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Friday, August 18, 2017

Are new gTLDs profitable?

A Registry to operate its own Registrar (or a Registrar to operate its own Registry) is a good solution to lower down the price to maintain a domain name and the reason for this is simple: tech costs are split and most of the money stays in...
Who's who
It is even better when the Registry owns its own Backend Registry and its Registrar.

In simple words: a Registry makes more money when the money paid to mandatory service providers are the same people.

The example that I like to give here is based on Afilias: a Backend Registry provider, also applicant (Registry) for five of the six existing colors. Afilias is not a Registrar.

What when registration volumes drop?
Since 2016, Jovenet Consulting tracked weekly, then monthly, domain name registration volumes from various groups and industries and this post will focus on new gTLDs that have the name of a color.

There are six of them and one is a Trademark so we won't pay much attention to it since it does not sell domain names to end users:
  1. .RED (€11/year)
  2. .BLUE (€11/year)
  3. .PINK (€11/year)
  4. .BLACK (€31/year)
  5. .GREEN (€54/year)
  6. .ORANGE (a dotBrand new gTLD = no price)
(there's .GOLD too but does it count as a color?)

I went to retail registrar Uniregistry and extracted prices that you can see above. The first three are acceptable prices but I find .BLACK and .GREEN quite expensive and since Uniregistry is a cheap Registrar, you can easily expect that these domain names will probably cost much more at other service providers.

When looking at the new gTLD report entitled "New gTLDs related to COLORS", you will note that almost ALL registration volumes continue to drop starting January 2017 and if you look at May 2017, something strange even happens.

So: profitable?
Does it mean that such extensions are not profitable? I don't think so.

I heard a story which said that "red" was a special color in some countries in Asia and this was the reason why ".red" domain names were so successful...until May 2017 apparently. I won't count .GREEN here because this TLD was acquired lately by Afilias and you will note that registration figures are quite different from the first four TLDs.

The .RED new gTLD is now below the 50,000 registrations so it does not pay ICANN the $0.25 fee per domain anymore. Even if the curve is dramatically going down, it still has 48,000 domains with a probable majority being paid by Registrants. Since Afilias is Registry and Backend Registry for its TLDs, it pays the minimum to maintain its own domain names: below $5 per year? Less than $1 maybe?

Let's imagine that these 48,000 domains are paid by Registrars at the price of less than $10. It still means quite a lot of money for the Registry in the end. A lot less for .PINK and .BLACK.

What about "strategy"?
In 2016, and during a period of 7 months, the .RED Registry had between 308,000 and 318,000 domains on the market. I have no idea how nor why these numbers were so high but I believe that the only question to have today is: "was it worth it?"

If it takes so much domains to end up with so few: it is still 48,000 domain names on the market. Let's assume that these domains are paid, and hopefully renewed, I consider that such strategy is a good one because all Registries want to have 48,000 domains names renewed on the market. Should Afilias have adopted the same strategy for it other "colored TLDs"? The question remains.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Which Registry will succeed in...

...selling domain names in supermarkets?
When it comes to paying in a supermarket, you're often offered to buy that “little thing more”: chewing-gums, sweets, alcohol, but it is now also possible to buy “online things” such as Apple and Google music: why not offer domain names too?

Domains names are no BtoC consumer products
Let’s be serious: can you imagine a Registry pushing a Registrar to “do the job”, trying to offer domain names in supermarkets? This just would not work for several reasons:
  • Approaching a supermarket chain is a tough job that requires time and the job of a Registrar is to sell domain names and offer services dedicated to domain names;
  • What about marketing and packaging: who pays? Certainly not the supermarket chain! Which Registrar has the capacity to pay for all this but one which has a close link to a supermarket chain?
  • What about pricing? Is a Registrar ready to drop its price or accept to earn money in year two, when the domain name is renewed?
  • What about support...
A blog offered with a domain name is BtoC
Many people want to have their blog: to post their holidays’ photos or just to write the story of their life but they won’t necessary search for this on Internet because it is so difficult to understand and there is so much info to provide, it can even become technical!

The truth is that very few people know what a domain name is so you can imagine when it comes to talking about a “Registrar” :-)

Added to more services, a supermarket has the capacity to address end users and evangelize the process of registering a domain name a complete different way, make things more simple and go straight to the point: deliver what is offered on the packaging and nothing more that what the price says. It does not work the same online when you can offer “options”, simply by clicking on a button. The more clicks...

