Sunday, September 28, 2008

.WINE or .VIN ?

So: “.wine” or “.vin” ?

Who’s going to be the fisrt to launch the .wine?
Want to participate ? Read more on the ICANN participation forum

Should such extension remain in Bordeaux - France: wine’s capital?

Just for Bordeaux, figures are already impressive:
13 000 wine growers,
9 380 vineyards,
400 traders,
160 countries where to export,
130 brokers,
60 cooperatives,
57 AOC,
…and how many brands and famous names...

Now counting worldwide, this is a lot of domain names!

According to the new information available online, the average investment to launch a new TLD is around $500 000 dollars with a non refundable fee of $50 000.

For a price of $20/domain name sold during a Landrush, this represents 25 000 domain names to sell.Did I forget to mention the price of a Sunrise is far higher than a Landrush?And…did I also forget to mention each domain name is to be renewed once a year?
Based on these figures, it should take less than 2 years to reach profitability.

Lucrative isn’t it?

So, is France going to be the first one to INVEST and keep our Cultural “Patrimoine” in the country?

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