Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The new gTLD info for Tuesday, May 24th

Today, I noticed interesting moves withing the financial industry (from a "new gTLD" point of view). In our new gTLD report related to FINANCE, we do not list generic Top-Level Domains only, we also list ".brand" new gTLD applicant domain name registration volumes. It means that some Trademarks applied for their own domain name extension: we also call them ".BRANDs" or "dotbrands". In our report, we have listed them with a little "®" sign so they are easy to identify.
In this week's report (see week 21):
  1. The .BLOOMBERG new gTLD has now 120 new domain name registrations (73 last week);
  2. The .FOREX has 84 (54 the two previous weeks before);
  3. The .PICTET has 76 (29 the previous week);
  4. The .CFA has now 52 (only 4 last week);
  5. The .NADEX has 51 (only 2 last week).
When a ".brand" new gTLD starts to register so many domain names, it is often the sign that the strategy is finalized and the Trademark really starts to deploy its domain names.

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