estv75g) ®
  75. .ANZ ®
  76. .KFH ®
  77. .ALLY ®
  78. .PNC ®
  80. .AMEX ®
  81. .SAVE
  82. .HSBC ®
  83. .SBI ®

Friday, April 7, 2017

New gTLDs for the Law

We listed 10 new gTLDs related to the law and only one of them is a dotBrand. Surprisingly, it is the only .BRAND new gTLD to be offering to submit new gTLD applications to the ICANN : shouldn't this be considered when thinking of a company to submit your new gTLD application in round two of the ICANN new gTLD program? We think so.

This month, one extension keeps diving into the red for the third month in a row but three others are gaining a significant number of registrations.

We recently added the .ESQ new gTLD which belongs to Google and the funny thing is that it's been launched a very long ago one noticed it. Here is what the new gTLD application says about .ESQ: "The purpose of the proposed gTLD is to provide a forum for lawyers and law practices to offer content related to their profession. ʺEsq.ʺ is typically used to refer to an individual who has been sworn in or accepted into their stateʹs or countryʹs bar. The mission of the proposed gTLD is to provide a dedicated domain space in which verified legal professionals can enact unique second-level domains."

Congratulations to the .LEGAL new gTLD which passes the 10,000 domain name registrations.

Oh, and yes, we consider that the .BAR new gTLD should be added to the 2017 LAW new gTLD report :-)

The list of new gTLD concerned:
  1. .LAWYER
  2. .LEGAL
  4. .LAW
  6. .BAR
  10. .ESQ
The full report is available here and we welcome more .BRAND TLD suggestions to be added to this report.

The .AFRICA Sunrise Period

The Trademark clearinghouse just announced the launching of the .AFRICA new gTLD Sunrise Period.

  • START: Tuesday, 4 April, 2017 - 16:00;
  • END: Saturday, 3 June, 2017 - 16:00.

What the application says about .AFRICA
This is an extract of the new gTLD application submitted to the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN):
"Our mission is to establish the dotAfrica TLD as a proud identifier of Africa’s online identity, fairly reflecting the continent’s rich cultural, social and economic diversity and potential. In essence we will strive to develop and position the dotAfrica TLD as the preferred option for individuals and businesses either based in Africa or with strong associations with the continent and its people. The dotAfrica TLD represents a unique opportunity for Africa to develop and enhance its domain name and Internet eco-systems and communities by collaborating with each other to:
  • identify, engage and develop African-based specialist skills and resources;
  • share knowledge and develop DNS thought-leadership; and
  • implement world class registry standards and contribute towards their continued development."

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Companies to register more "new" domains

That is a fact, companies don't have the budget to register their name in all new domain name extensions but they tend to register more domain names in targeted extensions. the way, why would a company want to register its name in all available new domain name extensions?
Would it make sense for a company based in...Washington (USA) to register a domain name ending in ".sarl" when "SARL" is a corporate identifier in France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Lebanon?

For this reason, we selected what we consider, the best domain name extensions to register a domain with for Companies; no matter where they are located.

The list of domain name extensions also includes the legacy ".com" domain name extension because we consider (for probably the next 10 years) that this old extension will remain a good one to secure and to use as a redirection to a new domain name. We also included two other legacy extensions and .TEL is one of them.

In this report, seven registries have more than 100,000 domains registered and four of them are increasing their domain name registration volume very significantly this month.

Two extensions, including an IDN, are losing registrations: 7,000 for the IDN when the .BLOG new gTLD does the opposite and gains 7,000 more domains!

The full monthly report is available in our Newsletter only which is sent tonight at 8PM CET.

For those who have an access to this specific report, we welcome your comments and will be happy to add an extension if it answers this question: "my company is based in Africa; does it make sense to register the Company's name in this specific extension?" Note that all websites are not translated into English but could be at a certain point in the Future of the Company. Some companies also secure their assets and register domain names to block a third party from doing it. There are various reasons why it can make sense to register a domain name, even if it won't be used.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

New gTLDs and City names

The city of Istanbul gains more than 1,000 new domain registrations in one month, with its .ISTANBUL new gTLD. Three cities have sticked to the red for the past 3 months and keep losing registrations. Six cities are "in the blue" and have kept gaining more registrations for the past two months.

Eight cities just...don't want to launch and have one single domain name registered. One of them, the city of Boston and its .BOSTON new gTLD, should launch soon.

The .SYDNEY new gTLD passed the 10,000 new domain name registrations: "Congrats".

We are comfortable with adding the .TOURS new gTLD as a city name since this French city, also called "Le Jardin de la France" ("The Garden of France"), has a population of 140,000.

