Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Launching new platform and recruiting authors - Jean Guillon

Publishing on this new website will be free.

Find below what my request is for new authors who wish to publisher here and what I offer in return.

What authors get:

  1. Your article will be posted by myself in the "New generic Top-Level Domains (new gTLDs)" group on LinkedIn (journalists, applicants, law firms, registrars, back-end registries, IP departments, domain name portfolio managers, registrants, etc). The link to your article will be seen by its 1500+ subscribers. I receive a lot of content everyday and now need to select what is published and what is not: writing here is a guarantee to increase your visibility to the new gTLD community.
    The group :
  2. The link to your article will be posted on, sent in its Newsletter and also made available in its Newsfeed.
  3. Your article will be:
    1. Twitted by Jean Guillon;
    2. Posted  in Viadeo (when written in French);
    3. Posted in Google+
  4. Your article will be announced on my personal blog, on
  5. Your logo (240x50 px in .PNGand hyperlink to your website will be added on the frontpage of this website until I create a dedicated page for this kind of promotion.

What I request for posting here:

  1. Your content must be about new gTLDs (please avoid bad auto-promo);
  2. One post/article per month;
  3. 400 words minimum;
  4. Exclusivity on your article during the first week of publication (5 days). It means you should wait for five days before you post it somewhere else on Internet. I will check prior to authorizing a publication;
  5. Play the game :-)

What you can post here:

  • Announcement of a new gTLD project (ie : in round 2);
  • Any announcement a new gTLD service provider plans to post on his website (please respect the 5 days delays);
  • Announcements for new platforms, service providers, law firms, TMCH agents and their specificity, etc...
  • Articles about new gTLDs written by law firms prior to posting them on their website;
  • Good new gTLD content;
  • That Press Releases you submit your PR service provider to and who, in return for your payment will have it read by gentlemen gardeners (...)

What you can't post here:

  • "I sell my .WHATEVER domain names".

What to do now?

To become an author, contact me with your request and what you plan to write about. I will send you an invitation to become a new "author". For this, you will need to register on (if you are already registered in Worpress, you will just need to accept my invitation to become an author on this website).

.BRAND new gTLD Reports are updated once a month: CLICK HERE !