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Saturday, June 17, 2017 is here

Did you visit recently and did you check what is written on the top of the website?

Welcome to
The most important Basketball organization worldwide seems to be changing to a new domain name. The FIBA is about Basketball, nothing else, so it came naturally to changing its domain name to one with more precision.

Showing the way
Many other sports have their own domain name extension: ".rugby", ".tennis", ".baseball", ".football" and many more. Is the FIBA showing the other sports?

Oh...and excellent promotion for new gTLDs :-)

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Milestone: 3,000+ new gTLD readers

I just hit "new gTLD" in the search field to check what was said on LinkedIn about new gTLDs and noticed that there are several words used to inform about this subject. There are several groups too.

It the word "new gTLDs" is often used by professionals, we tend more to talk about "branding" or "brand protection" today. Subjects to which is added the subject of new gTLDs.

Surprisingly, I also noticed that a milestone was reached: there are now more than 3,000 members to have subscribed to the "New gTLDs (New generic Top-Level Domains)" group.

Note to the members of this group
I was asked why I post about certain events, certain companies and no others:
  • I try to post about everything that covers the subject of new gTLDs but domaining because this is of no interest for real users and there is another group to post about this.
  • Please post: I can't catch everything;
  • 1/5 of the content that I collect is published in this group. This is not a lot compared to what the free Newsletter offers. To get it all, you should subscribe to the New gTLD Newsletter.
3,000 people are interested!
Posting to this group takes a few seconds: you just need to do two things:
  1. paste your link in the text field (it will link to your website online);
  2. add a Title in the object field and click on "Post". You're done.

Friday, May 26, 2017

New gTLDs: "last week"

Each week, there is an important cover about new generic Top-Level Domains: events, delegations, launchings, innovations, etc...and a lot is said. This post covers what was said yesterday. I strongly suggest to subscribe to this Newsletter to receive all NEWS directly in your email.
  1. Two new gTLDs were just delegated:
    1. .ARAB
    2. .xn--ngbrx (عرب, "Arab", /arab/)
  2. New Gtlds, the series: Read chapter 1;
  3. Event coming: ("the only event dedicated to .brands");
  4. Approval of the Global Amendment to the Base New gTLD Registry Agreement;
  5. Successful Domain Investor Hates New GTLD Domains!
  6. A .com Domain is No Longer Necessary;
  7. “The Domain Sector is Simply Fascinating";
  8. Richemont kills off two more dot-brands;
  9. Interesting move:
  10. INTA cover:
    1. Don’t read too much into the lack of ‘.brand’ registrations;
    2. Dot Brand Domains: A Work In Progress (download the PDF).
  11. What the New gTLDs Mean for Higher Education Institutions;
  12. Just dropped 198 New gTLD domains and saved $45,000;
  13. Event coming: The (June 26, 2017, from 11 am to 18 pm);
  14. The DomainTools Report Spring 2017;
  15. The CSC new Brand (read the short story).
Read more NEWS  (much more)

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The .IDN new gTLD (or .INTERNET)

IDN has a lot of meanings and one of them is "Internationalized Domain Names". It is the ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 code for the country of Indonesia too.
The "AGB"
For anybody who went through the process of applying to a new gTLD in the first rounfd of the ICANN new gTLD program, page 67 of the new gTLD applicant guidebook (AGB) says:
" Treatment of Country or Territory Names: applications for strings that are country or territory names will not be approved, as they are not available under the New gTLD Program in this application round. A string shall be considered to be a country or territory name if: it is an alpha-3 code listed in the ISO 3166-1 standard".
So, someone paid $185,000 + all extra costs to apply for the .IDN new gTLD. The same happened for the .AND new gTLD and a few others I think.