The domain name extensions concerned are:
  1. .NYC
  2. .BERLIN
  3. .LONDON
  4. .TOKYO
  5. .CITY
  7. .KOELN
  9. .MOSCOW
  10. .PARIS
  12. .МОСКВА (xn--80adxhks)
  13. .WIEN
  14. .VEGAS
  15. .IST
  16. .MIAMI
  17. .SYDNEY
  19. .QUEBEC
  22. .TOURS
  23. .COLOGNE
  25. .NAGOYA
  27. .GENT
  28. .JOBURG
  29. .TAIPEI
  30. .OKINAWA
  31. .TOWN
  32. .DURBAN
  33. .RIO
  34. .OSAKA
  35. .KYOTO
  36. .DUBAI
  37. .BCN
  38. .MADRID
  42. .DOHA
  44. .BOSTON
The April 2017 full report is available here.

We are open to add more city names, no matter if they are a generic string with multiple meanings. Forward the names to us. Thank you.

Latest new gTLD NEWS

These are the contents related to new gTLDs that we published a link to, in our latest Newsletters:
  1. The .FILM namespace is a viable new gTLD;
  2. Spotlight on the .CAM new gTLD;
  3. China approves more gTLDs;
  4. Interesting - How SHARP uses its ".sharp" domains;
  5. The .RADIO Launch timeline has been updated;
  6. Events:
    1. Webinar on Geographic Names: 25 April 2017;
    2. The AFNIC Forum: 18 May 2017.
  7. A new domain was sold for $183,000;
  8. HOT - Innovation in new gTLDs;
  9. .VIP and geographic gTLDs update;
  10. Bloomberg Loses URS?
  11. .BASKETBALL domains are live;
  12. URS is fast and cheap, but…
  13. HOT - Les modèles des nTLDs: questionnement;
  14. From $111 .BET Premium to a $6,500 sale;
  15. Search Engine Optimisation for .BRAND domains;
  16. HOT - Experts agree, nTLDs are as good as any other TLDs for SEO rankings;
  17. Can (and Should) Failed New gTLDs Be Saved?
  18. Almost 10% Of New gTLD Registrations In Upcoming Delete Status;
  19. Brand TLD Market Brief – March 2017;
  20. Country Bias in new top level domains;
  21. HOT - Studying .BRAND New gTLDs;
  22. LOL - When is the next round?
  23. HOT - The Dot Brand Observatory: a "date" is not the only question anymore;
  24. Registry wins .AFRICA domain battle;
  25. Want a .MAKEUP domain?
  26. Your Guide to Brand Top-Level Domains;
    1. What Are Brand TLDs?
    2. Why Now?
    3. What does the program status look like today?
    4. Why Many Big Brands Are Making the Move
    5. Cost Benefit
    6. What are domain names worth?
    7. What does it cost to protect a brand?
  27. Donuts tries the dirt-cheap domain model;
  28. Rightside changes brand blocking service for new TLDs;
  29. New gTLD Public Comment Opportunities.
We look for one single sponsor to which we will offer exclusivity on all contents and publication platforms until - and during - the next round of the ICANN new gTLD program. For details please see this offer.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Photography and new gTLDs

There are 3 major increases this month in domain name registration volumes related to photography and one extension which keeps losing records. The extensions chosen to match with the subject of photography are:
  1. .WEBCAM
  3. .PICS
  4. .MEDIA
  5. .PHOTO (s/p)
  6. .STUDIO
  8. .VIDEO
  9. .PHOTOS (s/p)
  10. .GALLERY
  13. .CAMERA
  14. .FILM
  15. .CAM
  16. .ART
  17. .MOVIE
  18. .SONY ®
  19. .CANON ®
  20. .MOV
  21. .PANASONIC ®
  22. .YODOBASHI ®
  23. .GOLDPOINT ®
  24. .NIKON ®
  25. .OLYMPUS ®
The few photography trademarks to have applied for their own domain name extension still do not have found how to use them. If Canon has launched one commercial ".canon" domain name, its major competitor Nikon is still in stand-by. The Sony Trademark, which is not only related to Photography has launched a few initiatives and has 8 ".sony" domains registered as of today.

Check the full report at Jovenet Consulting.

Monday, April 3, 2017

New gTLDs related to Catering

This a series of 18 reports related to new domain name registration volumes. The first report is for domain names extensions related to Catering and Food. The extensions concerned are:
  1. .PUB
  2. .COFFEE
  3. .CAFE
  4. .MENU
  7. .BAR
  8. .PIZZA
  10. .RECIPES
  11. .COOKING
  12. .REST
  13. .FAGE ® (see a case study here)
  14. .食品 (food)
  15. .EAT
  16. .FOOD
  20. .CITYEATS ®
  21. .MCD ®
  22. .MCDONALDS ®
Noticeable domain name registration increases are more in the 100 rather than the 1000. No domain name extension is in the red this month but the much awaited .MCDONALDS domain name extension still does not show one single registration...yet. The .MCDONALDS new gTLD is an important .BRAND since this trademark has the capacity to communicate worldwide: something that new gTLDs desperately need to install and demonstrate usage. Trademarks (.BRAND new gTLDs) were added a little ® sign to be recognized.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

New domains won’t get cheaper: really?

