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Monday, June 26, 2017

Backend Registries: who are they?

A "Backend Registry" is the necessary technical service to apply for a new domain name extension. Without one, the new gTLD application will be rejected by the ICANN since without it, a new gTLD cannot technically work. In one word, the "backend" is the technical platform that makes everything work together. When an accredited Registrar wants to sell domain names from a specific Registry (.club - .fr - .whatever - etc...), it is the backend registry which takes care of everything technically.

There is a list of service providers which future new gTLD applicants will need to visit when they want to submit their application. They will either need to:
  1. Contact them and discuss their project to learn about prices and services wanted/required to apply or;
  2. Build their own backend registry solution (good luck with that).
A backend registry solution provider does not necessarily offer its solution as a service for future applicants, so from the list below, I got rid of some names. For example, some old providers of certain country code Top-Level domains (existing ccTLD extensions) don't have an offer. Also, some of the new registries have their own internal solution: the many new gTLD projects from Google or Uniregistry use their own solution but are not offered to the public: such solutions won't be listed here.

The list:
  1. ZDNS is also offering the MIIT solution to develop a TLD for the Chinese market (China);
  2. Nominet (UK);
  3. GMO (Japan);
  4. Canadian Internet Registration Authority (Canada);
  5. Verisign (USA);
  6. TLD-BOX Registrydienstleistungen (Austria);
  7. AFNIC (France)
  8. China Internet Network Information Center (China);
  9. CORE (Switzerland);
  10. Knipp Medien und Kommunikation GmbH (Germany);
  11. Flexireg (Russia);
  12. SIDN (The Netherlands);
  13. Updated: DNS Africa Ltd (Mauritius):;
  14. KSregistry (Germany);
  15. Afilias (Ireland);
  16. CentralNic (UK);
  17. Technical Center of Internet (Russia);
  18. Neustar (USA);
  19. JPRS (Japan).
Contact me if you believe that some service providers are missing. I will be happy to add them (don't forget to add the link to their offer).

To learn more about who to work with to submit your application in the next round of the ICANN new gTLD program , contact Jovenet Consulting.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Who will create your new gTLD?

There are professionals who are able to create domain name extensions. Note that creating a new gTLD is not as simple as creating a domain name...far from that.
  • It is highly technical (but this is generally sub-contracted to a backend registry provider);
  • It requires a certain level of legal knowledge. For example, you wouldn't submit a .BRAND new gTLD application for a generic string or would you take that risk?
  • It requires to know about the ICANN new gTLD program. For example, you wouldn't submit an application for a .AND or .GUM new gTLD or...would you?
  • It requires to know about costs;
  • It requires to have time;
  • It requires to know what to do if you are not alone to apply for the same string;
  • It requires to launch the extension and market it;
  • It requires to know what to do with your .BRAND (...)
  • ...
In round one of the ICANN new gTLD program, an applicant which I won't name, submitted his application without taking into account all this and considered that he could write an application by himself. Well, his extension does not exist today.

It is not so easy to find the right entity to create an extension because, according to the project (.BRAND, generic, community, geographic TLD), one will probably be better than another. For example, price can be an issue and you might consider limiting the number of participants in your application to lower the cost. Also, a new gTLD service provider might not offer the complete range of services required for your type of application. An applicant might also not want to deal with new service providers and work with people he already knows (whatever the cost is).

I created a poll and welcome to learn about who you would select to fill in your application to create your new domain name extension in the next round of the ICANN new gTLD program. It is located on the right column of

Please cast your vote

Jovenet Consulting is a service provider to help you build and develop your new gTLD project with the right service providers.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


I remember reading the list of freshly published new gTLD applications on the ICANN website in 2012. Checking the list, I found a .AND new gTLD: a prohibited string since "and" is an ISO 3 code, the kind of 3 letters TLD prohibited by the new gTLD applicant guidebook. The application came from Google and since then I thought: who in the world has enough money but Google to submit a $185,000 application for something that is prohibited? At the time, it really pissed me off because I lacked so much money to participate in this first round of the ICANN new gTLD program alone.

Today: Google announces "Nomulus"
Reading between the lines of this blog post, I have questions:
  • who is going to take advantage of this? Registrars for future new gTLD applicants?
  • what about existing back-end registry providers? Isn't this going to cause trouble for round 2 of the ICANN new gTLD program?
  • Doesn't this mean that prices are going to drop?
  • Isn't the future of launching a new gTLD the same as we register a domain name today? ;-)
  • Is Ben McIlwain going to receive a lot of emails in the next few days?
  • Is Google going to announce its new gTLD offer for Round two of the ICANN new gTLD program?
  • Do I want to do the promotion of his offer?
Google demonstrates here, once again, its capacity to understand the market. I then predict more .BRAND new gTLD applications in Round 2. Kudos Google.

