Thursday, April 13, 2017

Something wrong with .VIN ?

For the first time since its launching, the .VIN new gTLD loses registrations. If the progression curve of .WINE is an example since it never lost one single registration, the .VIN domain name extensions is to me, the example of an extensions that has difficulties to develop for several reasons:
  1. It is a French term and French wine makers are not fond of Internet so much;
  2. It is poorly marketed: the role of a registry is to operate a TLD, not to market it. A .VIN Registry operated by French wine makers or a similar wine organization, would probably make a difference;
  3. The .VIN new gTLD belongs to an American company and unless I am wrong, we don't speak French in the USA;
  4. The .VIN new gTLD belongs to an American company and unless I am wrong again, French are not fond of American wines. Psychologically speaking, it must be a torture for a French wine company to be buying something related to wine, to an American company but fortunately:
    1. French wine makers don't know about ".VIN" domain names...yet;
    2. French wine makers are a thousand miles away from knowing the registration process of a domain name;
    3. No registrar/registry sells ".vin" domain names during Vinexpo.
Sometimes, losing registrations for a Registry is due to the annual renewal with registrants forgetting to renew or just that period of time when registrants realize that they won't be using a domain name and then, they just drop it.

The domain name extensions concerned  are:
  1. .PUB
  2. .WINE
  3. .BEER
  4. .VIN
  5. .BAR
  6. .GLASS 
  7. .VODKA
  8. .REHAB
  9. .GALLO ®
  10. .BAREFOOT ®

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