Thursday, February 23, 2017

Amazon or Google for new gTLDs?

Google offered the world its tool to operate new gTLDs: it is a backend registry solution, named Nomulus. Google new gTLDs already use this solution.

AWS from Amazon
You might have noticed the massive communication around AWS (Amazon Web Services) where the communication focuses on promoting cloud solutions from Amazon. A new gTLD was even created for this: the .AWS domain name extension.

If Google made it clear that it still does not know if it will create a key-in-hand offer for .BRAND new gTLD applicants, what about Amazon?

Amazon did not build its TLDs with an internal solution, it has a backend registry provider and has not yet considered creating its own solution.

Potential .BRAND new gTLD applicants still think that it is too expensive to apply for their own domain name extension and a cheap/simple offer, just build for them, would seriously help. Lowering the price at ICANN...would help too.

So which service provider will come with that offer?

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The .RAP new gTLD

Many are familiar with the .MUSIC new gTLD which should launch...someday. For those interested, I think it is also important to inform that there are two three other new gTLDs related to music:
  1. The .HIPHOP new gTLD (1 960+ domains sold worldwide);
  2. The .COUNTRY new gTLD (1 470+ domains sold);
  3. The .DANCE new gTLD (5,240+ domains sold).
Kanye West
For a reason I still don't understand, when I think "Rap", I think of "Kanye West": for the quality of his Rap probably, but maybe also for his...eccentricity. His wife has probably something to do with this by the way. I also think about Birdman, Diddy, Dr. Dre, Jay Z and 50 Cent too.

A domain name extension is unique and whatever is said about them, each new gTLD application is a monopoly too.

2 reasons
There are two reasons why I believe that famous rappers would be successful applicants for the .RAP new gTLD:
  1. Eccentric people like uniqueness and a monopoly clearly answers that need of uniqueness: wouldn't a famous rapper want to be the only person to own the .RAP domain name extension for domain names such as www.birdman.rap or
    Another reason: can you imagine 50 Cent paying Jay Z to register the domain name "50cent.rap"? ;-)
  2. The first round of the ICANN new gTLD program clearly showed that new domain names are difficult to sell and to be able to sell, you clearly need a Dr .Dre to show off with a domain name ending in ".rap". Such famous rappers like Kayne West and Jay Z are famous enough to propagate such information. 
Good to know
  • "rap" is not prohibited by the ICANN to submit an application: it is no ISO 3166 alpha-3 code;
  • there was no application submitted in round one of the ICANN new gTLD program;
  • the RAP business is a multi-billion industry: can you imagine what a .RAP new gTLD would generate in terms of domain names sold?
We are in 2017 and round two of the next round of the ICANN new gTLD program shouldn't start (be announced?) before 2020, so there's still plenty of time to prepare a project...or just write this TLD on a list.

The .RAP new gTLD is "not" one the TLDs listed in my official list.

(but shush, I didn't say anything)

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New gTLDs: 3 conferences are coming

Let's talk .NYC : Thursday 23 February
Lets meet and talk tech, NYC, domains and auction. We have some great info on how .nyc is doing, what's coming next and much more. You can be investor, developer, fan or just curious about .nyc domain.

DomainX: Sunday 9 April
Since inception in 2014, DomainX™ has been a dedicated annual domain name conference with multiple yearly events across the globe to network, spread awareness and educate public about domain names and the industry.

Domaining Europe: Sunday 14 May
DomainingEurope is an event, where many Top Level Decision makers from the global Domain Industry meet,make Business and share new tendencies, tools and knowledge.

More dates to be announced in coming Newsletters.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

4 years to delegate the .AFRICA new gTLD

On the 13th of June 2012 was published the list of new gTLD applicants who submitted an application for a new generic Top-Level Domains. Check down this page to find the list. One might be surprised to see that there was one application only on that list...but in fact, there were two. The second applicant made a mistake submitting its application and applied for the ".DOTAFRICA" new gTLD instead (see below in the list). This issue was solver later one.

Almost 5 years to launch a TLD
I stopped following the different legal procedures a long ago since it was unclear what really happened and to be honest...what a waste of time and money. What to remember:

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