New domain name registration volumes:
  • New gTLDs related to FINANCE;
  • New gTLDs related to the LAW;
  • New gTLDs related to COLORS.
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  1. New ICANN report reveals China’s drive to become a dominant player in new gTLDs;
  2. 6,000 .LAW domains registered in a year;
  3. Donuts will cut off sham .DOCTORS;
  4. Great results from attending dmexco 2016: partners from Radix, Boston Ivy, Rightside, .CLUB, .SHOP and .TUBE registries and many more were on hand to share information and create awareness about their domains to marketers, advertisers and other digital media professionals. Read the full story;
  5. NewG talk #8 : see how much an extension depends on China. In this respect, .WANG and .REN are almost exclusive for Chinese buyers;
  6. Rotary Clubs start to use ".club" domains:;
  7. Re-renewal rates on new TLDs higher than original renewals;
  8. .COM Registrations Continue to Rise, Unphased by New gTLDs;
  9. A recent study commissioned by ICANN reveals despite introduction and growth of new gTLDs, .COM and other legacy TLDs have remained steady and rising.
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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Seeking partners for a US based next round new gTLD project!

Dear colleagues,

As most of you know I co-founded .BERLIN in 2005 (delegated by now) and the SFO-based community priority applicant for .gay in 2009 (still fighting with ICANN).

Since a few month I am initiating the creation of a D.C. based, non-profit, public benefit new gTLD application with positive social and monetary impact aimed at keeping and bringing back business into the United States.

With both .BERLIN and .GAY we went public from the inception of the project - partly because we had to garner substantial support. The same will be true for this new project - but it is a few month too early to go entirely public.

The suggested new gTLD will positively impact the United States – especially the U.S. economy, the Internet User, the American business community, the Intellectual Property community and U.S. law enforcement. It is also a complete new take on the distribution of domains and has built into it and is based on a wholly new marketing approach.

If the project description sounds interesting: Please get back to me via private message - or find my contact details at! I am not excluding non-U.S. entities – but American entities would make the most sense. I am looking for ICANN veterans for the board, ICANN Sherpas for facilitating the actual work (and it is a LOT of work as it will have the biggest support base of all applications to date) and last not least "investors" who are not only looking for "ROI" but believe in the U.S. and want to contribute something positive to their country helping Americans to better and safer navigate the Internet.

Thank you,

Alexander Schubert

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Interesting new gTLD move today

A Club can be a ".blog" ;-)
The Registry in charge of developing .CLUB domain names took the decision to use a ".blog" domain name for the Blog section of its website.
A registry is the highest authority in the domain name chain (after ICANN) and has full power to act technically on all ".club" domain names worldwide. In this case, we are talking about more than 800,000 domain names.

This move is a good demonstration of why "new generic Top-Level Domain names" make sense, in one word: DESCRIPTIVENESS. Do ".com" domain names offer this option?

New domain name registration volumes:
  • New gTLDs related to SPORT;
  • New gTLDs related to REAL ESTATE;
  • New gTLDs related to ALCOHOL.
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  5. Rightside Group, Ltd. (NAME), Interview with Taryn Naidu, CEO;
  6. FRENCH: 2ème concours SEO .alsace
  7. Sport organizations: paid to promote their sport?
Previous Campaigns can be viewed here.

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Starting this week-end: The Domain Conference

New contracting statistics have been released by the ICANN but I 'd be tempted to focus on the coming The Domain Conference which is to start this week-end. Many new gTLD applicants will be present and it will be interesting to listen to the General Manager for Amazon Registry Services, author of "Start, Scale, Exit, Repeat!" (find him here), Jeff Sass "also named "The Vegan", Dan Schindler from Donuts, Jennifer Gore - Director of Registrar Services at ICANN, Rolf Larsen - CEO of the .GLOBAL Registry and many other domain name experts such as lawyers, brokers and other specialists.

Starting tomorrow: the Sedo .CLUB Premium domains' auction.

New domain name registration volumes:
  • HOT - New gTLDs related to SPORT;
  • New gTLDs related to ALCOHOL;
  • New gTLDs related to RELIGION;
  • New gTLDs related to FRENCH new gTLD applicants;
  • New gTLDs related to REAL ESTATE.