Just for the note, the .IDN applications says:
"The purpose of the proposed gTLD is to offer a bridge for the Internationalized Domain Name Registrant to connect to users beyond their own language communities. This gTLD would be of help in furthering the Internet Communityʹs efforts to preserve the Internet as a unified, Global space. The proposed gTLD .IDN supports multiple cultural, linguistic and ethnic communities across the world by helping communities connect to the rest of the world across the barrier of language".
In a letter sent to ICANN in March 05, 2013, the applicant reported his mistake and offered to change it to .INTERNET. Probably a lot happened since 2013 but an answer to the applicant was published by the ICANN on the 24 April 2017 in regard to this change request. It says two things:
  1. "We note your commitment";
  2. "We encourage you to participate in the Policy Development Process".
After 4 years of procedure, there's still no answer.

What to think about all this?
Applying for a new domain name extension cost a lot of money and if the entry fee should be lowered in future rounds of the ICANN new gTLD program (not that nobody can tell about this today), it will still cost a lot so:
  • Do not apply  for a new gTLD if you have not read the applicant guidebook: this should be your bible when it has been updated and finalized for the next round (s);
  • Do not apply for a new gTLD "on your own" because you will forget something: in round one, I personally faced a geek who confirmed his boss that he would take care of the back-end registry process in his office to lower the costs. Talk to a pro with knowledge about new gTLDs.
  • Don't make a mistake with your application because it can then takes YEARS to be solved.
  • And again (even if this has nothing to do with this post) don't talk to backend registry providers about your project because if they don't sign you as their client, chance are high that there could be another applicant for your extension: talk to one new gTLD specialist, not all of them.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The .RAP new gTLD

Many are familiar with the .MUSIC new gTLD which should launch...someday. For those interested, I think it is also important to inform that there are two three other new gTLDs related to music:
  1. The .HIPHOP new gTLD (1 960+ domains sold worldwide);
  2. The .COUNTRY new gTLD (1 470+ domains sold);
  3. The .DANCE new gTLD (5,240+ domains sold).
Kanye West
For a reason I still don't understand, when I think "Rap", I think of "Kanye West": for the quality of his Rap probably, but maybe also for his...eccentricity. His wife has probably something to do with this by the way. I also think about Birdman, Diddy, Dr. Dre, Jay Z and 50 Cent too.

A domain name extension is unique and whatever is said about them, each new gTLD application is a monopoly too.

2 reasons
There are two reasons why I believe that famous rappers would be successful applicants for the .RAP new gTLD:
  1. Eccentric people like uniqueness and a monopoly clearly answers that need of uniqueness: wouldn't a famous rapper want to be the only person to own the .RAP domain name extension for domain names such as www.birdman.rap or
    Another reason: can you imagine 50 Cent paying Jay Z to register the domain name "50cent.rap"? ;-)
  2. The first round of the ICANN new gTLD program clearly showed that new domain names are difficult to sell and to be able to sell, you clearly need a Dr .Dre to show off with a domain name ending in ".rap". Such famous rappers like Kayne West and Jay Z are famous enough to propagate such information. 
Good to know
  • "rap" is not prohibited by the ICANN to submit an application: it is no ISO 3166 alpha-3 code;
  • there was no application submitted in round one of the ICANN new gTLD program;
  • the RAP business is a multi-billion industry: can you imagine what a .RAP new gTLD would generate in terms of domain names sold?
We are in 2017 and round two of the next round of the ICANN new gTLD program shouldn't start (be announced?) before 2020, so there's still plenty of time to prepare a project...or just write this TLD on a list.

The .RAP new gTLD is "not" one the TLDs listed in my official list.

(but shush, I didn't say anything)

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New gTLDs at Namescon

NamesCon is a conference dedicated to domaining: how to sell domain names, how to buy domain names...and of course, new domain names from the ICANN new gTLD program are a subject today. Let's not forget that the objective of registries, registrars and domain name investors is to sell domain names.

