Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Very few are in the .GREEN (new gTLDs)

This title sounds negative right? Well, in April 2017 one might be surprised to see that the .GREEN new gTLD is the only "color related" new gTLD to have more domain name registrations. All other extensions are in the red.

This is rather strange since domain name registration volumes for extensions such as the .RED new gTLD were extremely high: more than 300,000 in January 2017: 100,000 less today.

The .ORANGE new gTLD is a Trademark to have created a specific webpage for its ".orange" domain names with policies, etc...

The "colored" extensions are:
  1. .RED
  2. .BLUE
  3. .PINK
  4. .BLACK
  5. .GREEN
  6. .ORANGE ®
Anybody can register domain names in any of these extensions (but the ".orange") which brings a question: there are more colors and brown, violet, white and yellow were not submitted an application for.
Will there be new gTLD applications for:
  • .BROWN
  • .WHITE
...in the next new gTLD application round?

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