Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Very few are in the .GREEN (new gTLDs)

This title sounds negative right? Well, in April 2017 one might be surprised to see that the .GREEN new gTLD is the only "color related" new gTLD to have more domain name registrations. All other extensions are in the red.

This is rather strange since domain name registration volumes for extensions such as the .RED new gTLD were extremely high: more than 300,000 in January 2017: 100,000 less today.

The .ORANGE new gTLD is a Trademark to have created a specific webpage for its ".orange" domain names with policies, etc...

The "colored" extensions are:
  1. .RED
  2. .BLUE
  3. .PINK
  4. .BLACK
  5. .GREEN
  6. .ORANGE ®
Anybody can register domain names in any of these extensions (but the ".orange") which brings a question: there are more colors and brown, violet, white and yellow were not submitted an application for.
Will there be new gTLD applications for:
  • .BROWN
  • .WHITE
...in the next new gTLD application round?

Monday, April 10, 2017

Financial new gTLDs

It is often an event when a new domain name extensions passes the 10,000 registrations or when it doubles its number of registrations from one month to the other. If no financial gTLD passed the 10,000 registrations this month, the .BROKER new gTLD more than "doubled" its number of domain name registered. This article might explain why.

Four domain name extensions are doing extremely well - one added more than 500,000 domain name registrations in one month (...) - and one lost a little less than 5,000 registrations. We removed the three extensions which were withdrawn from the list below.

New gTLDs with the "®" sign are registered Trademarks, which means that there domain names cannot be registered by third parties but from specific companies only.

The full report is available here.

The new gTLD concerned are: 

  1. .LOAN
  2. .BID
  3. .TRADE
  5. .BET
  6. .GOLD
  7. .FUND
  8. .CASH
  9. .DEALS
  10. .MONEY
  11. .CAPITAL
  12. .FINANCE
  15. .AUCTION
  16. .CREDIT
  17. .BANK
  18. .LOANS
  23. .MARKETS (s/p)
  24. .TRADING
  25. .BROKER
  27. .CITIC ®
  28. .BRADESCO ®
  29. .BARCLAYS ®
  30. .FOREX
  31. .BLOOMBERG ®
  32. .TRUST
  33. .PICTET ®
  34. .CBA ®
  35. .SHRIRAM ®
  36. .SAXO ®
  37. .DVAG ®
  38. .AIG ®
  39. .AXA ®
  40. .SCB ®
  42. .JCB ®
  44. .CFD
  45. .CFA ®
  46. .EVERBANK ®
  47. .NAB ®
  48. .CHASE ®
  49. .SOFTBANK ®
  50. .NETBANK ®
  51. .ALLFINANZ ®
  52. .NADEX ®
  53. .JPMORGAN ®
  54. .CITADEL ®
  55. .PAY
  56. .DEAL
  57. .MINT ®
  58. .UBANK ®
  59. .BANAMEX ®
  61. .BOFA ®
  62. .FIDELITY ®
  63. .VISA ®
  64. .DISCOVER ®
  65. .CITI ®
  66. .LPL ®
  68. .ICBC ®
  69. .COMMBANK ®
  70. .HDFCBANK ®
  71. .HDFC ®
  72. .STATEBANK ®
  73. .工行 (xn--estv75g) ®
  75. .ANZ ®
  76. .KFH ®
  77. .ALLY ®
  78. .PNC ®
  80. .AMEX ®
  81. .SAVE
  82. .HSBC ®
  83. .SBI ®

Friday, April 7, 2017

New gTLDs for the Law

We listed 10 new gTLDs related to the law and only one of them is a dotBrand. Surprisingly, it is the only .BRAND new gTLD to be offering to submit new gTLD applications to the ICANN : shouldn't this be considered when thinking of a company to submit your new gTLD application in round two of the ICANN new gTLD program? We think so.

This month, one extension keeps diving into the red for the third month in a row but three others are gaining a significant number of registrations.

We recently added the .ESQ new gTLD which belongs to Google and the funny thing is that it's been launched a very long ago but...no one noticed it. Here is what the new gTLD application says about .ESQ: "The purpose of the proposed gTLD is to provide a forum for lawyers and law practices to offer content related to their profession. ʺEsq.ʺ is typically used to refer to an individual who has been sworn in or accepted into their stateʹs or countryʹs bar. The mission of the proposed gTLD is to provide a dedicated domain space in which verified legal professionals can enact unique second-level domains."

