Friday, January 20, 2017

.BRAND new gTLDs: vive la France

200 .BRAND new gTLD applications.

It is the recent number I was given by a major law firm in regard to the number of French companies which could be interested in acquiring their own new domain name extension. Of course, this does not mean that 200 french companies will apply but it gives an idea of how many more people are interested in understanding what it takes and what they could do with their .BRAND new gTLD.

For this reason, and also because Jovenet Consulting is a French company based in Paris, our website was translated into French. A few things like the page listing our publications in French and English are missing but these will be added in a close future. We appreciate your feedback on content and possible small mistakes.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New gTLDs at Namescon

NamesCon is a conference dedicated to domaining: how to sell domain names, how to buy domain names...and of course, new domain names from the ICANN new gTLD program are a subject today. Let's not forget that the objective of registries, registrars and domain name investors is to sell domain names.

The interesting thing about this kind of conferences is that they tend to become more and more popular and the image domain name investors had in the past is changing today. Let's be honest: how were domainers considered before the launching of new gTLDs? ;-)

With the arrival of new gTLDs, I feel these conferences generate more interest. The example I like to use here is the presence of "institutions" from the new gTLD business in these conferences. Did you expect so see the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (the ICANN) to attend and talk at these conferences? It is a reality today.

Another sign that investing in domain names is becoming natural is the presence of major players from the industry: registries get to these conferences to promote strong added value domain names called "Premium" domains. Even backend registries attend to explain how to invest in new gTLDs. Did you notice: the speech is evolving from investing in domain names to...investing in new domain name extensions!

Conferences I would attend on the NamesCon 2017 Agenda:
  1. Monday, January 23rd:
    1. Investing in New TLDs - Making Money in the Short and Long Term, 2:00pm - 2:45pm.
      Join Rightside and a panel of industry experts to discuss strategies for investing in gTLDs and where they see the opportunities are going forward.
  2. Tuesday, January 24th:
    1. Five Facts that Will Change the Domain Game in 2017, 11:00am - 11:45am.
      24 days have already gone through in 2017 – but the new Domain year will bring five significant changes. In this session two true experts will explain what awaits you in 2017.
    2. China Masterclass, 12:00pm - 12:45pm.
      No one can deny that China made a huge impact on the domain industry in the last two years. A panel of industry experts will discuss the latest changes to this enormous and complex market and help us understand the important differences between the Chinese and 'Western' world of domains.
    3. HOT - Will Branded TLDs Impact the Marketplace in 2017 and Beyond? 2:00pm - 2:45pm.
      In 2016 we saw the initial roll out of the strategies for many of the world’s largest companies using their .brand Top Level Domains. Why are these companies doing this and what is the value proposition in moving away from the well-known .com digital footprints? Is this just a fad or are we witnessing a change to domain name branding for the future?
  3. Wednesday, January 25th:
    1. DNS Industry SWOT Analysis, 2017 Edition, 9:30am - 9:55am.
      Scaling the Internet’s TLD space from 22 top-level domains to hundreds, and one day potentially thousands is a game-changer on many levels. Akram Atallah, President of ICANN’s Global Domains Division, will sit with Christian Dawson, Executive Director of i2Coalition, to discuss developments within the evolving DNS industry including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
    2. India Masterclass, 11:00am - 11:45am.
      While India has a low internet penetration rate of 19% it is close to replacing the US as the 2nd largest market with almost 300 million internet users. With more than 50 million new users per year, India cannot be ignored. Find out what makes this unique nation tick.
    3. A Look Ahead at New TLDs, 11:00am - 11:45am.
    4. Look forward and anticipate the prosperity and growth of TLDs for existing and future launches. Utilizing experiences and insight from current cases into the next round and beyond.
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    1. The .ECO Sunrise Period;
    2. The .BROADWAY Sunrise Period.
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  10. .BRAND new gTLDs: release of Country and Territory Names;
  11. Analyzing new top level domain registrations by country (Part 2).

Friday, January 13, 2017

.BROADWAY and .ECO new gTLDs

The Trademark Clearinghouse just announced two more Sunrise Periods:
  1. The .BROADWAY Sunrise Period has already begun:
    • STARTED: Wednesday, 4 January, 2017 - 16:00;
    • ENDS: Sunday, 5 March, 2017 - 16:00.
  2. The .ECO Sunrise Period:
    • STARTS: Wednesday, 1 February, 2017 - 16:00;
    • ENDS: Sunday, 2 April, 2017 - 16:00.
The place for .ECO domain names.
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    1. Consider smarter domains;
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  6. What happens when a startup brands around a name without the domain?
  7. Cross-Community Working Group on new gTLD Auction Proceeds;
  8. "What we thought in 2014": the video below is dated 2014 and answers why protective domain registrations in new gTLDs would not protect your brand;
  9. DCA files for ANOTHER .AFRICA injunction;
  10. Question to CEO of KS Registry: what are your thoughts on the new TLDs?
  11. 6 Sunrise Periods are ending:
    1. .書籍 (book);
    2. .ストア (store);
    3. .食品 (food);
    4. .ファッション (fashion);
    5. .家電 (consumer electronics);
    6. .クラウド (cloud).
  12. Top 10 Geographic new gTLDs;
  13. Multiple Domains: Embracing the value of new TLDs;
  14. Universal Acceptance: what is ahead.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

6 Sunrise Periods are ending

Six Sunrise Periods will end in January the 31st, 2017. The domain name extensions concerned are IDNs (internationalized domain name):
  1. .書籍 (book);
  2. HOT - .ストア (store);
  3. .食品 (food);
  4. .ファッション (fashion);
  5. .家電 (consumer electronics);
  6. .クラウド (cloud).
Examples of a domain name using an IDN extension:
For more information about Sunrise Periods, check the Trademark Clearinghouse calendar. All domain name extensions belong to applicant Amazon Registry Services, Inc.

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