The interesting thing about this kind of conferences is that they tend to become more and more popular and the image domain name investors had in the past is changing today. Let's be honest: how were domainers considered before the launching of new gTLDs? ;-)

With the arrival of new gTLDs, I feel these conferences generate more interest. The example I like to use here is the presence of "institutions" from the new gTLD business in these conferences. Did you expect so see the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (the ICANN) to attend and talk at these conferences? It is a reality today.

Another sign that investing in domain names is becoming natural is the presence of major players from the industry: registries get to these conferences to promote strong added value domain names called "Premium" domains. Even backend registries attend to explain how to invest in new gTLDs. Did you notice: the speech is evolving from investing in domain names to...investing in new domain name extensions!

Conferences I would attend on the NamesCon 2017 Agenda:
  1. Monday, January 23rd:
    1. Investing in New TLDs - Making Money in the Short and Long Term, 2:00pm - 2:45pm.
      Join Rightside and a panel of industry experts to discuss strategies for investing in gTLDs and where they see the opportunities are going forward.
  2. Tuesday, January 24th:
    1. Five Facts that Will Change the Domain Game in 2017, 11:00am - 11:45am.
      24 days have already gone through in 2017 – but the new Domain year will bring five significant changes. In this session two true experts will explain what awaits you in 2017.
    2. China Masterclass, 12:00pm - 12:45pm.
      No one can deny that China made a huge impact on the domain industry in the last two years. A panel of industry experts will discuss the latest changes to this enormous and complex market and help us understand the important differences between the Chinese and 'Western' world of domains.
    3. HOT - Will Branded TLDs Impact the Marketplace in 2017 and Beyond? 2:00pm - 2:45pm.
      In 2016 we saw the initial roll out of the strategies for many of the world’s largest companies using their .brand Top Level Domains. Why are these companies doing this and what is the value proposition in moving away from the well-known .com digital footprints? Is this just a fad or are we witnessing a change to domain name branding for the future?
  3. Wednesday, January 25th:
    1. DNS Industry SWOT Analysis, 2017 Edition, 9:30am - 9:55am.
      Scaling the Internet’s TLD space from 22 top-level domains to hundreds, and one day potentially thousands is a game-changer on many levels. Akram Atallah, President of ICANN’s Global Domains Division, will sit with Christian Dawson, Executive Director of i2Coalition, to discuss developments within the evolving DNS industry including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
    2. India Masterclass, 11:00am - 11:45am.
      While India has a low internet penetration rate of 19% it is close to replacing the US as the 2nd largest market with almost 300 million internet users. With more than 50 million new users per year, India cannot be ignored. Find out what makes this unique nation tick.
    3. A Look Ahead at New TLDs, 11:00am - 11:45am.
    4. Look forward and anticipate the prosperity and growth of TLDs for existing and future launches. Utilizing experiences and insight from current cases into the next round and beyond.
What you missed in our previous Newsletters:
  1. Just announced: the .VUELOS new gTLD. Check latest announcements from the TMCH;
  2. INTA Impact Study on Costs of New gTLDs (Reserved to INTA corporate members);
  3. 2017 the .RADIO launch year!
  4. NewG talk #21: how are NewG domain names being developed into websites?
  5. HOT - Regulating Online Content through the Internet Architecture: The Case of ICANN’s new gTLDs;
  6. Most wanted new gTLD in 2017:
    1. Instead of .com users will choose .web;
    2. Spartans, what is your profession?
    3. Countries, Cities & Places;
    4. How it’s done.
  7. The TMCH just announced:
    1. The .ECO Sunrise Period;
    2. The .BROADWAY Sunrise Period.
  8. DotBrand thinking for 2017;
  9. To Uniregistry: your thoughts on new gTLDs?
  10. .BRAND new gTLDs: release of Country and Territory Names;
  11. Analyzing new top level domain registrations by country (Part 2).

Monday, November 14, 2016

Google answers questions about Nomulus

Nomulus is a backend registry tool made available by Google and for free. The Nomulus team kindly informed me about the place where to go for questions. I expect this discussion group to be able to answer technical questions but I believe it is going to be worth trying to ask questions on (a) potential coming offer(s).

