Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Why is .CLUB Succeeding ?

Value the Channel
There is an existing market ecosystem and channel in the registrars who will add or subtract from a TLD’s launch success and longevity. .CLUB is being a good partner for registrars by making it easy to partner, not require special registration policies and not creating channel conflicts that discourage registrar adoption and promotion.
Registrars of course are motivated by profit. They make money by selling lots of competitively priced domains where there is demand and better than average successful queries and purchases. Combine that with healthy margin opportunity with a low cost retail TLD and you have the winning formula.

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Demystifying Premium Domain Names

For the purpose of this article it is not necessary to concentrate too much on defining what a Premium domain name is and what it is useful for: all that we need to know is simple, a premium domain name is often a memorable generic name, short or medium in length and highly valuable due to its relevance in search. However, when it comes to finding out how to register a premium domain name then it becomes much more difficult because you won't necessarily know where to go. I decided to focus on one Registry to demystify the premium names conundrum.

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.WINE : the Congress of the US wrote to ICANN

"I hope that the applicants for .wine and .vin are able to reach agreement with interested parties on Public Interest Commitments (PIC) Speciñcations that adequately protect Geographic Indications (GIS) for wine growing regions in my district and across the world from cybersquatting and other activities that could have unnecessary negative repercussions on the wine industry. However, if interested parties are unable to reach an agreement over the next several months, I urge you to withhold granting the .wine and .vin gTLDs to any applicant".
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Just in case: What is The Trademark Clearinghouse?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New gTLD Auctions : where are we?

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New gTLD Community Priority Evaluation : where are we?

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New gTLD String Contention : where are we?

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New gTLDs : where are we?

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Need to register new domain names in Bulk?

Bulk domains up to 30% off!...and receive up to 30% discount ? GoDaddy is offering this promotion during the next 164 days. Using this link will let you register domain names in bulk and receive a reduction prior to paying online.


Register "in Bulk" is a good  way to register many domain names at the same time and pay less. Such options are often allowed at retail Registrars and should be requested at Corporate Registrars. Another good reason to register domain names in Bulk is to renew them at the same date. It is possible to register up to 500 new domain names at the same time, one per line during the registration process.

Why all dotBrands need to be a part of the Brand Registry Group (BRG)

The Brand Registry Group’s (BRG) mission as per their website ( is to represent the common interest of their members, to be recognised as an essential stakeholder by ICANN, to champion policies that enhance security, stability and trust of the Internet users, to explain why .brand type registries aid in enhancing consumer protection and a thriving digital economy, to deliver consumer protection in e-commerce and branded spaces through the promotion of secure, stable and trusted platforms. Honestly what more could a dotBrand applicant want in this unknown digital development.
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Comment financer sa nouvelle extension Internet?

La question peut surprendre pourtant c’est la première que se sont posés les candidats qui ont bien compris tout l’intérêt de devenir Registre. Notez qu’il n’est pas ici question d’emprunter de l’argent ou de se lancer dans un schéma complexe d’investissement, non…c’est bien plus simple et … assez malin.

Cela parait trop simple n’est-ce pas? Non car rien n‘interdit à une ville de lancer un programme Pionnier avant même de soumettre sa candidature. Rien ne l’empêche non plus de bloquer un certain nombre de noms de domaine génériques si toutefois ceux-ci correspondent à des critères bien précis comme par exemple, ne pas être une marque déposée. Rien n'empêche une ville de demander aux intéressés, en amont, quels sont les noms de domaine qu'ils souhaiteraient acquérir…

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Monday, May 19, 2014

New gTLDs Will Work Way Better Than Vanity Domains Did

Now, new gTLDs are coming ...

Taking those as examples, one will notice that it is just a matter of "saying something" and not sticking to the norm. When the norm was mainly made of .COM .NET and other sponsored TLDs, the minor ones, often in need of innovation to drive registrations in their TLDs encouraged Registrants into to registering "vanity domains". Today, new domain names are here to replace them.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Are “International TLDs” the key to a successful Registry?

That is quite possible as the results of the recent .CLUB launching show that it generated a lots of interest in a short period of time. The .CLUB registry is now number 3 on the list of most registered domain names with 37 806 domains registered and .EMAIL is in position 6 (source

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.WINE and .VIN : "la politique de l'Autruche"

All parties following the .WINE & .VIN Opera already know about the latest ICANN publication (see the link below). Let's hope we have a decision from the board starting June 3, 2014:

"... In response, the NGPC accepted that GAC advice and directed ICANN Staff not to commence the contracting process for the applications for .WINE and .VIN for 60 days. That 60-day hold period, which expires June 3, 2014, was implemented by the NGPC to “provide additional time for the relevant impacted parties to negotiate, which they are encouraged to do.”

ICANN encourages all interested parties to use the 60-day hold period to continue to negotiate and seek common ground and hopes that these efforts will result in improved outcomes to all parties
ICANN update

Hints and Solution for the Protection of Wine Geographical Indications in the ICANN New gTLD Program:

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New gTLDs : 3 recent posts on

 I recently posted three articles on
  1. New gTLDs which will not proceed;
  2. TRS launches Website store for .Luxury Top-Level Domain
  3. Is the future of .BRAND TLDs to be registered just like a domain name (with Godaddy)?
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Monday, May 12, 2014

Letter from Keith Besgrove (Australian Government) regarding the new gTLD applications for .WINE and .VIN

"The Australian Government is concerned that proposals being put forward for additional conditions could unduly limit the legitimate use of GI-related terms, and unfairly restrict access to online avenues of trade. Domain names themselves are not GIs, and terms relating to GIs can legitimately be used as part of a domain name for a range of purposes. For example, the term champagne is recognised as a GI in Australia and, as a result, sparkling wine made in Australia may not be labelled as champagne. However, it is acceptable for an Australian wine retailer to sell champagne [that is, wine that is produced in the French region of Champagne under the rules of appellation]. It is also acceptable for Australian entities to use the word champagne in business names and domain names, such as In this example, the existing safeguards for new would appropriately prohibit a fraudulent or deceptive use of that domain name, and require a process to deal with any complaints that may arise. Conditions additional to these could inappropriately obstruct legitimate trade".

