Thursday, January 27, 2011

Buying a domain name with "InTrust Domains"

I received an email below on January 21 2011 from "Arthur" (note is an example here). A week after, on the the 27th, I submit an offer just below $100.  In the next minute an new email asks me to confirm my interest since "they plan to offer this domain for sale in the next few days". I am a lucky guy because I will be notified to get first chance to acquire the domain".

Why do I guess the coming offer is going to me more than $100 ?

Let's see what the practice is at "Intrust domains" :-)

First email received :
Following up about the domain

I am going to list for sale in a couple days. At the moment I am trying to reach people who might be interested in buying I found you as a prospect, because you own a similar domain. Should you be interested in this name - I'd be glad to consider your offer. Please use the following link  - http://MADIONLINE.COM/8d6e4rt5§7
I look forward to hearing back from you.

Arthur Simmons
InTrust Domains
2316 North Wahsatch Avenue, Suite 108
Colorado Springs, CO 8090

Domain MatchMakers is in full compliance with CanSpam requirements. If you don't want to receive this type of notification in the future, please click the following link, and you will be removed from future notifications immediately -http://MADIONLINE.COM/1/8d69b5201adb4ert01a

Confirmation email received :
Dear Jean,
Thank you for confirming your interest in the domain We plan to offer
this domain for sale in the next few days. As soon as the domain is
available for purchase, you will be notified to get first chance to acquire the domain.
Please click the link to confirm your interest in this domain:

Kind regards,
InTrust Domains
11590 Black Forest Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80908-6000



  1. It seems like Ken Palm of “Intrust Domain Names” or “Intrust Domains” is rebranding as “Domain Match Makers”.

    Both entities are owned by the same parent company “Domain Names International”. All 3 companies are connected to Ken Palm (also Kenn Palm or Kennon Palm).

    Is this related to the number of negative posts, reviews and complaints regarding Intrust Domains or Intrust Domain Names? Domain Match Makers seems to be a new separate company although the BBB review on their homepage links to the BBB profile of Intrust Domains.

    Coincidentally (Kennon, Kenn or Ken Palm) the owner of “” recently listed the domain name for sale at

    If you search Google for ”domain match makers” you’ll see a number of self issued, paid press releases recently issued by Ken Palm, Intrust Domains and/or Domain Match Makers. The press releases reference the “Denver Children's Hospital Courage Classic”, talking about how Ken Palm and Domain Match Makers are big supporters. Some people, as a proactive reputation management technique, will issue press releases on themselves with positive associations, so when people Google you company, good positive stories float to the top. These paid, self issued press releases are found on Titles and phrases found on these press releases and blog posts include “Help Children by Choosing Domain” and “Domain Match makers announces support for Orphans Hope” and “Changing the lives or orphans”. Why would a company do that? Well, when you’re solicited to buy a domain name from a unknown entity, you’re going to Google their company name to check them out. When the search results include a bunch of soft and fuzzy search results about helping orphans, children and charities, you’re going to assume they are trustworthy. Leveraging the positive association of charity or cause is a common tactic for proactive reputation management.

    Google the phrases “intrust domains” or “intrust domain names “intrust domain scam” and see how the results differ greatly from “Domain Match Makers”.

    Domain Names International is the parent company of both “Intrust Domain Names” and “Domain Match Makers. They share the same addresses. Ken Palm (or Kenn Palm ?) is associated with all three.

    (office location)
    Domain Names International, Intrust Domain Names & Domain Match Makers
    11590 Black Forest Rd, Unit 30
    Colorado Springs, CO 80908

    (legal and mailing address)
    Domain Names International, Intrust Domain Names & Domain Match Makers
    11605 Meridian Market View #124-134
    Falcon, CO 80831

  2. Intrust Domains is a scam! After doing extensive research, they change their officer names and addresses pretty frequently. They contacted me about a domain similar to mine that was coming up for sale and so I was mildly interested. The domain was available for "$97" according to their bidding option, but by then I was already doing a Google search on their scam and found plenty of warnings.

    They sent a congratulatory email saying I won the auction and that I should click on the website of the domain and that if I see an order form, I can place the payment online or call them. Well, guess what...all that's there was a "page does not exist" warning. I called them out of curiosity and their phone number in Colorado picks up immediately with an automatic greeting that start halfway into the recorded greeting. Unprofessional and fishy.

    I looked up the domain on WHOIS and found that it's actually for sale for "$69" and found the following information:

    Date Registered: 03/26/11
    Date Modified: 03/28/11
    Expiry Date: 03/26/13
    DNS2: CALL.303-800-0310.COM

    Mark Peters
    Wesley Hayes
    Hollandse kade 7a
    Abcoude, (NL)
    1391 JD

    Administrative Contact
    Rose McCaige
    11605 Meridian Market View #124-134
    Falcon, CO (US)

    So if won the auction on 3/27/11, why was it registered a day earlier for two years? Does that strike anyone else as suspicious?

    I also got two calls today from "Mark" at Intrust Domains who basically encouraged me very kindly to "pay now" on his voice mail message to me.

    One thing that should be glaringly obvious to everyone is the rather cheesy setup for their site and rather unprofessional emails. The site is clearly set up by someone who knows basic HTML and nothing else, using "Free Use" photos that make them look really pathetic. Compare them to WHOIS, Godaddy or any other notable domain registry and they look both incompetent and pathetic.

    After reading about their scams and weird business operation...and the fact that it's hard to pin them to any specific country in which they operate, then anyone getting duped by them at this point deserves to lose their offense to anyone who got fooled by them earlier.

    There are too many obvious signs that they're a scam company, and far too many posts about them online to complain that there was no way to know.

    If you want to back-order a domain, do it through a legitimate site that has a strong presence and reputation. Would you buy a car from Earl the Car Guy? Hell no. Why would you buy from "InTrust Domains"? As someone said earlier, don't trust anyone who immediately tells you to trust them.

    Oh, last note...what kind of idiotic organization sends an email saying, "To check our business references, please refer to the Better Business Bureau." That implies you don't have much credibility in the first place.


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