A supermarket also has the capacity to offer “trust” in the purchase: the seller is already an authority, can Registrars says the same: nationwide?

Why not add the email to this package?
Another truth is that very few people know that an email can be different from gMail or Hotmail so offering the option to personalize an email with a domain name seriously adds to the quality of the offer.

Let’s be honest, what looks nicer: or ? What about this one for "Jovenet Consulting": or ?

Added to the domain name, a personalized email is typically what Google and many other Registrars are trying to achieve in their offers but a supermarket could demonstrate that it is even a better place to bring consumers to buy such products: it is faster and does not require to read it all.

So what is the solution then?
I studied various possibilities but I strongly believe that the best approach is with a Registry which operates its own Registrar. The reason for this? A better price and reduced costs to take care of all operations with a limited number of subsidiaries. Note that I will not explain about “a better price”.

A Registrar with the capacity to offer a complete solution and a dedicated path for such consumers:
  1. The Blog (without ever mentioning the word “hosting”);
  2. The Domain name;
  3. The Email;
  4. One yearly payment.
A coupon, such as the one offered to buy music, will offer:
  • To pay for year one;
  • A 3 lines explanation of what the consumer buys;
  • A short URL where to:
    • Create the domain name which will activate and point to the Blog;
    • Create the email;
    • Explain and point to the interface to Blog;
    • Renew the domain name (renewing should be explained on the coupon).
The entire process should fit in one single page.

Who can do that?
Come on: don’t you see?

*BtoC stands for “Business to Consumer”, different from BtoB which stands for “Business to Business”

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Registries: the crossroads of an industry

Registries sell domain names through the network of accredited Registrars: that is how domain names are sold to end users, the "Registrants". The registry - sole legal entity authorized to create domain names - sits on top of the pyramid with an already existing distribution channel which takes care of reaching out to customers...and do the job. I personally love the idea that puts the registry in a monopolistic situation but is this enough to sell domain names?

The crossroads of an industry
In the past, registries used a "nic.extension" domain name to point to their website. Some now use this as a redirection to another website ( and some have not activated it. Such domain names were a good way to recognize the official website of a registry ("nic" means "network information center").

If a registry is in a monopolistic situation, why isn't this taken as an advantage to do the promotion of an extension: isn't the role of the registry to participate actively in selling its own domain names and contribute to showing how to use them?
  • Give free added value to end-users;
  • Explain how to proceed with a domain name:
    • How to created a simple website and where to go to;
    • How to create an email: step-by-step and where to go to.
  • Explain industries concerned by the extension how to benefit from it:
    • What are the deals they can have with registries;
    • How it can make sense to offer domain names;
  • Explain what affiliation is: some businesses want to offer domain names without having to go through the registrar accreditation process;
  • Explain how to earn money from a domain name;
  • ...
Registries have the opportunity to do more than offer their clients to become registrars or buy Premium domain names. Isn't it time to have ideas and create content?

Some registries do more: the .BZH example
I am not concerned by .BZH domain names because I was born in Toulouse (south of France) - where there is sun and no rain most of the time ;-) - but I noticed this great initiative from the Registry.

The .BZH Registry is offering its future and existing 6,690 owners of a ".bzh" domain name to register in a directory dedicated to them. offers:
  • Added value to ".bzh" domain name owners for their SEO: this means one quality link back to their website;
  • Exclusivity: only members of the ".bzh" community are granted access (".com" owners: go away);
  • A new selling point for accredited Registrars: you don't just buy a descriptive domain name: you receive something more with your purchase.
Oh, and I forgot: it is free to register.

Dedicated directories to the extensions they promote are the typical added value that registries have the capacity to offer:
  • They're easy to set up;
  • They contribute greatly to promoting a domain name extension:
    • registrants like free added value;
    • it is exclusive to owners of their domain names.
  • Its neutral since the service offered comes from a registry: Registrars are not in competition;
  • It is an advantage Registrars can use in their communication to their customers.
The role of the Registry is changing and can become a serious sell more.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Nomulus: what do you think?

I am working on an article related to Domulus, the new backend registry tool offered by Google to existing applicants, and new ones willing to submit a new gTLD application in "Round 2" of the ICANN new gTLD program.
I look for first impressions from potential interested parties in this tool. Please contact me.

