Friday, October 21, 2016

Signs from .BRAND new gTLD applicants

We long shared on what kind of a front page would .BRAND new gTLD applicants use. Very recently the Saxo Nank announced changing its website to I also noticed the website which seems to be its front page too.

Two questions:
Question 1: where's the front door?The problem with .BRAND new gTLDs is that owning an entire new gTLD can confuse readers: which website is the is the front page? "In the past", brands often communicated on one single domain name, not several ones. With BRAND new gTLDs, this is changing and we are entering a new era: using the same front page for all .BRAND new gTLDs makes sense and "home.brand" seems to become an option.

Question 2: what does "home" mean?Standardization is the key for end users to understand - and this is going to take time - that a homepage also starts with "home.", instead of a word to which is added a ".com" domain name extension.
If "home" makes sense for users who read English, it does not necessary make sense for a French reader and you'd certainly not want French .BRAND new gTLDs to adopt the translation of "home" because I cannot really imagine a http://maison.loreal or

This is an interesting exercise to try to find the right entry point (name) to .BRAND front pages. I believe multiple front pages in different languages can be a way to do this.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016


I remember reading the list of freshly published new gTLD applications on the ICANN website in 2012. Checking the list, I found a .AND new gTLD: a prohibited string since "and" is an ISO 3 code, the kind of 3 letters TLD prohibited by the new gTLD applicant guidebook. The application came from Google and since then I thought: who in the world has enough money but Google to submit a $185,000 application for something that is prohibited? At the time, it really pissed me off because I lacked so much money to participate in this first round of the ICANN new gTLD program alone.

Today: Google announces "Nomulus"
Reading between the lines of this blog post, I have questions:
  • who is going to take advantage of this? Registrars for future new gTLD applicants?
  • what about existing back-end registry providers? Isn't this going to cause trouble for round 2 of the ICANN new gTLD program?
  • Doesn't this mean that prices are going to drop?
  • Isn't the future of launching a new gTLD the same as we register a domain name today? ;-)
  • Is Ben McIlwain going to receive a lot of emails in the next few days?
  • Is Google going to announce its new gTLD offer for Round two of the ICANN new gTLD program?
  • Do I want to do the promotion of his offer?
Google demonstrates here, once again, its capacity to understand the market. I then predict more .BRAND new gTLD applications in Round 2. Kudos Google.

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Monday, October 17, 2016

2 new gTLDs are dropping domain names

The food and beverage TLDs .REST and .BAR will release over 20,000 previously unavailable domains, including valuable keywords, geographics, numerics and category killers, for general registration through accredited registrars on October 19. At least 50% of the new name pool will be made available at standard pricing while names like,,,, and will follow a tiered premium pricing model.

The release will be made exclusively available to registrars integrated with CentralNic, the registry’s technical backend provider.

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Friday, October 14, 2016

New domains acquired by companies

I just read an interesting report focusing on how new domain names (from the ICANN new gTLD program) are used with SEO ("Search Engine Optimization") and it clearly shows that ranking high in Google is not important for ".com" registrants only. For example, 880 domain names from the .CLUB registry are the most visited worldwide in a list of 1 million, this number is increasing (check the report in French). With this in mind, I start to see more and more reports showing that Brands do acquire domain names for their own use and not just to protect these. It is the case for:
  • Huge list of .CLUB domains acquired by companies.
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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The .RESULT new gTLD

Yesterday's post generated a funny reaction: I received two answers related to my client's request to acquire a new gTLD and I am following-up on this. I also received A LOT of offers from domainers trying to sell their domain names. Sorry for this confusion.
A new gTLD is a new "domain name extension", not a "domain name", we also use these wordings:
  • "first level domain";
  • "TLD";
  • "Top-Level Domain";
  • "new generic Top-Level domain".
I sign NDAs for anybody who wants to discuss selling its Top-Level Domain(s) so feel free to send them to me.

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Singer 50Cent to choose a .CLUB domain name for his Fan Club.