I just read another negative article about new gTLDs and, if I admit that I did not read it until the end (long articles are rarely read until the end), I think it can be a good read on the SEO part.

The title is wrong
New gTLDs (and we are talking about "new domain names" here, not "new domain name extensions" ("new gTLDs" stands for "new generic Top-Level Domains" = first level domain = the domain name extension = different from the second level domain name which comes right before the last dot in a domain name. Got it? ;-)
But let's just not focus on a title but on the content of the article which seems to explain why new domain names "are going not going to be cheaper".

The story
The title is wrong because another registry just announced the opposite for its list of domain name extensions.

In the beginning of March 2017, a multiple Registry announced a price increase (read "Is this a death spiral for new top level domain names?") which caused many domain name investors to criticize that move: when you have purchased domain names, it is the registry who decides about the price. The registrar HAS to follow. He is the one to tell his client - the domain name investor - that he will have to pay more. So this is negative for everybody and in particular for the person to renew the domain names.

The reality
Very recently, another "multiple registry" (a company to operate several new gTLDs), announced the opposite: a serious price decrease. Boston Ivy is specialized in financial domain name extensions (".FOREX" - ".BROKER" - ".MARKETS" - ".TRADING") and published this:
  1. domain ending in ".broker": legacy price = $500. New price = $20
  2. domain ending in ".forex": legacy price = $1,000. New price = $30
  3. domain ending in ".markets": legacy price = $40. New price = $10
  4. domain ending in ".trading": legacy price = $50. New price = $12
Why investing now is a good move
So yes...domain investors can keep investing in legacy ".com" domain names at huge prices but targeting financial TLDs, in particular when there are so few domain names registered, can be a good move and the reason is simple: short and generic domain names - the most valuable domain names when it comes to investing in domain names - are available to register.

The announcement is available here.

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  12. For new gTLD service providers - Preparing for "Round 2" of the ICANN new gTLD program?
  13. Ending soon: the .ECO Sunrise Period: Sunday, 2 April, 2017 - 16:00;
  14. HOT - .BRAND Specialized Reports (download the .BRAND SEO report);
  15. The dotAfrica (.Africa) gtld delegation has been faced by so much controversy for some time now;
  16. New gTLD registries want a $17 million ICANN rebate.

Friday, March 24, 2017

How to use my .BRAND extension?

This is a question that comes back often as many ".BRAND" new gTLD applicants have submitted an expensive application to the ICANN to operate their personalized domain name extension but... they still don't know what to do with it.

What do other applicants do with their ".BRAND" ?
The DOT BRAND Observatory answers that question with a certain number of case figures. Learn more from other .BRAND new gTLD applicants:
  • .CITIC
  • .FAGE
  • .DNP
  • .JCB
  • .SEAT
  • .SENER
  • .WEIR
Check the case studies here.

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  6. gTLD Domain Name Counts 2017 - Start Of Month;
  7. was sold for $201,250;
  8. Emirates (airline) and .email gTLD;
  9. NEW - Number of domains per .BRAND TLD;
  10. This .yachts domain shouldn’t have been lost;
  11. 5 Positive New gTLD Charts;
  12. Owner of .feedback lacks transparency;
  13. New gTLD регистратуры просят ICANN снизить сумму выплат;
  14. Update on .VIP and .BOSTON new gTLDs;
  15. HOT - New gTLD projections and...reality;
  16. .FEEDBACK gets negative feedback on public interest;
  17. The ASOP Honors Leading Companies at ICANN;
  18. New TLD registries ask for 75% cost reduction.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The .HEALTH Sunrise Period

The .HEALTH new gTLD (for domain names ending in ".health", instead of ".com") now has a date for its Sunrise Period:
  • START: Monday, 8 May, 2017 - 16:00;
  • END: Friday, 7 July, 2017 - 16:00.
What does the application say about .HEALTH:
“Health” is the general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigor. As a global society, health is a measure of soundness of body, mind or being. Health can mean freedom from disease or ailment. Virtually everywhere in the world, and across many stakeholder segments, health is a major contributor to the economy and serves as a leading and influential indicator for measuring any one country or territory’s economic and societal strengths and weaknesses against others. Throughout the world, people rate health one of their highest priorities and concerns. Whether these are mental, physical, economic or social, these concerns are commonly linked to education and literacy, food and nutrition, fitness and exercise, medicines and therapies, environment and nature, technology and innovation, insurance and employment, for professional research and others.
The detailed explanation is rather long so I suggest to read the rest of it here (download the application then).

All dates for the Sunrise Period (and after) can be found at the Trademark Clearinghouse. Official website of the Registry is: To register your domain name, check for an accredited Registrar to participate in the Sunrise Period.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Registry announces new pricing

Boston Ivy is pleased to announce competitive wholesale pricing for domain name registrations, renewals and transfers as follows.