Reminder: a backend registry is mandatory when it comes to applying for a new gTLD. The backend registry is the technical platform which manages daily operations related to the creation, renewal, registrars'payments, etc...for domain names. Nomulus comes as an alternative for coming .BRAND new gTLD applicants with few knowledge and Generic new gTLD applicants in round 2 of the ICANN new gTLD program.

Ask your questions here

What you missed in our previous Newsletter:
  1. Why Some Brands Stayed Out of First Dot-Brand Auction;
  2. Fast thinker: founder of .XYZ Registry;
  3. 4 Career-Changing Benefits of a Personalized Domain;
  4. Rightside’s first webinar series;
  5. Domain Name Pick Up – 5 Mistakes To Avoid!
  6. Verisign and Afilias in open war over $135m .WEB
  7. CentralNic will ‘continue to benefit from recurring revenues;
  8. Interesting - “Zhi Bo” (Live Video Streaming) Is Growing;
  9. Good survey - New gTLDs in 10 years;
  10. What's in a Brand Name?
  11. 8 myths about new domain names;
  12. 5 Ways To Use Your .CLUB Domain (watch the video);
  13. Must read - GAC Hyderabad Communique;
  14. New gTLDs & ICANN: Adopted Board Resolution;
  15. .WEB new gTLD: "Afilias' Cynical Attempt";
  16. Verisign to .WEB losers: stop griping and carry on;
  17. The .Blog registry is not releasing ANY 1, 2 and 3 character domains;
  18. Free SSL certificate for .SHOP Registrants?
  19. The .Blog registry registered the best .blog domains for itself!
  20. “Shadow content policing” fears at ICANN 57;
  21. Google Does Not Promote Or Demote Based On Top Level Domain;
  22. History of AUC's failure to get the .AFRICA legitimately;
  23. Get ready for thousands of new two-letter domains.
Domain name registration volumes
  • Singular VS Plural New gTLDs; 
  • New gTLDs related to FRENCH applications; 
  • New gTLDs related to RELIGION; 
  • Generic new gTLDs; 
  • New gTLDs related to HEALTH (hot); 
  • New gTLDs related to CARS;
  • New gTLDs with a French connotation.
Since most new gTLDs have launched, reports will be updated on a monthly basis starting January 2017.

Recent Trademark Clearinghouse Sunrise Period announcements

Note to our readers: starting January 2017, the content of our Newsletter will be sent by email only. It will not be made available online anymore on

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Nomulus: what do you think?

I am working on an article related to Domulus, the new backend registry tool offered by Google to existing applicants, and new ones willing to submit a new gTLD application in "Round 2" of the ICANN new gTLD program.
I look for first impressions from potential interested parties in this tool. Please contact me.

Update on new gTLDs' registration volumes:
  • New gTLDs for COMPANIES: the domain name extensions in which companies should secure their name (see tonight's Newsletter);
  • New gTLDs related to the LAW: Corporate Registrar FairWinds Partners, a domain name strategy consultancy company, also sole Corporate Registrar to have applied for its own .BRAND new gTLD, has now 4 new domain names registered (ending in ".fairwinds");
  • New gTLDs related to the COLORS;
  • New gTLDs related to FINANCE: the .ACCOUNTANT new gTLD loses 6,000 registrations;
  • New gTLDs related to CATERING;
  • New gTLDs related to PHOTOGRAPHY: the .ART new gTLD now has 10 domain name registered and website says it should launch in November 2016 but no official announcement has been made yet.
  • New gTLDs related to CITIES.

Tonight's new gTLDs' Newsletter: subscribe here.