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  2. CentralNic swings to loss, billings soar on .XYZ deal;
  3. Chinese gTLD registry slashes prices to .com levels;
  4. Best Benefit Ever: MAKE DESIGN YOUR DOMAIN;
  5. Video: Why is .VIP Popular in China;
  6. French - Comment Pictet a sécurisé ses sites web;
  7. Want a free .GDN domain name?
  8. First dot-brand gTLD to go generic after TLS deal;
  9. PodCast (Early days, new uses for DNS, and security by the inventor of the domain name system; Frank Schilling (new gTLD applicant with multiple applications) sparking a busy day for Rightside; .SHOP’s launch; and more....)
  10. Looks Like At Least 4 Brands Paid Tens of Thousands Each To Register 6 .Shop Domain;
  11. DotBrand .observer wordt open domeinnaamextentie;
  12. Want to become a ".club" re-seller?
  13. Hackathon in September (win a free ".club" domain name).
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Monday, August 29, 2016

The .ECO new gTLD has launched

The .ECO domain anme extension
The .ECO new gTLD was just delegated. There were four applicants to apply for this string and let's say that the public story around this "eco friendly" new gTLD started early in 2011. I also recommend to read more posts from Jacob Malthouse, winning applicant of the .ECO new gTLD application.
This short post about the .ECO this morning because this Top-Level Domain is one of the first to have been announced (with the back-up of Al Gore). There were a lot of discussions about this TLD and it was unclear if it stood for "Economy" or "Ecology".
I recommend the reading of the .ECO application to learn more about its purpose.

City new gTLDs
I was updating the CITY new gTLD report this morning and noticed that a lot of Cities have only one domain name registration. City gTLDs concerned are:
  1. .BCN
  2. .MADRID
  3. .DUBAI
  7. .DOHA
This is rather strange but September is here and launch plans should come soon I suspect.

New domain name registration volumes:
  • New gTLDs related to FRENCH (speaking persons);
  • New gTLDs related to CITIES;
  • New gTLDs related to CATERING;
  • New gTLDs related to PHOTOGRAPHY.

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  5. Spurned applicant crowd-funding to fight ICANN for .gay gTLD;
  6. .Guru After Hitting a High of Almost 85K Domains is Now Under 60K;
  7. 40% of banks in the US have registered a .bank domain;
  8. targets Engrish domainers with new .xyz site.
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Friday, August 12, 2016

.AND for Google?

Round 1 of the ICANN new gTLD program
Google submitted an application for the .AND new generic Top-Level domain in the first Round of the ICANN new gTLD program but the methodology to apply - the "Applicant Guidebook" - did not allow Google to since ISO alpha 3 codes (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3) were prohibited as new gTLDs.

Charleston Road Registry INC, the Google's company dedicated to creating and managing new gTLDs for Google, had to withdraw the .AND application.

Round 2 of the ICANN new gTLD program
No one knows when Round 2 of the ICANN new gTLD program starts but I just read the latest GNSO Council Review of the Helsinki GAC Communiqué and noted this paragraph (point 4, page 6):
"Use of 3-letter codes in the ISO-3166 list as gTLDs in future rounds".

Basically it states that "the GAC advises the ICANN Board to:
  1. encourage the community to continue in depth analyses and discussions on all aspects related to a potential use of 3-letter codes in the ISO-3166 list as gTLDs in future rounds, in particular with regard to whether such a potential use is considered to be in the public interest or not.
  2. keep current protections in place for 3-letter codes in the ISO-3166 list in place and not to lift these unless future in-depth discussions involving the GAC and the other ICANN constituencies would lead to a consensus that use of these 3-letter codes as TLDs would be in the public interest.
The RATIONALE states: "In view of the intense debates and controversies over the use of geographic names in new gTLDs, the GAC requests that the community does not rush into a removal of the Applicant Guidebook protection of ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 codes".