Prices have dropped:
  1. .BROKER domain names: price was $500,00. Now: $20,00
  2. .FOREX domain names: price was $1,000,00Now: $30,00
  3. .MARKETS domain names: price was $40,00. Now: $10,00
  4. .TRADING domain names: price was $50,00. Now: $12,00
See: for details.

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  5. .FUN: Sunrise Period is ending;
  6. People hate new gTLDs: the truth;
  7. .FEEDBACK gTLD in breach of contract after big brand “fraud” claims;
  8. Adopted ICANN Board Resolutions:
    1. .SPORT : Consideration of the dot Sport Limited v. ICANN Independent Review Process Final Declaration;
    2. .PERSIANGULF : Consideration of the Gulf Cooperation Council v. ICANN Independent Review Process Final Declaration;
    3. Protections for Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement Identifiers in gTLDs.
  9. How could operating a Registry become cheaper;
  10. Speculations on Domain Industry;
  11. GAC Communiqué (Interesting read until page 9);
  12. .AFRICA gTLD redelegation possible if DotConnectAfrica wins case.

Friday, March 17, 2017

People hate new gTLDs: the truth

Honorable Rick Schwartz is a domainer a domain name investor and has no lesson to receive in terms of buying and reselling domain names. Note that domain name investing has nothing to do with cybersquatting: it is today a very serious job and some successful investors are able to earn thousands of dollars.Some new domain names are sometimes sold for more than $100,000.00...just for one single name.

We all read complaints about new domain names from the ICANN new gTLD programs and I believe this post from M. Schwartz explains part of it, if not all.

New domain names are offering something new and I agree here that the market is being flooded, sometimes creating confusion but - as a person to keep a very close eye on the new gTLD world and its evolution - I also noticed that the major part of those who keep complaining that "new gTLDs are failing"..are the one involved in reselling ".com" domain names: a value which is being lowered due to the high volume of new domain names released to the market. I understand the frustration but new gTLDs were not created for speculators.

Some domainers thought that investing in new generic second level domains would make them earn fast cash. Unfortunately, this will take longer to happen since there are now so many new domain name extensions. I personally invested in "" and ""

The funny thing is that registry who recently announced an increase of his prices to remain profitable (taking registrants to pay a higher price), and some to conclude that the entire new gTLD program was a failure due to this: did you look around who is complaining? I did.
In the end...very few are.

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  12. What the DOT is going on?
  13. Study reveals that new gTLDs comprise seven of the top 10 domains used by spammers;
  14. .LOAN has over 1,500,000 general and premium domain registrations;
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  21. Tech giant Amazon has adopted and currently utilizes the fully-Chinese domain name 亚马逊.在线;
  22. The scramble for the .africa domain name has been long and brutal, and it isn’t over yet;
  23. Schilling expects GoDaddy to return after dumping Uniregistry gTLDs;
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  44. Donuts gaat in hoger beroep, lancering .WEB veraf;
  45. .SUCKS en promo, une aubaine pour les cybersquatteurs (in French).

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Communication agencies and ".BRANDs"

What is the job of a communication agency but to help other companies with their communication?

New gTLDs belong to communication
At least, it is what I thought until I noticed that - as an independent new gTLD consultant - I started to receive more calls from communication agencies with that question:
"M. Guillon, we receive a question about creating a domain name extension and we would require your help to answer our client."
"M. Guillon, our clients asked about creating his extension and we have no clue what he is talking about, can you please help us so we don't look like idiots?"
I am often amazed to note that communication agencies don't really worry about domain names when I am able to tell a customer with a new project: "if the domain name you want to register is taken, then consider changing the name of your company or your Trademark". And I do not necessarily refer to new domain names from the ICANN new gTLD program here.
A domain name is where it all starts for a company on Internet so "yes": we're talking about serious communication here because what follows is a sound in someone's mouth, a domain name written on a visit card; on paper press: it is what readers will try to remember to find a company's website on Internet.

Communication agencies don't know about ".BRANDs"
Who, more than communication experts, want to deliver innovation to their client? As a new gTLD expert with a degree in marketing and communication, I strongly think that communication specialists need to be educated, and I don't mean to be "trained" here but educated first: the first step is to comprehend what a ".BRAND" domain name extension can bring to a Trademark instead of leaving it with just a "hey it's too expensive".

There are plenty of reasons why a .BRAND new gTLD can benefit to a Trademark or a company (precision, branding, SEO with generic domains, control of the security, identity...) but isn't one of best selling point to own a personalized domain name extension, the possibility to initiate TODAY, the online future of a company?

Existing ".BRAND" new gTLD applicants
Many have had their extension since 2014 but they don't use it. We are in 2017 and the next round of the ICANN new gTLD program won't start before 2020 (more or less): isn't it time to initiate a strategy to be in place when competition starts from scratch in the next application round of the ICANN new gTLD program? A .BRAND personalized domain name extension is an opportunity to get years ahead the competition but it be in place on time.