Update on new gTLDs' registration volumes:
  • New gTLDs for COMPANIES: the domain name extensions in which companies should secure their name (see tonight's Newsletter);
  • New gTLDs related to the LAW: Corporate Registrar FairWinds Partners, a domain name strategy consultancy company, also sole Corporate Registrar to have applied for its own .BRAND new gTLD, has now 4 new domain names registered (ending in ".fairwinds");
  • New gTLDs related to the COLORS;
  • New gTLDs related to FINANCE: the .ACCOUNTANT new gTLD loses 6,000 registrations;
  • New gTLDs related to CATERING;
  • New gTLDs related to PHOTOGRAPHY: the .ART new gTLD now has 10 domain name registered and website says it should launch in November 2016 but no official announcement has been made yet.
  • New gTLDs related to CITIES.

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  3. Chinese Naming Tip: Sometimes even words that sound negative in their English translation (for example “poisonous chicken soup”) can have a more trendy and positive meaning in Chinese usage, making it a more valuable and brandable domain name as well: read the full story;
  4. Ending soon: .网站 (web) Sunrise Period
  5. Have you claimed your digital real estate?
  6. New gTLD .WEB and .AMAZON update;
  7. Busting the Myths of Not-Com Domain Names;
  8. NewG talk #9: the usual strong performers (.top, .club, .site, .bid, .vip, .online) continued their uptrend.
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Monday, September 19, 2016

Enter the office of a Registry

This is a video of an interview within the .CLUB Registry's headquarters in Florida. During the visit, you will notice how "marketing focused" is the Registry and then...what is the result of this investment.
New domain name registration volumes:

Tonight's Newsletter:
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  13. Our Web Address is Changing from .COM to .BANK
  14. DOMAINFEST ASIA / 亚洲域名盛会 (SEPTEMBER 19 – 22, 2016);
  15. Bands use a .BAND.
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Monday, June 13, 2016

Impressive results of the .GDN Registry

I read many times that a high domain name registration volume is not a key to the success of a new gTLD. Well, I disagree: offering new domain names at a low price is a development strategy like another: it is an communication investment that pays. The .CLUB Registry has demonstrated that already with a strong investment budget in communication and a fair price for its domain name. The result now is that, not only it has become the reference for Clubs but clubs of all kinds...have turned to buying these domain names.

What about the .GDN Registry?
The strategy for the .GDN new gTLD seems to be a little different since there are still few Registrars to be accredited yet (with more coming little by little). This week, we noticed a change in registration volumes from the Registry with an important increase. Last week (on week 23), there were 29,259 domain names registered. This is not so bad for a Registry which launched with few Registrars accredited. This week (week 24), there are 65,795 domains registered.
Reminder about ".GDN" : it stands for "Global Domain Name", it is ultra cheap, it is a short Top-Level Domain with 3 letters and comes in direct competition with ".com" offering many free domains to register.

  1. Article - The Most Exciting New Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs);
  2. 7 more new gTLD were delegated: .ASLTOM - .DUNLOP (added to the CARS new gTLD report) - .AIRBUS - .GOODYEAR (also added to the CARS new gTLD report) - .KOSHER - .DUPONT and .ERICSSON
  3. "On the Rise" (the .GDN new gTLD);
  4. The French new gTLD report by Nameshield;
  5. Article - $1,000 to renew a ".shop" domain name?
  6. Sunrise Periods:
    1. Ending in June:
      1. .닷컴 (com)
      2. .닷넷 (net)
      3. .MED
      4. .TUBE
    2. Ending in July:
      1. .STC
      2. .VIVA
      3. .STCGROUP
      4. .MOI
  7. Owner of and .BOATS talks;
  8. Registration volumes:
    1. New gTLDs related to Catering;
    2. HOT - New gTLDs related to Cities;
    3. New gTLDs related to Photography.
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Thursday, March 24, 2016

The new gTLD info for Thursday, March 24th

It is difficult for Registries to sell domain names. We have observed impressive registration figures in very short period of time for certain Registries. We sincerely hope that it is the right strategy to install domain names on such an already crowded market.
  1. Question - Is .tak domain going to be available?
  2. Registry Webinar: why would you buy a .INSURANCE domain name?
  3. Developers Can Now Test Compatibility with new gTLD’s (by Google);
  4. April 14th 2016: Meet with .TRADEMARKS in Paris;
  5. Written Recap of the ICANN new gTLD meeting in Marrakech;
  6. Seven New gTLD Delegations;
  7. Multiple Registry sold 600K+ of Premium domains in one year;
  8. Brands - Insights into the world of ‘dot brands’
  9. List of Alpha 3 ISO codes not allowed for registration in Round 2 of the ICANN new gTLD program;
  10. New gTLDs to do the promotion of BMW in Deutsch;
  11. China - Another Registry is granted a Chinese MIIT License;
  12. More coming during the day.
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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The new gTLD info for Wednesday the 17th

