Thursday, July 28, 2016

Innovation in the new gTLD space? (in French)

Si le registre reste le point de départ de tout nom de domaine, ne peut-il pas en plus devenir un point focal de l’industrie qu’il convoite ? Un carrefour de la communauté qu’il représente ? 

Dans ce contexte, ne peut-il pas proposer au titulaire une valeur ajoutée supplémentaire au nom de domaine et proposer l’enregistrement de son site Internet dans un annuaire des utilisateurs de son extension?

Rappelons que le registre est aussi propriétaire de la base de données des titulaires et que cela ne représente pas un problème de s’adresser à eux.

Un annuaire des utilisateurs d’une même extension est un projet facile à réaliser, mais d'autres idées peuvent également être mises en oeuvre. Le registre propriétaire du ".email" ne pourrait-il pas par exemple proposer une solution d’email cryptés et celui du ".directory" une solution d’annuaire?

Lire l'article complet dans le Journal Du Net.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Resolving the .WEB / .WEBS contention set

Today is the day of the .WEB new gTLD auction and numbers will probably be published tonight or tomorrow. There 2 good reads today: "New gTLD .WEB "Last Resort" ICANN Auction: and the Winner Is" and "Inside the High Stakes Auction for .WEB.

  1. Geographical Review - A Global Approach to the Spatial Diversity and Dynamics of Internet Domains;
  2. Official page for the .WEB new gTLD auction;
  3. New gTLDs' health explained;
  4. Good read - New gTLD .WEB "Last Resort" ICANN Auction: and the Winner Is?
  5. No surprise - The EBU is proud to have been delegated the .RADIO Community Top Level Domain name (TLD) by the ICANN;
  6. Happening today - The .WEB new gTLD auction;
  7. New Registration Data Directory Services Requirements for gTLD Registries, Registrars to Take Effect in February 2017;
  8. Update - Independent Review of Trademark Clearinghouse Services Draft Report;
  9. HOT - Inside the High Stakes Auction for .WEB;
  10. Poll - How much will .WEB sell for?
  11. Registration volumes:
    1. New gTLDs related to SPORT;
    2. New gTLDs related to ALCOHOL;
    3. New gTLDs related to REAL ESTATE.
  12. Google - How google handles Top-Level Domains;
  13. Domain name market in China: a piece of gem buried in a .club presentation;
  14. Donuts .web claims “discredited”, ICANN tells court;
  15. Official - "The Court concludes that Plaintiff is not entitled to the injunctive relief it seeks. The Court therefore denies the Application for TRO";
  16. ICANN reveals little use of gTLD sunrise periods at TMCH.
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Monday, July 25, 2016

New gTLD applicant sues ICANN

The ICANN recently rejected a request to postpone the .WEB new gTLD auction. This time, one of the multiple applicants concerned by the auction sues the ICANN for lack of investigation on auction rival.

  1. Six new gTLDs were just delegated:
    1. The .DUNS new gTLD
    2. .MSD (added to the HEALTH new gTLD report)
    3. .BOOKING
    4. .AMFAM
    5. .ESURANCE
    6. .CITADEL (added to the FINANCE new gTLD report)
  2. Registration volumes:
    1. New gTLDs related to CITIES;
    2. New gTLDs related to CATERING;
    3. New gTLDs related to PHOTOGRAPHY (the .SONY new gTLD has entered the report).
  3. Interesting - What was done with the highest selling new gTLD domains; 
  4. French - .BIBLE : Deus ex machina?
  5. Paid add (see Twitter link) to promote .VACATIONS domain names;
  6. Getting Paid $10 To List Your Names?
  7. Colin Campbell and Jeff Sass: speakers at The Domain Conference;
  8. HOT - Donuts files $10 million lawsuit to stop .WEB new gTLD auction;
  9. Review - IANA Transition and ICANN Corruption (capture and control).
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Friday, July 22, 2016

More and more new gTLDs are delegated

You probably noticed that many new gTLDs are (and keep) being delegated during the holidays. According to each new delegation,we add gTLDs to the right report. The .SWIFTCOVER new gTLD was added to the CARS report and the awaited .DOCTOR was added to the HEALTH report. The .LUNBECK (a Trademark) just has its first domain name registration listed.
The Generic new gTLD report (see link below) was updated to day and we are happy to see that the .INTERNATIONAL new gTLD receives more registrations than previous weeks before.