Of course, there is a lot more being said and I suggest to read the Communiqué but this question opens the door to the possibility that Google could submit a .AND new gTLD application again in Rond 2

By the way, what does "AND" stand for?
No is just Andorra: the cheapest place to buy cigarettes and alcohol on earth ;-)

Friday, July 1, 2016

As many ".gdn" domains as ".com" registered

This week is interesting: The GENERIC new gTLD report (updated on Fridays) was improved. As  like to say it, I am no web designer and for this reason, the report is ugly...but figures are there. This week, there were 46,628 new ".gdn" domain names registered" and 48,818 ".com"...only.
  1. The .GAY new gTLD to lose its third appeal;
  2. HOT - GENERIC new gTLDs: registration volumes;
  3. MPAA's domain name "policing" results in first suspensions;
  4. .BRAND - has launched;
  5. Registration volumes:
    1. New gTLDs related to CARS (coming);
    2. New gTLDs related to HEALTH (coming).
  6. Donuts reveals positive results from MPAA partnership;
  7. ICANN - GAC Communiqué from Helsinki, Finland:
    1. Protection of Geographic Names in New gTLDs;
    2. Next-Generation gTLD Registration Directory Services;
    3. Community-based gTLD Applications;
    4. Future gTLDs Policies and Procedures;
    5. Two-letter country/territory codes at the second level (ie:;
    6. Use of 3-letter codes in the ISO-3166 list as gTLDs in future rounds (ie: www.whatever.and);
    7. Protection of IGO Names and Acronyms;
  8. Article - ICANN will not terminate new gTLD Registries;
  9. More coming.
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Thursday, May 26, 2016

The new gTLD info for Thursday, May 26th

It seems that more and more Registrants have Faith: as seen in the new gTLD report - updated today - related to religions almost 3,000 more domain names were just registered recently. Some French .BRANDs must be doing tests with their domain names: some zone files are losing registrations.
  1. ArticleLe réveil des “.marque” français;
  2. Article - Why Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo did not apply for the .email new gTLD;
  3. INTA - The new gTLD string ‘.tube’ is currently in sunrise;
  4. Article - dot Citic, dot 中信 - an ambitious domain name project;
  5. New gTLDs related to RELIGION;
  6. New gTLDs related to FRENCH new gTLD application;
  7. Launching - Results of the .GAME new gTLD launching;
  8. The chinese .TRADEMARK new gTLD organized a dinner at INTA;
  9. Количество регистраций new gTLD доменов уже за пределами 18 млн;
  10. Multiple Registry profit triples with a revenue up to 70%;
  11. URS - and "Complainant has demonstrated all three elements of the URS by a standard of clear and convincing evidence";
  12. CentralNic charging its larger registry customers well under $1 per name?
  13. Article - "How the gTLD project made it worse";
  14. Article - Verisign says new gTLDs put millions at risk;
  15. More coming during the day: subscribe.
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Thursday, May 5, 2016

The new gTLD info for Thursday, May 5th

I am considering adding a special report related to Trademarks new domain name registration volumes, this to keep an eye on which .BRAND truly uses its new domain names. On Tuesday the 26 of May, we noticed that the .MMA new gTLD had registered more than 1,700 new domain names and the person in charge was kind to answer our questions. We expect such strategies to happen more and more. This report will help follow .BRAND new gTLDs deployment projects.
  1. Weekly Updates - Several new reports have been added to the Report section of Jovenet Consulting:
    1. New gTLDs related to COMPANIES;
    2. New gTLDs related to ALCOHOL
      (not sure this one is necessary but it is a fun one);
    3. Should soon be added:
      1. New gTLDs related to FINANCE;
      2. New gTLDs related to HEALTH;
      3. New gTLDs related to the LAW.
  2. French - Les nouveaux challenges des titulaires de .MARQUE;
  3. Patent - Is this the CMS (Content Management System) all multiple domain name owners have been waiting for?
  4. 2020 - Is the next probable date for the next Round (also called "Round 2") of the ICANN new gTLD program;
  5. Report: new gTLDs relate to FRENCH new gTLD applications;
  6. Ending tomorrow: the .HOMES Sunrise Period;
  7. More coming during the day.
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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

2 new Sunrise Periods start today

The Trademark Clearinghouse is launching two new Sunrise Periods today. The new domain name extensions concerned are:
  1. the .STORE new gTLD:
    1. Sunrise begins: Wednesday, 6 April, 2016
    2. Sunrise ends: Sunday, 5 June, 2016
  2. the .MOTORCYLES new gTLD:
    1. Sunrise begins: Wednesday, 6 April, 2016
    2. Sunrise ends: Sunday, 5 June, 2016
Participate with Nameshield

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Friday, February 19, 2016

The new gTLD info for Friday the 19th

Someone wrote the story of the .WINE and .VN new gTLDs. I would have added a few things to the story but the website is interesting: it is about selling Premium .wine and .vin domain names and I kind of find the concept interesting. More on .CLOUD and .STORE
  1. The story of .WINE & .VIN domain names;
  2. Project dotVinum :-)
  3. Follow-up on .CLOUD registration volumes;
  4. More on the .STORE future launching;
  5. Almost one million domains registered in one day! 
  6. There is an academy to learn about investing in domain names;
  7. The .GAY new gTLD: the story is not over;
  8. More coming.
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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The new gTLD info of the day (Tuesday)