I checked the list of the FRENCH new gTLD applicants and few .BRANDs use their extension. I feel they miss an opportunity to become a game changer: in the travel industry in particular when -  and this is just one example - so many geographic domain names could be used! Do communication agencies only know how a .BRAND can be used? And if they don't, isn't it time?

No need to replace the existing
A .BRAND does not necessarily require to change it all and replace the existing strategy (when there is one). It first requires to sit behind a table, check which scenarios can be put in place, what the objectives of a company are and where does that company wants to be in 5 to 10 years: at the exact same place facing the exact same online communication problems as its competitors, or a few years ahead having demonstrated strong innovation?

Looking forward to innovate? Talk to Jovenet Consulting.

Friday, March 10, 2017

New gTLDs: what you missed

This is the list of publications that you could find in our previous newsletters. Subscribe to receive them directly in your email.
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  12. New gTLD service providers - Want to exist in "Round 2"?
  13. Donuts’ appeal means .Web is a long way off;
  14. The .FUN Sunrise Period ends: Friday, 24 March, 2017 - 16:00 check the calendar;
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    1. Une tendance à la stabilisation du marché des noms de domaine ? 
    2. Etat statistique des nTLDs au samedi 4/03/17 (données publiées) ;
    3. Entre les sirènes chinoises et « l’avenir radieux » d’un Second Round ;
    4. La preuve par l’exemple ;
    5. The Dark Side of the [.]MOON;
  26. Google is testing the .HOW new gTLD
  27. How MLB is using its .MLB domain name;
  28. ICANN GDD: New gTLD Program Reviews;
  29. Early access to .eco trade names for non-profits and NGOs;
  30. Domainer Rails Against New Extensions;
  31. The automotive URLs that are the gold standard for dealerships;
  32. (by Google).

Thursday, March 9, 2017

ICANN new gTLDs: I made it to "participate"

As a proud member of the PDPGW, the PPDWG, sorry, the PDDWG, sorry again I'll make it simple, the New gTLD Subsequent Procedures Working Group, I could finally make it to join discussions and PARTICIPATE.

ICANN wants/needs more people to help, they can be individuals and professionals...politicians too.

I once tried to participate in the .WINE and .VIN new gTLD discussions in 2011 and in 2013 but the ICANN seemed more interested in answering to French ministry Axelle Lemaire on the 18 June 2014 with zero knowledge on the subject, rather than to me a year before on the 3 April 2013, and with concrete solutions. But we all know how it works, don't we? ;-)

This time I decided to "participate" in the ICANN process the right way and joined the right working group. At ICANN, it is how you participate: you join a Working Group (often called "WG") to add what you think is good, to improve the next round of the ICANN new gTLD program. Then, some other people deal with it. There are conference calls you can attend and meeting where all these people can gather to discuss. Then these solutions are presented to - I am not sure about my answer - "a council" but the ICANN board is the one to have the final decision. Can someone help me here because I did not find who decides in the official doucumentation.

My contribution: Singular and Plural TLDs are "a mess"
For a consumer (the "registrant" for geeks), it is already difficult to choose if a domain name will be registered with or without an "s" (at the second level for geeks) so one can imagine how COMPLEX it is when the exact same domain name extension also exists in its plural version with another "s" (at the first level for geeks). A list of all these extensions is available here.

An example
An example to give - and which did not exist prior to the launching of new gTLDs - is this owner of a gift shop, planning to register a domain name for his online boutique, who does not know that he can register the same domain name ending in ".gifts" (with an "s") when he registered (with no "s").

How I made it to "participate"
The issue of Singular coexisting with Plural TLDs is an issue that I wanted to see resolved in the next round of the ICANN new gTLD program, so I added my explanation and solution to the draft on Work Track Three: Objections. Basically, I added to saying that it was an issue and that, as a solution, either one or the other TLD should be validated, but not the two of them because it is very confusing for consumers.

I don't know how other participants make it to spend SO MUCH time on this, and I admit that I am impressed and would like to be able to contribute as much as them, but unfortunately, I cannot afford it: time is money and days are shorts. I received a lot of emails from the organizers with updates and offerings to join calls and meet in the next ICANN meeting in Copenhagen but again...even if I live in France, Copenhagen is not next door: my clients are.

So: what's next?
The result of my contribution now appears in the COMPETITION, CONSUMER TRUST AND CONSUMER CHOICE REVIEW TEAM DRAFT REPORT. It is a 144 pages document which lists everything that is being discussed as improvements for Round two of the ICANN new gTLD program.
Don't expect to find a solution to the problem in this document because, at this stage, the wording looks more like:
"it would appear there was not a clear consistent ruling in all cases. In some cases, singular and plural versions were not considered to be confusingly similar" or "It would appear that inconsistency in outcome on singular/plural cases arose because the DRSP process allowed for different expert panelists to examine individual cases although they were based on similar situations".
Five years after, we are still in the "analysis mode" rather than in the "solution mode" but some possible solutions to the problem start to appear:
"This could be avoided in future by ensuring that all similar cases of plural versus singular strings were examined by the same expert panelist or by determining in advance that strings would not be delegated for singular and plurals of the same gTLD" and "The Subsequent Procedures PDP should consider adopting new policies to avoid the potential for inconsistent results in string confusion objections".
A consensus?
A "success measure" appears on page 117 and says:
"...should singular and plural versions be allowed, objection panels evaluate all such cases with a consistent approach such that all single or plural disputes are resolved in the same manner".
If this is no final decision to definitely kill singular VS Plural versions of a TLD, it definitely is a good start. Let's hope  that such isolate problem won't take years to be solved.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Uniregistry Price Hike Up to 30 Times: can ICANN save the registrants?