A warm "happy birthday" to the .SYDNEY new gTLD and a short word on Registry-Specific Policies. You probably heard about the URD and the UDRP procedures but did you know that some Registries have their own procedures?
  1. Registry-Specific Policies:
    1. .NYC new gTLD
    2. .MUSIC
    3. .NGO - .ONG
    4. .FROGANS
    5. .XXX
    6. .ADULT
    7. .PORN
    8. .SEX
    9. .PRO - .NAME - .BIZ (old TLDs)
    10. .SITE
    11. .TECH
    12. .VOTE - .VOTO
    13. .COLLEGE
    14. Check the complete list is available in our Newsletter (tonight);
  2. Another "Multiple Registry" passes 2 million domain registrations;
  3. The .SYDNEY Registry is one year old;
  4. .SHOP will be around earlier than expected!
  5. Association launches initiative within the domain name ecosystem;
  6. 3 articles on "Multiple registry": proud of the performance of its team;
  7. HOT: update on registration figures for .CLOUD new gTLD;
  8. More articles on .CLOUD (two more);
  9. More coming during the day.
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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The new gTLD info of Wednesday

China seems to be "the" place where to sell new domain names and many Registries are moving there. On the four new gTLDs delegated recently, 2 are Trademarks, one is controversial and the other is the name of a city.
  1. Another new gTLD Registry heads to China;
  2. Four (4) new strings were just delegated;
  3. Icann new gTLD agenda;
  4. Strange: watch the earth in .BLUE;
  5. ICANN tests emergency registry with dead .BRAND;
  6. New gTLD applicant Videos;
  7. More in  your Newsletter.
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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Successful .CLUB Registry Marks One-Year Launch Anniversary

Nearly a quarter million registrations strong and $1 Million in Premium Sales, .CLUB proves to be most successful new domain launched to date.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – May 7, 2015 -- While much media attention has been focused on the defensive strategies that celebrities and brands are taking against the new .sucks and .porn domain names, there have been several new domain extensions enjoying widespread success, being registered and used by hundreds of thousands of individuals and businesses. One of those successes is .CLUB, the most popular new domain extension, celebrating its one-year launch anniversary today, maintaining its position as the best-selling new gTLD (generic top-level domain) on the Internet today.

Exactly one year after its 2014 launch, .CLUB has shown that there is demand for domain names that are short, easy to remember and that add meaning to whatever is on the left side of the “dot” in a web address.

After just one year, .CLUB has accumulated impressive results· More than 220,000 .CLUB web addresses registered worldwide:
  • Nearly 40,000 live, active websites using a .CLUB name (not parked pages);
  • More than 73,000 unique registrants;
  • Over $1 Million in premium name sales;
  • Active in 128 countries worldwide.
Thousands of existing golf clubs, country clubs, tennis clubs, fitness clubs, social clubs, nightclubs, Rotary, Kiwanis and other clubs and communities have adopted the use of a .CLUB domain name for their online address. In addition, many high profile celebrities have also joined the .CLUB, including legendary rapper, actor and entrepreneur 50 Cent (50InDa.Club); singer Demi Lovato (; Indian cricket star Virat Kohli (; Miami Heat player Tyler Johnson ( and others, all good examples of the value of a .CLUB domain name for any type of community or fan club. Entrepreneurs and startups have also been active with .CLUB names, including music site, which was launched by serial entrepreneur Justin Kan (,; subscription and membership business such as,, and many more.

Premium .CLUB domains have out-sold all other new domains as well. sold at auction for $140,000, Coffee.Club sold for $100,000, sold for $100,000 along with others, totaling more than $1 million to date in premium name sales.

“While a lot of the attention in this space has been directed toward the defensive positions brands are taking against .sucks and some others, it’s important to remember that there are a lot of really great new domain extensions now that are helping companies better market themselves, more effectively use their brands and own a category online in ways that haven’t been possible since the early days of the Internet,” said Colin Campbell, founder and CEO of .CLUB Domains. “As we celebrate our first birthday, we’re proud to say that .CLUB has launched more entrepreneurial sites that any other new domain, including subscription-based services, fan clubs, and more.”