Today, there is new gTLD information about Google's position on new gTLDs, domains endingin .BUZZ, a great infographic, an author who wrote a book about the Trademark Clearinghouse, search engine positioning and new gTLDs, new domain registration volumes and more added during the day. Please subscribe to to receive the info n your email.
  1. Google's latest position on new TLDs;
  2. .BUZZ: New Top Level Domains Trending at Conference;
  3. Do you know all domain endings? From .com to .whatever;
  4. Someone wrote a book about the trademark Clearinghouse;
  5. SEO History Helps to Understand the Brand TLD Future;
  6. This week’s new TLDs;
  7. New gTLD Registry decides to layoff employees;
  8. More coming during the day.
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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The new gTLD info of the day (Tuesday)
View the Status of TLDs
Moving averages used to smooth growth lines. Short/Long refers to number of data points used to calculate (short/long = 30/90 days). Secondary Y axis capped at 10% to improve visualisation while new gTLDs are launching.

2015 roundup: The 10 best posts about new top level domains
Whether you’re a brand holder, domainer or registry this is a good starting point to understand better the potential of the new domain extensions. All stories are in chronological order.

Listen to new gTLD Leaders: their predictions for 2016
Listen to Jeff Sass and Colin Campbell from .CLUB, as well as other registry leaders, predict what 2016 will be regarding new gTLDs.

Many Sunrise Periods are ending in January 2016.
Check the calendar and participate before it is too late with Nameshield.

Date announced for the .MOTORCYLES Sunrise Period
SUNRISE PERIOD START: Wednesday, 6 April, 2016;
SUNRISE PERIOD END: Sunday, 5 June, 2016.

2015 in Review: New TLDs
How new top level domain names progressed this year.

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

The new gTLD info of the day (Thursday)

New Domains .Cars, .Car, and .Auto Launching Specifically for the Auto Industry
Cars Registry, a joint venture between XYZ and Uniregistry, today announced the availability of three new domain extensions: .Cars, .Car, and .Auto. Between December 9th and January 12th, these domains will first be made available exclusively to trademark holders registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse. The new extensions provide the auto industry with a distinct marketing advantage over today's expensive or often over-long, and consequently harder to remember, .com URLs -- a critical challenge in an increasingly mobile era.

Register your ".car" - ".cars" and ".auto" domains with Nameshield

New gTLDs Gain Momentum
As hundreds of new domain extensions entered the market in 2014, one question was on everyone’s mind: how would they perform in search? After tracking and comparing search results for nearly a year and a half, a recent search engine marketing study found compelling evidence that new gTLDs are converting at a much higher rate than .COM.

.CLUB Hits Record Breaking $1,622,164.13
As of November 30, 2015, total cumulative sales of registry reserved premium .CLUB names came to $2,890,363.40. The highest single sale remains at $140,000.00, however November’s blockbuster sales include a 7-figure package deal to a single Chinese Investor.

After I become a TMCH member, how and when can I register the .Cars, .Car, and .Auto domains that I want?
You can register your exact-match trademark domains starting on December 9, 2015 at any participating retailer. Domains are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is important to secure your marks early on in the Sunrise period. In order for your registration to be completed in Sunrise, the domain must match the SMD file you submit with your order.

.XYZ Premium domains
Our mission here at XYZ is to create choice and competition on the internet. We want everyone to be able get a short and memorable .xyz domain without breaking the bank. That's why we released just about every and out there (as well as plenty of other extremely desirable names) for standard registration fees.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What will it be: ".bio" or ".organic" ?

Register your ".bio" and ".organic" domain names

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Single And Double Letter Domains Launch .CLUB’s First China Auction

High Value ".club" Domain Names

A Strong Appeal in Asia and the West for,, and

C.Club and twenty-four 2-character .CLUB domain names are set to hit the auction block on October 29, 2015 in a series of five fast-moving auctions with each auction lasting three days. The popularity and value of one and two-character domains is well documented as witnessed through their global sales and usage by major corporations across verticals such as:
  • (Yellow Pages),
  • (Hewlett Packard),
  • (Sports Illustrated),
  • (Electronic Arts),
  • (Tencent QQ),
  • (WordPress),
  • and more. In fact, many companies’ brand identity has naturally morphed to be more prevalent in their two-character abbreviated form rather than full name.
This auction, to be held on the Chinese platform, marks the first time .CLUB Domains, the Registry behind one of the world’s most popular new domain extensions, is offering this set of domains in a public auction format. The domain inventory included in this auction has been hand-selected by the team to specifically appeal to Eastern and Western businesses and investors alike. Auction bidding starts as low as $5,000USD for the majority of two-character domains, making them accessible for businesses of all sizes and budgets.

