Wednesday, December 27, 2017

New gTLDs and Sports: blue or red?

Things seem "normal" with SPORT new gTLDs with slow growing registration figures but did you take a closer look? 

LOL: only ".coach" and ".fit"?
In fact, many TLDs stagnate or have very low registration figures. Only 4 TLDs kept receiving registrations and stick to the blue: .COACH - .FIT - .游戏 (.game) and .RUGBY. Note that we shall only keep the .RUGBY new gTLD from that list next year.

The .CLUB dream
In 2016, we added the .CLUB new gTLD to our list since there are many sport clubs. This is changing in 2018. When looking at what registration figures were in January 2017 and December, the TLD, in terms of domain name registrations, clearly is a path that every sport Registry would like to follow:  .CLUB gained 280,000 registrations in one year.

The .GAMES and .GOLF new gTLDs had a positive year too I would say.

Not positive for all
In the second place of this listing, we had the .RACING new gTLD which started the year with 140,000 registrations and which ended it with less than half of them. The second active sport TLD from Famous Four Media, the .CRICKET lost 1,000 registrations.

All sport TLDs listed from Dominion Registry lost registrations: the .YACHTS - .BOATS and .MOTORCYCLES have not yet passed the 150 registrations. Note that a new person was hired at the Registry to change all this ;-)
These TLDs are removed from the Sport new gTLD report in 2018 since they do not only represent a sport. It will be possible to follow up with the total of their registration figures in the "Multiple Registries" new gTLD report. 

The list of sport TLDs after had less registrations in December 2017 than what they had in January 2017: .RUN - .SKI - .FISH (removed in 2018) - .SOCCER - .SURF - .FUTBOL - .HORSE (removed) - .FISHING (removed) - .JUEGOS (removed) and .RODEO

Please remember that we are removing a certain number of TLDs from this report to focus on..."sports" in 2018. Click on "2018" in the report (down the page). 

The .SPORT new gTLD should normally launch in 2018. 

Check the full report here.

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