Tuesday, March 28, 2017

New domains won’t get cheaper: really?

I just read another negative article about new gTLDs and, if I admit that I did not read it until the end (long articles are rarely read until the end), I think it can be a good read on the SEO part.

The title is wrong
New gTLDs (and we are talking about "new domain names" here, not "new domain name extensions" ("new gTLDs" stands for "new generic Top-Level Domains" = first level domain = the domain name extension = different from the second level domain name which comes right before the last dot in a domain name. Got it? ;-)
But let's just not focus on a title but on the content of the article which seems to explain why new domain names "are going not going to be cheaper".

The story
The title is wrong because another registry just announced the opposite for its list of domain name extensions.

In the beginning of March 2017, a multiple Registry announced a price increase (read "Is this a death spiral for new top level domain names?") which caused many domain name investors to criticize that move: when you have purchased domain names, it is the registry who decides about the price. The registrar HAS to follow. He is the one to tell his client - the domain name investor - that he will have to pay more. So this is negative for everybody and in particular for the person to renew the domain names.

The reality
Very recently, another "multiple registry" (a company to operate several new gTLDs), announced the opposite: a serious price decrease. Boston Ivy is specialized in financial domain name extensions (".FOREX" - ".BROKER" - ".MARKETS" - ".TRADING") and published this:
  1. domain ending in ".broker": legacy price = $500. New price = $20
  2. domain ending in ".forex": legacy price = $1,000. New price = $30
  3. domain ending in ".markets": legacy price = $40. New price = $10
  4. domain ending in ".trading": legacy price = $50. New price = $12
Why investing now is a good move
So yes...domain investors can keep investing in legacy ".com" domain names at huge prices but targeting financial TLDs, in particular when there are so few domain names registered, can be a good move and the reason is simple: short and generic domain names - the most valuable domain names when it comes to investing in domain names - are available to register.

The announcement is available here.

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Friday, March 24, 2017

How to use my .BRAND extension?

This is a question that comes back often as many ".BRAND" new gTLD applicants have submitted an expensive application to the ICANN to operate their personalized domain name extension but... they still don't know what to do with it.

What do other applicants do with their ".BRAND" ?
The DOT BRAND Observatory answers that question with a certain number of case figures. Learn more from other .BRAND new gTLD applicants:
  • .CITIC
  • .FAGE
  • .DNP
  • .JCB
  • .SEAT
  • .SENER
  • .WEIR
Check the case studies here.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The .HEALTH Sunrise Period

The .HEALTH new gTLD (for domain names ending in ".health", instead of ".com") now has a date for its Sunrise Period:
  • START: Monday, 8 May, 2017 - 16:00;
  • END: Friday, 7 July, 2017 - 16:00.
What does the application say about .HEALTH:
“Health” is the general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigor. As a global society, health is a measure of soundness of body, mind or being. Health can mean freedom from disease or ailment. Virtually everywhere in the world, and across many stakeholder segments, health is a major contributor to the economy and serves as a leading and influential indicator for measuring any one country or territory’s economic and societal strengths and weaknesses against others. Throughout the world, people rate health one of their highest priorities and concerns. Whether these are mental, physical, economic or social, these concerns are commonly linked to education and literacy, food and nutrition, fitness and exercise, medicines and therapies, environment and nature, technology and innovation, insurance and employment, for professional research and others.
The detailed explanation is rather long so I suggest to read the rest of it here (download the application then).

All dates for the Sunrise Period (and after) can be found at the Trademark Clearinghouse. Official website of the Registry is: https://get.health/. To register your domain name, check for an accredited Registrar to participate in the Sunrise Period.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Registry announces new pricing

Boston Ivy is pleased to announce competitive wholesale pricing for domain name registrations, renewals and transfers as follows.

Prices have dropped:
  1. .BROKER domain names: price was $500,00. Now: $20,00
  2. .FOREX domain names: price was $1,000,00Now: $30,00
  3. .MARKETS domain names: price was $40,00. Now: $10,00
  4. .TRADING domain names: price was $50,00. Now: $12,00
See: www.bostonivy.co for details.