Friday, May 9, 2014

Des nouvelles extensions Internet pour faire face au phishing?

Un tout petit article pour expliquer en quoi une nouvelle extension est utile pour mieux faire face à une attaque de phishing.

"En effet, il est beaucoup plus visuel d’indiquer à un client de repérer qu’un email est bien issu d’une adresse ou d’un site Internet se terminant en .ORANGE qu’un .COM. Le véritable avantage de posséder son extension Internet est de pouvoir informer son client en amont sur la véracité de l’information qu’il reçoit ou va recevoir. Pour simplifier: “tout ce qui ne vient pas de mon .MARQUE, ce n’est pas de moi”."

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Update on .WINE & .VIN new gTLDs

An invitation was sent to all 3 .WINE applicants

The European Commission recently sent an invitation to all three .wine applicants for the negotiation on safeguards of .vin and .wine new gTLDs. The official invitation (Letter Nigel Hickson & ICANN 15 16 May 2014) was sent by the EFOW. Here is the letter sent by the European Commission.

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Published today, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment from New Zealand (.KIWI) considers the actual safeguards are sufficient to protect wine Geographical Indications.
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World's Largest Registrar -

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Changing to a new domain name (case figure)

Changing my .com website to a new .link one is a question that I have at the moment.

Prior to the first new domain name launchings, I had created a website entitled to inform about new generic Top-Level Domains. New domain names didn’t exist yet so I had to find a domain name and .COM came to my mind. I considered .INFO too but let’s make it simple : you don’t launch a website with a .INFO domain name if you don’t own the .COM so I went fo

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Famous Four Media Signs Its 100th Accredited Registrar

Monday, May 6th 2014, Gibraltar
Famous Four Media, the registry operator for .BID, .TRADE, .WEBCAM and some 54 other Top Level Domains, has signed its 100th ICANN accredited registrar. Registrars are the only way through which end-users of domain names can purchase the domains, and Famous Four Media believes that these 100 registrars provide the largest distribution channel currently held by any new gTLD Registry operator, covering some 90% of all currently registered domains.

The registrar is a critical element in the domain name supply chain, because registries are not allowed to sell directly to the end registrant. Andy Churley, CMO of Famous Four Media explains, "We have a laser-sharp focus on making it as simple as possible for registrars to work with us. Moreover, registrars are not passive third parties - signing an agreement with us means that they have already committed considerable resources integrating with Famous Four Media's registries, and we are all intent on making the process for the end-registrant as easy as possible. To this end, we endeavor to provide our Registrars with top-flight, turnkey marketing resources to enable them to go out and find the right homes for our domain names."

Critical to domain name sales, registrants need to be able to find distribution outlets, which in turn need to offer desirable "product" - in this case, the domain names themselves. And with the hundred Registry Registrar Agreements (RRAs) Famous Four Media has in place, a multiple is in effect in that they cover over 450 of the 1000 ICANN accredited registrars, since each agreement with a registrar can cover multiple sub-brands, not to mention the tens of thousands of domain name resellers around the world.
Through Famous Four Media's proactive on-boarding process, registrars are ready to go to market in every sense. They have undergone technical accreditation, have put time and money into integrating systems for failsafe registration, and have committed resources to market Famous Four Media's domain names through every conceivable mechanism. Churley continues, "It is very significant that we have the channels lined up before the domain names are generally available. And we have worked hand-in-hand with our registrars to simplify and streamline everything, in order to make the purchase process for the domain name registrant as seamless as possible. We are acutely aware that registrars have limited resources to actively promote gTLDs in their inventory, so they are necessarily selective about which Registries they support. At Famous Four Media we are proud and honored that so many registrars want to work with us to bring our new gTLDs to market."

"The decision to partner with Famous Four Media was straightforward" said Richard Stevenson , Head of PR, 1&1 Internet Inc,, one of the world's largest domain name registrars, and one of the first Registrars to have signed the Famous Four Media RRA. "Not only do they have some great gTLDs that we think our customers will benefit from, but their processes are simple and consistent across all of their TLDs. At 1&1 we are excited to work with Famous Four Media to help bring their domain names to market."

Meir Kahtan, MKPR mkahtan AT +1.212.575.8188 or Andy Churley, Chief Marketing Officer, Famous Four Media media AT

About Famous Four Media
Famous Four Media Limited was set up in 2011 by a small group of recognized domain name experts and successful financiers to actively provide products and services to TLD Registry operators under ICANN's new generic Top Level Domains ("gTLD") program. Drawing on the best from both Registries and Registrars, Famous Four Media's management team has extensive experience in the domain name industry having successfully launched, operated, marketed and run generic TLDs under previous rounds and having managed some of the largest corporate and retail domain name registrars in the world. The 59 gTLD applications, that are currently under Famous Four Media Limited management, include some of the most interesting and valuable domain suffixes, such as .ACCOUNTANT, .BID, .DATE, .DOWNLOAD, .FAITH, .LOAN, .MEN,. REVIEW, .SCIENCE, .TRADE, .WEBCAM and .WIN.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A New Blog About "New gTLDs"

I am partial to those from Law Firms which develop and offer their own gTLD products, with more often than not, many flaws in their offers. In the end, as you will doubtless find out, it is actually their ICANN Accredited Registrar that solves problems for their client for which the law firm bills at three times the price of the registrar.

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