Monday, May 15, 2017

New gTLD Subsequent Procedures

Below are the action items and discussion notes captured by staff from the meeting on 15 May.

GDD Summit Recap
  • Held last week, Jeff Neuman and others were there;
  • GDD Summit is intended for contracted parties:
    • registries;
    • registrars;
    • consultants.
  • Many of the people are not members of this PDP WG (Working Group);
  • Some don't pay attention to policy processes and may not be aware of the work we are doing;
  • There are a number of contracted parties that would like to see a subsequent gTLD procedures sooner rather than later and wanted ICANN staff to set a date;
  • Not sure how realistic it is to set a date;
  • Comment by Akram Atallah: "There are a number of items that are gating items before we write any procedures, including whether it will be first come, first served";
  • Don't want to wait until the policy process is completely over before ICANN org starts to work on implementation processes;
  • Asked Akram if he could produce a list of the gating items could be so that we could consider them and in theory prioritize them;
  • Other subjects: application fees and whether there should be a refund of excess application fees; transitioning backend registries or assigning from one entity to another. Did not pertain to the RSP Program but there are some parallels;
  • GNSO Council could set a target date if they wanted to;
  • No policy decisions were made; it was just a forum for contracted parties to express their views. Everything will come back to the policy process. Nothing will happen without bringing it back to this WG;
  • From ICANN staff: Developing a list of items, but don't view them as gating items, just those that would be very helpful for implementation planning as to what the policy direction may be. For example, if it is first come, first served it could fundamentally affect how implementation is structured;
  • GDD Summit can provide an insight into the practical operational issues and concerns for contracted parties;
  • Of the 2 1/2 days of meetings there were maybe just a couple of hours on subsequent gTLD issues. Most time was spent discussing operational issues.
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