  1. Registration volumes:
    1. HOT - Generic new gTLDs with a potential to replace ".com" domains;
    2. New gTLDs related to HEALTH;
    3. New gTLDs related to CARS;
  2. dotBrand - Barclays new domain name strategy and operations decrypted;
  3. COOL - data on domain growth: geographic top level domains are more popular than IDNs, at least in terms of registration volume;
  4. The .WEB auction goes ahead after ICANN denies new gTLD applicant's appeal;
  5. Article - 8 companies saying yes to new gTLDs;
  6. dotBrand - New gTLD benchmarks: how do your brands compare?
  7. Nine new gTLDs were delegated:
    1. the .DUCK new gTLD (nothing to do with the animal);
    2. .RAID (nothing to do with the French Police élite forces);
    3. .SWIFTCOVER (added to report)
    5. .IEEE
    6. .OFF
    7. .DOCTOR (added to report)
    9. .TIAA
  8. ICANN Publishes gTLD Statistics and Trends Report, Asks for Community Feedback;
  9. If you missed a new gTLD newsletter,they are archived at
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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What should the role of a new gTLD Registry be?

We are preparing an article on the kind a role a new gTLD applicant should have for the community it has decided to represent. DotBrand new gTLDs are not concerned but generics are. It will be published in French first and adapted to English. There is a lot of innovation that we rarely find with new Registries. We will present what we believe is the real role of a Registry.

  1. HOT - The owner of multiple new gTLD applications was acquired by another company;
  2. Branding - What factors did you consider before choosing for your brand?
  3. Registration volumes:
    1. New gTLDs related to ALCOHOL;
    2. New gTLDs related to REAL ESTATE;
    3. COOL - New gTLDs related to SPORT.
  4. Facilitating a Trusted Web Space for Financial Service Professionals;
  5. Revised Report on DNS Abuse and New gTLD Program Safeguards Now Available;
  6. 52 new TLD sales over $5,000;
  7. Donuts and Radix still miffed over .Web applicant;
  8. New gTLD Breakdown according to Verisign (Registry of ".com" domain names);
  9. Release of Country and Territory Names within the .SOFTBANK, .ART and .CARAVAN TLDs;
  10. gTLD Marketplace Health Index (Beta): Call for Comments;
  11. Three new gTLDs were just delegated:
    1. the .LPL
    2. the .LPLFINANCIAL
    3. the .BESTBUY
  12. Getting a handle on spam emanating from generic top-level domains.
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Monday, July 18, 2016

Is The Future of Norman in .YOUTUBE ?

Most French know who Norman and Cyprien are. They are two funny persons doing funny videos on YouTube. They are a lot to do this on Internet actually, so in fact, this post is for anybody who has a big audience (page views) on YouTube.

If I personally like both of them, I need to select one of them for my example below so I'll use...Norman.

The ".YOUTUBE" extension
The .YOUTUBE new gTLD, from Google, was delegated in August 2014. At the moment, it is still not really in use and Google gives no info about its plans for its new domain name extensions. I found a "" indexed in Google but it does not point to anything.

Question 18(a)
The question 18(a) of the ICANN new gTLD application is informative and sometimes gives an idea of the Registry's future plan to develop its domain name extension. Here is what the application says:
The proposed gTLD will introduce a dedicated Internet space in which select YouTube channel providers can link to the content hosted on their respective YouTube page.

Question 18(b)

Point 18.b.i.1 says:
Charleston Road Registry (Google) intends to apply for an exemption to ICANN’s Registry Operator Code of Conduct and operate the proposed gTLD with Google as the sole registrar and registrant.
This means that Google will own all domain names.

But point 18.b.ii.2 also says:
The .youtube gTLD will provide select registrants with the opportunity to differentiate their YouTube video offerings from other media distribution services by virtue of its branded gTLD.
It remains unclear how Google will select third parties to be allowed to use ".youtube" domains but ...

...Point 18.b.ii.3 says:
The concentration of Internet users seeking digital video content in the .youtube gTLD space, moreover, will likely invite user comparison among second-level domain sites, encouraging second-level domain registrant content innovation as a point of differentiation.
This is to me a clear sign that the future of ".youtube" domain names is to become available to anybody having a YouTube page.

Point 18.b.iv confirms that:
Given the proposed limited scope and use of the gTLD, Charleston Road Registry believes that there is a reasonable case for such an exemption. Should ICANN not condone this proposed exemption, Charleston Road Registry will make access to Registry Services, including the shared registration system, available to all ICANN-accredited registrars.
Google keeps repeating that it will be sole Registrant (sole owner of ".youtube" domain names) but then, why add things like: "Charleston Road Registry will attempt to prevent the misuse of WHOIS data for improper purposes such as spam, intellectual property theft or phishing." or "Google will follow ICANN rules for attributions of trademarked second-level domains and will offer other protections for trademark owners, including but not limited to an extended Trademark Claims Service of indefinite length"?

What does it mean for Norman and Cyprien?
If it is totally impossible to say when this happens, it is possible to give an idea of what it means for end users with audience.

Norman posts his videos on an ultra long and ugly URL. People visit to watch his shows so...would Norman become a "selected content distributor", and would he own a Trademark (or not), he might be able to use a domain name. Nicer isn't it?

Singer 50Cent to choose a .CLUB domain name for his Fan Club.