.CLUB Domains has already sold reserved domains at considerable auction prices, including the sale of for $140,000 in 2015 at the NamesCon Auction, which set the worldwide auction record for all new domain extension sales to date. This was their first and only auction, showing the demand for .CLUB domain sales. Likewise, interest in the first Eastern and Western auction of .CLUB names is expected to attract strong participation, especially with .CLUB’s active focus on buyers worldwide.

The auction platform will be available in both Chinese and English, and .CLUB will be offering a Concierge Service to assist Western buyers, thus allowing two ways to bid:
  • Bid online from the auction platform. Once the auction begins, create an account and bid as frequently as you like. You can also enter a proxy bid for each auction for automated bidding. 
  • Use the free Concierge Service and work with a professional bi-lingual domain specialist to guide you through’s registration and bidding process on your behalf and under your directions. This provides you the freedom to set your limits anonymously before the auction ends. To learn more, contact us at
Payments will be made through the familiar website for non-Chinese investors and through Union Pay for Chinese investors. To accommodate investors everywhere, teams of bilingual speakers will be available throughout the auction in U.S. and China time zones.

Be sure to frequently check for the latest news and bidding links for this coveted set of 25 valuable domains. Auction inventory, reserves and dates can be found below.

Each auction will end promptly at 10:30 pm Eastern (7:30 pm Pacific) on the indicated End date.

List of domain names:
  1. HJ.CLUB
    • $5,000 USD
    • 29-Oct-2015 (start date)
    • 1-Nov-2015 (end date)
  2. JC.CLUB
    1. $5,000 USD
    2. 29-Oct-2015
    3. 1-Nov-2015 
  3. YM.CLUB
    1. $5,000 USD
    2. 29-Oct-2015
    3. 1-Nov-2015 
  4. JS.CLUB
    1. $5,000 USD
    2. 29-Oct-2015
    3. 1-Nov-2015 
  5. GZ.CLUB
    1. $5,000
    2. USD 29-Oct-2015
    3. 1-Nov-2015 
  6. PC.CLUB
    1. $5,000 USD
    2. 30-Oct-2015
    3. 2-Nov-2015 
  7. YX.CLUB
    1. $5,000 USD
    2. 30-Oct-2015
    3. 2-Nov-2015 
  8. QC.CLUB
    1. $5,000 USD
    2. 30-Oct-2015
    3. 2-Nov-2015 
  9. DK.CLUB
    1. $5,000 USD
    2. 30-Oct-2015
    3. 2-Nov-2015 
  10. PK.CLUB
    1. $5,000 USD
    2. 30-Oct-2015
    3. 2-Nov-2015 
  11. ZS.CLUB
    1. $5,000 USD
    2. 31-Oct-2015
    3. 3-Nov-2015 
  12. CG.CLUB
    1. $5,000 USD
    2. 31-Oct-2015
    3. 3-Nov-2015 
  13. SQ.CLUB
    1. $5,000 USD
    2. 31-Oct-2015
    3. 3-Nov-2015 
  14. KF.CLUB
    1. $5,000 USD
    2. 31-Oct-2015
    3. 3-Nov-2015 
  15. ZI.CLUB
    1. $5,000 USD
    2. 31-Oct-2015
    3. 3-Nov-2015 
  16. YC.CLUB
    1. $5,000 USD
    2. 1-Nov-2015
    3. 4-Nov-2015 
  17. DS.CLUB
    1. $5,000 USD
    2. 1-Nov-2015
    3. 4-Nov-2015 
  18. YQ.CLUB
    1. $5,000 USD
    2. 1-Nov-2015
    3. 4-Nov-2015 
  19. ZQ.CLUB
    1. $5,000 USD
    2. 1-Nov-2015
    3. 4-Nov-2015 
  20. TB.CLUB
    1. $5,000 USD
    2. 1-Nov-2015
    3. 4-Nov-2015 
  21. C.CLUB
    1. $50,000 USD
    2. 2-Nov-2015
    3. 5-Nov-2015 
  22. JD.CLUB
    1. $10,000 USD
    2. 2-Nov-2015
    3. 5-Nov-2015 
  23. PJ.CLUB
    1. $10,000 USD
    2. 2-Nov-2015
    3. 5-Nov-2015 
  24. LY.CLUB
    1. $5,000 USD
    2. 2-Nov-2015
    3. 5-Nov-2015 
  25. GW.CLUB
    1. $5,000 USD
    2. 2-Nov-2015
    3. 5-Nov-2015
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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Which new gTLD would I apply for in Round 2?