What you missed in our previous Newsletter:
  1. gTLD Marketplace Health Index Metrics;
  2. Il punto davanti a Roma e Milano (article about new gTLDs in Italian with info on coming new gTLD project);
  3. Chinese Naming Tip: Sometimes even words that sound negative in their English translation (for example “poisonous chicken soup”) can have a more trendy and positive meaning in Chinese usage, making it a more valuable and brandable domain name as well: read the full story;
  4. Ending soon: .网站 (web) Sunrise Period
  5. Have you claimed your digital real estate?
  6. New gTLD .WEB and .AMAZON update;
  7. Busting the Myths of Not-Com Domain Names;
  8. NewG talk #9: the usual strong performers (.top, .club, .site, .bid, .vip, .online) continued their uptrend.
Most recent Trademark Clearinghouse Sunrise Period announcements

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

China starts to pay interest in legacy .TEL gTLD

China is the new eldorado for Registries and a reason of this is very simple: people from the Republic of China buy more and more domain names. For Registries, this is a market where it is important to have a presence. Recently, many Registries and back-end Registries participated in conferences in China to introduce themselves: the closer to the buyer...the better.
Note that this post is not about what Chinese do with their domain names (use, park, spam, squat, resell) but about the fact that it is important for Registries and Back-ends to sell domain names:
  1. To install them on the market: the more domains the greater visibility;
  2. Profitability: many domains, once bought, are renewed once a year.
At some point in its history, the .TEL Registry had 325,000 registrations. The .TEL registration volumes dropped below 100,000 in July 2016. In August 2016 they reached 96,611 domain name registrations. Then, they suddenly started to increase again progressively and reach the 103,000 registrations.

It appears that a Chinese template was recently created for the concept of .TEL domains and that could be an explanation.

New domain name registration volumes:
Tonight's new gTLD Newsletter:
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  1. Webinar DPML Plus (by the TMCH): Tuesday 11 October 2016, 16:00 [UTC]. Register here;
  2. What to Do When .com Is Taken;
  3. Roots hits 1,500 live TLDs as US oversight ends;
  4. Minds and Machines: Accepting tender offer and increase in position (by an insider/investor in multiple new gTLD applications);
  5. .CLUB Wins “Registry of the Year” at The Domain Conference 2016;
  6. The .XYZ pollution;
  7. New gTLDs "UA" (UA = Universal Acceptance): What the UA Group is fighting for at ICANN;
  8. Round 2: not before 2018?
  9. New gTLDs related to "COMPANIES" (Which new domain names should a company secure).

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Is Buying a .WEB Domain Name Bright?

I agree this article won’t please everyone but there are several reasons why buying a domain name ending in .WEB could be – or could not be – a good decision. I will personally not buy one and here is why:
  1. Let’s start with Trademarks;
  2. Too many generics?
  3. Increasing the value of a .com:
    • I have the “.com” equivalent;
    • I don’t have the “.com” equivalent.
  4. Focus on a domain name with no plural;
  5. Buy a descriptive domain name.
Read my complete article on B2C.

Friday, August 12, 2016

New gTLDs: yesterday night's Newsletter

Below are the titles of yesterday night's Newsletter (sent each day at 8PM CET). To read previous letters, readers can go to or subscribe to receive all links to articles, press releases, new gTLD reports and latest announcements related to new gTLDs.

  1. Booking.yeah - The huge misstep by;
  2. Round 2 - Next new gTLD round could start sooner than expected;
  3. Trailer - Blair Witch (;
  4. Book - Joining the Machines to the Domain;
  5. The .MOTORCYCLES Sunrise Period ends;
  6. Delegated - 12 new gTLDs were just delegated:
    1. .HOT 
    2. .PAY 
    3. .HUGHES 
    4. .DISH 
    6. .SLING 
    7. .SECURE 
    8. .MCDONALDS 
    9. .AMEX 
    10. .OPEN 
    11. .MCD 
  7. Centuries-old companies both fail community gTLD test;
  8. Patent - Geographically appropriate domain name system assignment ;
  9. How a $135 million auction affects the domain industry and your business;
  10. Registration volumes: 
    1. HOTSingular and Plural new generic Top-Level Domains; 
    2. FRENCH new gTLD applications;
    3. New gTLDs related to RELIGION.
Why it makes sense to subscribe to the New gTLDs Newsletter
Subscribing to the Newsletter is the opportunity to receive a letter with the daily information about new gTLDs. Since the letter is sent at 8 PM CET, it means that residents of New-York receive the letter in the beginning of the afternoon and residents of LA receive it just before Lunch. The rest of the information is sent the next day. For information, subscribing to or is the same.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The new gTLD Newsletter First

