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Round 2 of new gTLDs: what will it cost?

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What is to be prepared prior to submitting your new gTLD application for the next Round of the ICANN new gTLD program?

This is a sum up of the offer I am building and which provides details on a number of things that future applicants should consider. This offer is based on the previous application round, which means that the pricing could change when the ICANN publishes its final version of the new Applicant Guidebook, and also when backend registry providers give more details about their new offer.
  1. CONSULTING: learn about new gTLDs and be explained costs, process, objections and mandatory service provider(s) involved in submitting a new gTLD application to the ICANN.
    Price: it can vary according to the chosen service provider. Consulting comes free for one year with the New gTLD SWOT Analysis below. Most providers charge for this.
  2. NEW GTLD SWOT ANALYSIS: investigate why you want to create your generic, community, geographic or dotBrand new gTLD application:
    1. The objective:
      1. What do you want to do: focus on your brand, sell domain names to all or to a specific community, “own a monopoly”, represent a city and sell domain names ending in its name, create your dotBrand and rent its personalized domain names?
      2. What are the possible scenarios for your new gTLD application: these are scenarios on how your dotBrand (.BRAND) application could be used or if the application concerned is a community or geographic one: who could the targets be, and how are they approached.
        Price: €2,850.00. Only Jovenet Consulting offers that option. This stydy helps prepare a project with an external eye: many lessons were learnt from the first round of the ICANN new gTLD program. It is now known “what works” and “what does not work”. The advantage of using Jovenet Consulting is its independence with no affiliation to any backend registry provider.
  3. WRITE OUT YOUR APPLICATION: once the project is validated internally and the ICANN has finalized the new gTLD Applicant Guidebook (“AGB”) for “Round 2”, it is time to prepare the ICANN form(s) so it is ready to enter the validation process. At this stage, external service providers such as the backend registry provider have been chosen in consultation with the future applicant. All providers have been selected and are mentioned in your application; they are part of your project and have a role in your project. For example, it is the backend registry provider who fills in the technical section of your application.
    1. Writing out the application (Jovenet Consulting): €20,000.00 (one shot).
    2. Backend Registry provider: $1.00 per year, up to $2.00 per domain name creation at the backend registry (requires to sign an agreement with the provider).
    3. ICANN Registry Fixed Fee: $25,000 per year ($6,250 per quarter).
    4. ICANN Registry-Level Transaction Fee: $0,25 per domain name per year when the total volume of domains created is below 50,000.
    5. Escrow service provider: to be determined (TBT) but up to $5,000 per year.
    6. Domain name abuse monitoring tool: TBT.
  4. SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION: the form is ready to be filled in the secured environment provided by the ICANN. At this stage, the applicant knows he is going to have to pay for submitting his application (reminder: in the first round of the ICANN new gTLD program, it cost $185.000,00). The procedure can be long and the sole objective is to be validated by the ICANN so the new top-level domain is “delegated”. At this stage, it becomes possible to create domain names.
    In the case of an objection, a string contention, government comments, a Registry Services Review Fee, a Dispute Resolution Filing Fee, or a Community Priority Evaluation Fee; an external provider takes the lead and extra costs are added. During the validation process, such situations can occur.
    1. TAS (TLD Application System): $5,000.00 (deposit deducted from the application fee).
    2. Application fee: $185,000.00
  5. LAUNCHING YOUR REGISTRY: there are two ways to proceed:
    1. A .BRAND type of application: the .BRAND type can create domain names ASAP without a specific launching periods;
    2. A Registry dedicated to selling domain names: it has to organize its launching so registered trademarks can take advantage of registering domain names prior to the general public.
Note that all ICANN prices are based on the first Round one of the ICANN new gTLD program and are submitted to change change. Note that I don’t have a problem with other providers to take advantage of my publications ;-)

(no worry, I am used to have my contents copied ;-)

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