.CLUB’s success has not been limited to the United States. Nearly 70% of its total registrations are outside the United States. .CLUB is among the top five new domains in more than 28 countries, including Japan, Hong Kong, Russia, Taiwan, France, Spain, and more; and is the #1 selling new domain in Canada, Brazil, Singapore, Italy, Malaysia and many others.

“A big part of .CLUB’s success is that the word `club’ is spelled the same and means the same thing all over the world,” added Campbell. “So no matter the language, the alphabet or the culture, .CLUB has logical context and recognition all over the globe.”

A typical .CLUB domain name registration costs approximately $10-$15 per year. .CLUB domains names are available at 112 registrars worldwide including GoDaddy, 1and1,,, 101Domain and others.

About .Club Domains, LLC
Led by Internet entrepreneur Colin Campbell, whose prior successes include Tucows Interactive and, .Club Domains, LLC was formed for the purpose of becoming the .CLUB gTLD registry. The company recently launched to support entrepreneurs building businesses around a .CLUB domain name. With more than 220,000 domain names sold to date .CLUB leads the pack of new domain extensions in sales and usage. More information and links to register .CLUB domains are available now at

Monday, March 23, 2015

New gTLDs innovation and registration volumes: the .UNO solution

New gTLD innovation
Hasn't it been a little disappointing to see absolutely no (or very few) innovation coming with new domain names?
One would have expected a .EMAIL new gTLD to come with a little plus something related to fighting spam or a .HELP coming with a dedicated platform to offer help on demand (is this what Google will offer with its .HOW?), a .DIRECTORY already set-up to login and create a directory, or a .INTERNATIONAL with a special partnership with a multilingual CMS?

I heard good ideas from Mind + Machines years ago but so many delays in launching the ICANN new gTLD program seem to have killed innovation.

Today, innovation in new gTLDs seems to work hand in hand with sales results and if it has been difficult to finance while the ICANN and the GAC were spending applicants' time and money to (try to) solve problems, it is possible that this innovation has now become the key to reach financial expectations and develop new domain names adoption.

The .UNO initiative
The .UNO Registry (".UNO has universal recognition for being number one, first, unique and the best") is about to have sold 10.000 new domain names and giving domain names away seems to be a new way to "deliver" names on the market.
If some Registries like the .XYZ, .BERLIN and .SCIENCE are giving domain names, the .UNO Registry is bringing innovation to this new trend giving the domain name for free with the new social platform. is a free service not owned by the .UNO Registry but which allows anyone to create a complete webpage on which the Registrant can show his LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and many other social networks feeds. All this in just a few clicks.

The increasing number of subscribers is a demonstration of success. I wanted to go through the process and created a It took me less than five minutes for a complete page. I also received the email which confirmed the domain name registration:

I checked a little later to find my webpage online. It is basic and I will probably dig a little more into it to see what more can be done with it.

Of course, "free is rarely free" so I checked the WHOIS database to see if the domain had been registered in my name and it had. As a result, a newcomer to this platform gets everything the Google Blogger platform offers but with a super clean design and a free domain name. Blogger - which I already find very cool - will charge you for the domain name and Wordpress will charge you even more.

In the case of this platform, "free" seems to be definition I have of this word, not the one which comes with adds. If someone finds the trick here, I am interested in a feed-back.

Registration volumes
A lot has been told about poor domain names renewal (read here too) this so true and...does it really matter?

From where I stand at Jovenet Consulting, one of my weekly tasks is to check domain name renewals and what I see is not negative at all. If results are not the one expected, renewals are there: there are less domain names on the market than expected by Registries but Registrants (those to register domain names) are renewing their domain(s).
One year (more or less) after launching its first TLDs, the last report from the largest multiple Registry Donuts tells us one truth about renewals.

So regarding registration volumes, the repetitive and negative speech I often read from Domainers and "pro .COMs" is ... just wrong :-)

What about increasing new domain names registration volumes? If I now have very small doubts about the renewal rate from a Registry who is giving domain names away, I have even smaller ones about one giving a little something with its domains for two reasons:
  1. When you start to use a service like, chances are high that you will keep using it:
    1. Choices of designs offered are:
      1. Really nice;
      2. Free.
    2. The domain name is Free and registered in your name: you normally pay for this.
  2. A platform like can become addictive: you get everything in one single place: no need multiple logins and passwords... Internet users also like it when it is simple.
In the case of the platform, the thinking seems to be done a different way: the message sent to me is more a: "use our platform and we will give you a personalized address with it" rather than a: "register this domain for free then decide what to do with it".

Register your Trademark using an agent.