The price hike by Uniregistry is a right move executed in a wrong way. With this decision:
  • Uniregistry Wins 
  • ICANN Loses 
  • Old Registrants Lose with no choice 
  • New Registrants Lose with a choice 
The steep price increase is likely to make Uniregistry new gtlds more profitable. However, they do not seem to care for their existing registrants which includes me. Businesses use domain for online presence. This domain become a part of their online existence and they cannot afford to lose it. This is where Uniregistry is trying to make money. A bigger problems lies with what would be the future price hikes.
A big problem for existing registrants is illustrated below.

.Hosting tld current and assumed registrations with proposed 15 times price increase:
In the above table you would notice that Uniregistry is making exceptionally good sales even if their number of registration fall by 75% with every price raise.

What about the poor registrants, who developed and promoted their website by using the .hosting and similar new gtld from Uniregistry. Unfortunately, many of the registrants will be forced to abandon their domain as paying that kind of price will be out of question. The money and the efforts that this registrants have spend to brand their domains is all lost. Does Uniregistry care for this?

For a new registrant, they have a choice whether to pay or not for the high price tlds. However, for the existing registrant their business is trapped in this domain and they have no choice but to pay whatever is asked for.

It is understandable for Uniregistry to increase prices as they need to make the tlds profitable, but definitely not by putting the existing customers under the hammer.

A similar price increase took with certain tlds from Donuts. They handled it really well. The price increase was only for the new customers. Old customers remain unaffected. This showed that Donuts registry cared for the business profitability as well as their customers.

Being a fan of new gtld I will stick to new gtld domains, however, I will stay away from registries that charge their existing users exorbitantly and assume that prior notice would be sufficient.

ICANN, as domain registrant we believe that you are their to protect our interest. Kindly intervene this.

Friday, March 3, 2017

New gTLDs: from one month to the other

The second day of each month is a long day for me since it means that I have to update all of my new gTLD reports dedicated to registration volumes. Here is what I noticed:
  1. Catering: this report shows few variations between February and March. Trademarks to have applied for their .BRAND new gTLD still don't use it.
  2. Photography: the .WEBCAM and .PICS new gTLDs clearly have a problem with their registrations. the .PICS new gTLD almost lost half of its registrations in 3 months. The .ART Top-Level Domain is doing extremely good and domain name registrations increase significantly.
  3. City names: the two versions of the .MOSCOW new gTLD (and its IDN version) keep losing registrations.
  4. Company names: subscribe to our Newsletter to receive it and notice the change for the .WORLD Top-Level Domains ;-)
  5. The Law: there are nine new gTLDs and no evolution since last month. We keep an eye on the .FAIRWINDS new gTLD: the only IP domain name service provider to have applied for its .BRAND domain name extension.
  6. Finance: the .LOAN new gTLD has now almost 1.5 million registrations while .BID lost 10,000 registrations. The .CASH progresses too and the .FOREX Trademark registered 24 more domain names since last month (which is a lot for a .BRAND).
  7. Colors: .BLUE - .PINK and .BLACK are diving but the .RED new gTLD.
  8. Sports: the .CLUB new gTLD looses 30,000 registrations in one month. The .BIKE does much better and .GAMES progresses significantly too. The .SKI sinks into the red but the .MLB trademark registers more domain names.
  9. Alcohol: .WINE and .VIN keep increasing (who would have doubted it? Certainly not me);
  10. Real Estate: the .REALTOR loses registrations as well as .IMMO and .ARCHI clearly sinks from 4,736 registrations in February to...1,794 in March: what's happening? The .AGENCY gains more than 1,000 more registrations. The .FORSALE - .PLACE and .CREDIT are doing good too.
  11. Singular VS Plural TLDs: the .ACCOUNTANT - .NEWS - .PET and .REVIEW are doing great but .WORK is diving.
  12. French applicants: .OVH - .BZH and .PARIS are losing registrations.
  13. Religion: the .FAITH new gTLD is doing extremely good.
  14. Generic domain name extensions (to replace ".com"): .SITE and .ONLINE are highly noticed with an important number of registrations. We will remove the .GDN new gTLD from our listing soon.
  15. Cars: Some .BRAND new gTLDs have started to register one more domain name (...)
  16. Health: the .DIET domain name extension looses a lot of domain name registrations this month. Still waiting for .HEALTH to launch. Will it ever launch?
  17. New gTLDs for French: the list is long and .VOTE is noticed with more domain name registrations.
  18. Adults: .SEX - .PORN and .WTF are not doing good this month.
Have a good week-end.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The .HOW new gTLD

Google is offering the .HOW new gTLD. According to the number of results indexed - 1,180,000 from where I am and the 2,495 domains registered - there is something going on.