Congratulations to the .LEGAL new gTLD which passes the 10,000 domain name registrations.

Oh, and yes, we consider that the .BAR new gTLD should be added to the 2017 LAW new gTLD report :-)

The list of new gTLD concerned:
  1. .LAWYER
  2. .LEGAL
  4. .LAW
  6. .BAR
  10. .ESQ
The full report is available here and we welcome more .BRAND TLD suggestions to be added to this report.

The .AFRICA Sunrise Period

The Trademark clearinghouse just announced the launching of the .AFRICA new gTLD Sunrise Period.

  • START: Tuesday, 4 April, 2017 - 16:00;
  • END: Saturday, 3 June, 2017 - 16:00.

What the application says about .AFRICA
This is an extract of the new gTLD application submitted to the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN):
"Our mission is to establish the dotAfrica TLD as a proud identifier of Africa’s online identity, fairly reflecting the continent’s rich cultural, social and economic diversity and potential. In essence we will strive to develop and position the dotAfrica TLD as the preferred option for individuals and businesses either based in Africa or with strong associations with the continent and its people. The dotAfrica TLD represents a unique opportunity for Africa to develop and enhance its domain name and Internet eco-systems and communities by collaborating with each other to:
  • identify, engage and develop African-based specialist skills and resources;
  • share knowledge and develop DNS thought-leadership; and
  • implement world class registry standards and contribute towards their continued development."

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Companies to register more "new" domains

That is a fact, companies don't have the budget to register their name in all new domain name extensions but they tend to register more domain names in targeted extensions. But...by the way, why would a company want to register its name in all available new domain name extensions?
Would it make sense for a company based in...Washington (USA) to register a domain name ending in ".sarl" when "SARL" is a corporate identifier in France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Lebanon?

For this reason, we selected what we consider, the best domain name extensions to register a domain with for Companies; no matter where they are located.

The list of domain name extensions also includes the legacy ".com" domain name extension because we consider (for probably the next 10 years) that this old extension will remain a good one to secure and to use as a redirection to a new domain name. We also included two other legacy extensions and .TEL is one of them.

In this report, seven registries have more than 100,000 domains registered and four of them are increasing their domain name registration volume very significantly this month.

Two extensions, including an IDN, are losing registrations: 7,000 for the IDN when the .BLOG new gTLD does the opposite and gains 7,000 more domains!

The full monthly report is available in our Newsletter only which is sent tonight at 8PM CET.

For those who have an access to this specific report, we welcome your comments and will be happy to add an extension if it answers this question: "my company is based in Africa; does it make sense to register the Company's name in this specific extension?" Note that all websites are not translated into English but could be at a certain point in the Future of the Company. Some companies also secure their assets and register domain names to block a third party from doing it. There are various reasons why it can make sense to register a domain name, even if it won't be used.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

New gTLDs and City names

The city of Istanbul gains more than 1,000 new domain registrations in one month, with its .ISTANBUL new gTLD. Three cities have sticked to the red for the past 3 months and keep losing registrations. Six cities are "in the blue" and have kept gaining more registrations for the past two months.

Eight cities just...don't want to launch and have one single domain name registered. One of them, the city of Boston and its .BOSTON new gTLD, should launch soon.

The .SYDNEY new gTLD passed the 10,000 new domain name registrations: "Congrats".

We are comfortable with adding the .TOURS new gTLD as a city name since this French city, also called "Le Jardin de la France" ("The Garden of France"), has a population of 140,000.

The domain name extensions concerned are:
  1. .NYC
  2. .BERLIN
  3. .LONDON
  4. .TOKYO
  5. .CITY
  7. .KOELN
  9. .MOSCOW
  10. .PARIS
  12. .МОСКВА (xn--80adxhks)
  13. .WIEN
  14. .VEGAS
  15. .IST
  16. .MIAMI
  17. .SYDNEY
  19. .QUEBEC
  22. .TOURS
  23. .COLOGNE
  25. .NAGOYA
  27. .GENT
  28. .JOBURG
  29. .TAIPEI
  30. .OKINAWA
  31. .TOWN
  32. .DURBAN
  33. .RIO
  34. .OSAKA
  35. .KYOTO
  36. .DUBAI
  37. .BCN
  38. .MADRID
  42. .DOHA
  44. .BOSTON
The April 2017 full report is available here.

We are open to add more city names, no matter if they are a generic string with multiple meanings. Forward the names to us. Thank you.

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