Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Did you order your new gTLD study?

First of all, I want to wish a happy new year to my readers and inform on a few things that I am launching:
  1. A new gTLD study which answers that question: "why would I create my .BRAND new gTLD?"
  2. A new "Tools" page at Jovenet Consulting: this is a page that I will keep filling with new documents and tools for future new gTLD applicants;
  3. A French version of Jovenet Consulting: this is not a very funny thing to do but there is an increasing demand in France for .BRAND info and since Jovenet Consulting is based in makes sense. I am working on this at the moment.
I am also looking for a new major sponsor: I have a preference for a back-end registry solution provider or a registry but I am also interested in being sponsored by a corporate registrar or a law firm.

Objectives for future round(s):
  • Create the best .BRAND new gTLD offer on the market;
  • Make the Jovenet Consulting network the #1 new gTLD information provider;
  • Find a partner to work with: working alone ".sucks".
What you missed in our previous Newsletters:
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    3. Les .BRAND à l’honneur;
    4. A la conquête de la Chine;
    5. La stratégie de gratuité: info ou intox? 
    6. Remous autour de la nouvelle procédure de transfert des noms de domaine (LegacyTLDs et nTLDs).
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  11. .COM Registrations Loses Another 1 Million Domains In Less Than 2 Weeks;
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  14. First .GOOG website is live (Google Trust Service);
  15. ICANN Litigation Update (.AFRICA, IRP & CEP Status Report .WEB);
  16. .SHOP and .SITE get Chinese approval;
  17. Independent review of the ICANN ASO: Deadline announcement of the selected bid: 31 January 2017;
  18. French - Comment défendre la protection des indications géographiques lors de l’attribution des New gTLDs?
  19. In Praise of .XYZ.

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