Have a look here for indexed URLs ending in ".how".

Here is what the .HOW new gTLD applications says:
The proposed gTLD will provide the marketplace with direct association to the term, ʺhow.ʺ The mission of this gTLD, .how, is to provide a dedicated domain space in which registrants can enact second-level domains that position content relating to ʺin what manner or wayʺ one executes a task, as in ʺhow to do ʹsomething.ʹʺ Charleston Road Registry believes that registrants will find value in associating with this gTLD, which could have a vast array of purposes for enterprises, small businesses, groups or individuals seeking to associate with the term ʺhowʺ.
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  2. The Trusted Notifier Program (by Donuts);
  3. Article: "Best about .BEST",
  4. Rightside $NAME Q4 2016 Results (40 new gTLDs such as .LIVE and .NEWS);
  5. Legitimate domains deterred by TMCH service?
  6. Notice and Takedown in the Domain Name System (ICANN);
  7. .AFRICA top level domain name about to take its place in cyberspace;
  8. Bitcoin.Casino;
  9. .GLOBAL Welcomes Domain Investors;
  10. HOT - .AUDI supports German dealerships;
  11. NewG talk #27 (final);
  12. ICANN meetings:
    1. GNSO New gTLD Subsequent Procedures Policy Development Process Working Group Meeting: 08:30-11:45 Hall B4.2;
    2. ICANN GDD: New gTLD Program Reviews: 15:15-16:45 Hall A3;
    3. GNSO New gTLD Subsequent Procedures PDP Working Group Community Dialogue: 17:00-18:30 Hall C1.4;
    4. GAC discussion on new gTLDs Policies: (Tuesday, March 14 • 9:00am - 10:30am).
  13. La La Land:
  14. POLL - Cast your vote (poll on the right column of;
  15. Trademark Clearinghouse: the revised report;
  16. Ending soon: the .BROADWAY Sunrise Period (Sunday, 5 March, 2017);
  17. The luck of the .IRISH
  18. Not wrong - Round 2 of new gTLDs: stop complaining!
  19. New gTLDs Can Add Meaning & Context to a Domain Name Squatting Dispute;
  20. Vanity URL with Your .BRAND: the Key to Supercharging Your SEO?
  21. Do you have a Canon ID? (;
  22. Terra Omega (

Monday, February 27, 2017

Who will create your new gTLD?

There are professionals who are able to create domain name extensions. Note that creating a new gTLD is not as simple as creating a domain name...far from that.
  • It is highly technical (but this is generally sub-contracted to a backend registry provider);
  • It requires a certain level of legal knowledge. For example, you wouldn't submit a .BRAND new gTLD application for a generic string or would you take that risk?
  • It requires to know about the ICANN new gTLD program. For example, you wouldn't submit an application for a .AND or .GUM new gTLD or...would you?
  • It requires to know about costs;
  • It requires to have time;
  • It requires to know what to do if you are not alone to apply for the same string;
  • It requires to launch the extension and market it;
  • It requires to know what to do with your .BRAND (...)
  • ...
In round one of the ICANN new gTLD program, an applicant which I won't name, submitted his application without taking into account all this and considered that he could write an application by himself. Well, his extension does not exist today.

It is not so easy to find the right entity to create an extension because, according to the project (.BRAND, generic, community, geographic TLD), one will probably be better than another. For example, price can be an issue and you might consider limiting the number of participants in your application to lower the cost. Also, a new gTLD service provider might not offer the complete range of services required for your type of application. An applicant might also not want to deal with new service providers and work with people he already knows (whatever the cost is).

I created a poll and welcome to learn about who you would select to fill in your application to create your new domain name extension in the next round of the ICANN new gTLD program. It is located on the right column of

Please cast your vote

Jovenet Consulting is a service provider to help you build and develop your new gTLD project with the right service providers.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Amazon or Google for new gTLDs?

Google offered the world its tool to operate new gTLDs: it is a backend registry solution, named Nomulus. Google new gTLDs already use this solution.

AWS from Amazon
You might have noticed the massive communication around AWS (Amazon Web Services) where the communication focuses on promoting cloud solutions from Amazon. A new gTLD was even created for this: the .AWS domain name extension.

If Google made it clear that it still does not know if it will create a key-in-hand offer for .BRAND new gTLD applicants, what about Amazon?

Amazon did not build its TLDs with an internal solution, it has a backend registry provider and has not yet considered creating its own solution.