I am considering changing how this Newsletter is published and do the opposite of what is done here.

I usually post bullet points of what subscribers will read in the night's Newsletter (sent at 8PM CET each evening) but I wonder if it does not make more sense to publish content in the Newsletter at night and inform on the next morning on this blog about what had been published in the Newsletter the night before.

In one line: you won't be informed anymore about what you will read in the Newsletter. Comments are welcome here.
  1. The .BLOG new gTLD Sunrise Period starts soon;
  2. Acknowledging a Homeland: .RUHR
  3. Infographic - Registry analyzes how its strings are doing with consumers;
  4. Report - Report on ccTLDs also gives figures on the new gTLD market;
  5. The .AFRICA new gTLD - DCA Trust v ICANN, ZACR Motion to Intervene;
  6. A .LIVE company - An entertainment company leverages the power of social media;
  7. Registration volumes:
    1. New gTLDs related to REAL ESTATE;
      (the .LOFT new gTLD was just added to the report)
    2. New gTLDs related to SPORT;
    3. New gTLDs related to ALCOHOL.
  8. Curious name:
Read this info in tonight's Newsletter

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sunrise Period for .SHOP new gTLD starts today

Many of the world’s leading brands use shop to add online shopping to their primary URL. Choose a .shop name for a dedicated online shopping address that is short, easy to remember and a powerful marketing tool.

  • SUNRISE PERIOD START: Thursday, 30 June, 2016
  • SUNRISE PERIOD END: Monday, 29 August, 2016
According to the Registry:
".shop is the definitive online shopping address. Whether your business is online or offline a .shop domain name instantly identifies your website as a place to shop."
Good to know:
The .SHOP new gTLD is not alone: the .SHOPPING new gTLD Sunrise Period launches in July 2016 and the .BOUTIQUE is already open to all with more than 8,900 domain name registrations.

What to do:
Consider registering your domain names in similar domain name extensions such as the one above.

To participate in a Sunrise Period, it is recommended to contact a Corporate Registrar such as Nameshield.

Nameshield Corporate Registrar: Corporate domain name portfolio management

Friday, June 17, 2016

The new gTLD info for Friday, June 17th

We are running very late today! There had been a second winner to the .CLUB Registry Premium Contest. Read below to try to win yours.
  1. Source - A funny website with fresh new gTLD NEWS (not by myself);
  2. .sucks terminates Com Laude as “gag order” row escalates;
  3. New gTLDs related to CARS;
  4. New gTLDs related to HEALTH;
  5. .STORE Grosses Over $1 Million Before the Close of Day 1;
  6. How to win a Premium .CLUB domain name?
  7. Contract breach cited as TLD Registry switches from Afilias to Chinese government back-end;
  8. How To Use Alternative Domains For Branding;
  9. DotBrand - .DELOITTE is a dot brand new gTLD;
  10. CentralNic grabs another client from Verisign;
  11. CentralNic signed up for .ART internet domain;
  12. How will the new .INSURANCE gTLD work for the industry?
  13. Report - Google Ignores Keywords in TLD;
  14. TLD Registry moves registry services to China;
  15. Subscribe to receive all these news by email.
Nameshield Corporate Registrar: Corporate domain name portfolio management
The Nameshield Group: Registry, Corporate and Retail Registrar

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