I have the chance to study new domain name registration figures every week and I can note the progress of every extensions: some keep progressing, some don't and probably won't anymore and some behave in a very strange way.

An unexpected Round One
One would have expected the ICANN process to apply to be simple, efficient and fast but it was not and one would have expected to be alone to apply for a generic string...but it was not. Low registration volumes are the result of ICANN's first try to allow anyone interested to acquire his own domain name extension. Lesson is now learnt for coming Round two.

When numbers look like they are wrong
Once a week - each Wednesday - I publish registration volumes of new domain names on (in French). I do this for domain name extensions which mean something in French and ".city" new gTLDs. I use three colors:
  1. Black is used to write each domain name extension and its number of registered domain names that week;
  2. Blue is when the increase should be noticed;
  3. Red is when the number of registrations decreases from previous week.
Doing this once a week allows me to see when something changes at a Registry and I noticed a few things:
  1. Some new registries to have been the first to launch had good registration figures but not anymore: some can stay in red for several weeks (which means registration volumes decrease);
  2. Some had an impressive launch (giving away domain names maybe) and clearly dived in the red after year one. They are now stagnating. Some keep giving domain names;
  3. Some have very low registration figures but they increase slowly, even after year one of registration;
  4. Many dotCITY domain name extensions are constant: even after year one, I don't remember them ever changing to red;
  5. Some had a very good launch, are constant, and keep developing like the .CLUB registry.

What I call "normal" and what I call ".crap"
When domain name extensions "mean" something, when Registrars talk about them to their customers and when the Registry is active promoting them, I believe we have a key to success and registration volumes clearly demonstrate that. On the other hand, some very descriptive domain name extensions have a poor communication but their registration volumes increase slowly but they keep increasing.
Here is an example of what I call "normal": registration volumes increase at the end of a Sunrise Period because domain name "open to all"; most of the time they decrease after one year of existence when it comes to renewing a domain name by the owner (the Registrant) but they stabilize again. During holidays, I noticed there are less registrations. When a major Registrar promotes a domain name extensions on its front page, registrations volumes slightly increase.

Of course, no one wants to read what I call ".crap" but I like to write that all new Registries are not cheaters: and by the way, what is cheating? Is it registering domains names for yourself or through a third party to demonstrate that your domain name registration volumes increase (and so, show your domain names are installing)? Is it giving domain names?
From one week to another, I sometimes notice that the volume of domain names doubles, triples or sometimes multiplies by...much more for one single TLD (Top-Level Domains). I once wrote to a Registry to ask about this sudden change...but he never answered my email. Actually, this does not bother me if it brings end users to notice that these new domain names exist: it is still very early for adopters to consider new domain names.

Does it matter if new Registries cheat?
Does it matter to the end user if a new gTLD Registry gives Registrants domain names without their consent? Does it matter if Registries own their own Registrar to offer Registrants the best price on earth to register a domain name? Does it matter if a TLD is sold like it is the most secured extension on earth? Does it matter if the ICANN forgot to include specific protection mechanisms for special TLDs? Is there a rule to promote a domain name to a worldwide market? There is I guess this is not called cheating: let's call it marketing.
The funny thing about this is that the Registrant - the only one NOT represented at ICANN meetings - is king: he is the one to decide. Whatever imagination new Registries have to install their domain name doesn't really matter because end-users don't care: what matters to them is to be satisfied. If the meaning offered by new domain name extensions matches their need or if it matches what they want to express through the name of their website, then I call it a success.

The surprise of September 2015
One will wonder why Google decided to use a ".xyz" domain name: was it because the name of its company was "Alphabet" or just because ".xyz" domains are new and cool? Or was it because ".xyz" is the best string to define a company named "Alphabet"? My personal choice goes to that last answer but whatever my choice is, what matters is that ".xyz" domains are starting to be adopted.