Potential .BRAND new gTLD applicants still think that it is too expensive to apply for their own domain name extension and a cheap/simple offer, just build for them, would seriously help. Lowering the price at ICANN...would help too.

So which service provider will come with that offer?

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  14. : just (re)launched;
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  16. We Urgently Need a New Internet;
  17. Empire.Kred;
  18. ICANN : It rains domains in dot .Africa;
  19. The .AFRICA new gTLD's cover:
    1. Official date of the delegation: 15 February 2017;
    2. Official registry:;
    3. Application submitted by the winning applicant to the ICANN.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The .RAP new gTLD

Many are familiar with the .MUSIC new gTLD which should launch...someday. For those interested, I think it is also important to inform that there are two three other new gTLDs related to music:
  1. The .HIPHOP new gTLD (1 960+ domains sold worldwide);
  2. The .COUNTRY new gTLD (1 470+ domains sold);
  3. The .DANCE new gTLD (5,240+ domains sold).
Kanye West
For a reason I still don't understand, when I think "Rap", I think of "Kanye West": for the quality of his Rap probably, but maybe also for his...eccentricity. His wife has probably something to do with this by the way. I also think about Birdman, Diddy, Dr. Dre, Jay Z and 50 Cent too.

A domain name extension is unique and whatever is said about them, each new gTLD application is a monopoly too.

2 reasons
There are two reasons why I believe that famous rappers would be successful applicants for the .RAP new gTLD:
  1. Eccentric people like uniqueness and a monopoly clearly answers that need of uniqueness: wouldn't a famous rapper want to be the only person to own the .RAP domain name extension for domain names such as www.birdman.rap or
    Another reason: can you imagine 50 Cent paying Jay Z to register the domain name "50cent.rap"? ;-)
  2. The first round of the ICANN new gTLD program clearly showed that new domain names are difficult to sell and to be able to sell, you clearly need a Dr .Dre to show off with a domain name ending in ".rap". Such famous rappers like Kayne West and Jay Z are famous enough to propagate such information. 
Good to know
  • "rap" is not prohibited by the ICANN to submit an application: it is no ISO 3166 alpha-3 code;
  • there was no application submitted in round one of the ICANN new gTLD program;
  • the RAP business is a multi-billion industry: can you imagine what a .RAP new gTLD would generate in terms of domain names sold?
We are in 2017 and round two of the next round of the ICANN new gTLD program shouldn't start (be announced?) before 2020, so there's still plenty of time to prepare a project...or just write this TLD on a list.

The .RAP new gTLD is "not" one the TLDs listed in my official list.

(but shush, I didn't say anything)

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New gTLDs: 3 conferences are coming

Let's talk .NYC : Thursday 23 February
Lets meet and talk tech, NYC, domains and auction. We have some great info on how .nyc is doing, what's coming next and much more. You can be investor, developer, fan or just curious about .nyc domain.

DomainX: Sunday 9 April
Since inception in 2014, DomainX™ has been a dedicated annual domain name conference with multiple yearly events across the globe to network, spread awareness and educate public about domain names and the industry.

Domaining Europe: Sunday 14 May
DomainingEurope is an event, where many Top Level Decision makers from the global Domain Industry meet,make Business and share new tendencies, tools and knowledge.

More dates to be announced in coming Newsletters.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

4 years to delegate the .AFRICA new gTLD

On the 13th of June 2012 was published the list of new gTLD applicants who submitted an application for a new generic Top-Level Domains. Check down this page to find the list. One might be surprised to see that there was one application only on that list...but in fact, there were two. The second applicant made a mistake submitting its application and applied for the ".DOTAFRICA" new gTLD instead (see below in the list). This issue was solver later one.

Almost 5 years to launch a TLD
I stopped following the different legal procedures a long ago since it was unclear what really happened and to be honest...what a waste of time and money. What to remember:

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    1. LIVE:
    2. UNICOM: (sitemap)
    3. NATURA:
  10. 1 more new gTLD gets the nod from China;
  11. The DNA Initiative Isn't Healthy for the Internet;
  12. .BRAND new gTLDs: answers from "Nomulus";
  13. ICANN to begin delegation of .AFRICA domain;
  14. New .BRAND gTLDs:
    1. Amazon:
    2. AFL:
  15. Why new gTLDs rule in usability!
  16. Geo “.Com” Vs. Geo “New gTLD”;
  17. .ART domain name launch shuts down over technical difficulties;
  18. NewG talk #25 (the rise of .loan has been spectacular);
  19. U.S. Antitrust Division investigating Verisign running .WEB new gTLD;
  20. Chinese TLDs get Chinese approval;
  21. .Ceo and .best to release 1 and 2 character domains;
  22. Which new domains are sold?
  23. The .AFRICA new gTLD:
    1. ICANN Free to Proceed with Delegation of .AFRICA;
    2. Third time lucky: ICANN beats off .africa ban;
    3. .AFRICA to finally go live after judge denies injunction.

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