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Friday, March 17, 2017

People hate new gTLDs: the truth

Honorable Rick Schwartz is a domainer a domain name investor and has no lesson to receive in terms of buying and reselling domain names. Note that domain name investing has nothing to do with cybersquatting: it is today a very serious job and some successful investors are able to earn thousands of dollars.Some new domain names are sometimes sold for more than $100,000.00...just for one single name.

We all read complaints about new domain names from the ICANN new gTLD programs and I believe this post from M. Schwartz explains part of it, if not all.

New domain names are offering something new and I agree here that the market is being flooded, sometimes creating confusion but - as a person to keep a very close eye on the new gTLD world and its evolution - I also noticed that the major part of those who keep complaining that "new gTLDs are failing"..are the one involved in reselling ".com" domain names: a value which is being lowered due to the high volume of new domain names released to the market. I understand the frustration but new gTLDs were not created for speculators.

Some domainers thought that investing in new generic second level domains would make them earn fast cash. Unfortunately, this will take longer to happen since there are now so many new domain name extensions. I personally invested in "newsletter.tokyo" and "newsletter.ski"

The funny thing is that registry who recently announced an increase of his prices to remain profitable (taking registrants to pay a higher price), and some to conclude that the entire new gTLD program was a failure due to this: did you look around who is complaining? I did.
In the end...very few are.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Communication agencies and ".BRANDs"

What is the job of a communication agency but to help other companies with their communication?

New gTLDs belong to communication
At least, it is what I thought until I noticed that - as an independent new gTLD consultant - I started to receive more calls from communication agencies with that question:
"M. Guillon, we receive a question about creating a domain name extension and we would require your help to answer our client."
"M. Guillon, our clients asked about creating his extension and we have no clue what he is talking about, can you please help us so we don't look like idiots?"
I am often amazed to note that communication agencies don't really worry about domain names when I am able to tell a customer with a new project: "if the domain name you want to register is taken, then consider changing the name of your company or your Trademark". And I do not necessarily refer to new domain names from the ICANN new gTLD program here.
A domain name is where it all starts for a company on Internet so "yes": we're talking about serious communication here because what follows is a sound in someone's mouth, a domain name written on a visit card; on paper press: it is what readers will try to remember to find a company's website on Internet.

Communication agencies don't know about ".BRANDs"
Who, more than communication experts, want to deliver innovation to their client? As a new gTLD expert with a degree in marketing and communication, I strongly think that communication specialists need to be educated, and I don't mean to be "trained" here but educated first: the first step is to comprehend what a ".BRAND" domain name extension can bring to a Trademark instead of leaving it with just a "hey it's too expensive".

There are plenty of reasons why a .BRAND new gTLD can benefit to a Trademark or a company (precision, branding, SEO with generic domains, control of the security, identity...) but isn't one of best selling point to own a personalized domain name extension, the possibility to initiate TODAY, the online future of a company?

Existing ".BRAND" new gTLD applicants
Many have had their extension since 2014 but they don't use it. We are in 2017 and the next round of the ICANN new gTLD program won't start before 2020 (more or less): isn't it time to initiate a strategy to be in place when competition starts from scratch in the next application round of the ICANN new gTLD program? A .BRAND personalized domain name extension is an opportunity to get years ahead the competition but it requires...to start...to be in place on time.

I checked the list of the FRENCH new gTLD applicants and few .BRANDs use their extension. I feel they miss an opportunity to become a game changer: in the travel industry in particular when -  and this is just one example - so many geographic domain names could be used! Do communication agencies only know how a .BRAND can be used? And if they don't, isn't it time?

No need to replace the existing
A .BRAND does not necessarily require to change it all and replace the existing strategy (when there is one). It first requires to sit behind a table, check which scenarios can be put in place, what the objectives of a company are and where does that company wants to be in 5 to 10 years: at the exact same place facing the exact same online communication problems as its competitors, or a few years ahead having demonstrated strong innovation?

Looking forward to innovate? Talk to Jovenet Consulting.

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