In which new gTLDs I believe:
There are news gTLD strings in which I believe more than others. The problem is that there are so many! I check registration volumes every week and I can tell one thing for sure: I am not wrong with my choices and here is my short list:
  • ".SURF" is really cool: surfers have passion and would I be so passionated for a sport/lifestyle, I'd definitely adopt a ".surf" domain name for my website and more than this: for my email. Also: "a surf is a surf".
  • ".EMAIL": an email ending in ".email" offers information about the writer:  the reader will notice precision. Using a ".email" domain name is also an opportunity to terminate years of spam received by the domain name originally used and change to something new. Note here that migrating emails and doing the transition should be organized. Note also that not all servers and forms accept new domain names so when the email is bounced back, you definitely need an "option 2".
  • ".CLUB" is the best identity any club on earth could have: it covers many languages (almost all of them), it is short and open enough to be used by fans, by discotheques and by many sports. And guess what: "a club is a club".
  • ".PARIS". Come on: how better can you introduce a website when your business focusses on the city of lights? By the way, did you know that "paris" means "bets"?
  • ".BUZZ" rocks: the word is international and allows to introduce an information in multiple languages. We use the word quite a lot in French too.
  • ".SHOP": I wondered if ".boutique" would do the same job as ".shop" but "shop" not only is a short word but it introduces the acceptance to spend money: you know you will spend money if you navigate on a website for shopping.
  • ".CASINO": the "casino" sign does not match real casinos only; the word is known by anybody, it is international and is a perfect match for online casinos too.
  • ".COACH": a coach with no ".coach" is no real Coach anymore. 
  • Any TLD related to sports is the only match to describe the Sport, isn't it? I like ".GOLF" a lot.
  • ".BLOG": a blogger will understand why I like that one, it is short and worldwide: perfectly adapted to multiple subjects.
  • ".VOTE" and ".VOTO": if these two can help voters to identify where to vote online, not only it could encourage governments to develop voting websites but it could encourage voters to go voting: I want a "pré" (with an accent please).
  • ".GLOBAL" is nice, it is an alternative to ".com" for any company who wants to show innovation and change to something new (keeping and redirecting its ".com");
  • ".PHOTO": the singular version of the TLD covers the photography universe: it is simple and easily understandable, even if not written the same way in some Latin languages. the string "photo" can also be an alternative to photo blogs.
  • ".PIZZA": I don't know what to write here but I like that one. I'd buy if I was in that business. If pizzaiolos needed websites, this TLD would be the perfect match. Let's hope domain names can make pizzaiolos to use Internet: I want to receive an email ending in ".pizza".
  • ".RESTAURANT": it does not cover all languages and it is long but it is very descriptive and it covers French; and French is a sign of quality. You can't miss such a long domain name when finding the result on Google: it is an eye catcher. 
  • ".RIP": it is negative but ".rip" domain names are the only descriptive alternative for a grave online. The concept is far too new to be adopted by end-users but this is the future of 
  • ".VIN":  I really wonder why some American Company applied for ".WINE" too ;-)
  • I like ".SITE" and ".WEBSITE" but one kills the precision of the other and ".ONLNE" does not help which one to choose...
  • I like ".TAXI" for independent taxis and ".SOCIAL" for online communities. If I was to change the domain name for Facebook, I'd use
  • ".FORUM" and ".GAME" are coming, I think these will be adopted too.
  • ".AFRICA": I don't know anybody using a ".ASIA" domain name and I know very few using a ".EU" but ".AFRICA" is a domain name I would want to adopt to show my belonging to this continent.  
  • ".TRANSLATIONS": I would have bought as a translator. Every translator (more or less) speaks English and it was the only domain name extension dedicated to translation. I see a similar project coming in Round two of the ICANN new gTLD program.
Now Round one is finished, I guess a word should be said about those strings I wouldn't buy a domain name from: plural TLDs, and generic TLDs which could mean more than one thing. I wouldn't buy a ".sale" domain name: it means "dirty" in French. I don't read IDNs so I am not buying neither but if I was a (International?) Trademark, I'd definitely consider registering a ".商标" domain name: it means "trademark" in Chinese. I would register in the Trademark Clearinghouse too.

Which new gTLDs would I apply for in Round Two?
Last time I spoke about .WINE, it (probably) gave ideas to other applicants so I am not answering that one and my list will be kept safe until a reasonable player wants to discuss it. I believe in :
  1. niche TLDs with a strong meaning;
  2. city TLDs;
  3. short TLDs but not necessarily: a TLD like the ".accountant" offers a lot of precision;
  4. niche TLDs whose industry is connected to (or relies on) the Internet and there are still many to submit an application for in the second round of the ICANN new gTLD program;
  5. sports TLDs which not yet have been applied for at ICANN... 

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