Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Communication in new gTLDs remains to be invented

The past has shown that a communication budget does not "do it all" to launch a new domain name extension, unless you want to pay for a massive banner hanging on the wall of the European Commission in Brussels. This is what we did for .EU domain names at Eurid but it was one well funded registry that had to be launched, not hundreds with limited budgets.

To generate interest for the launching of niche registries, I strongly believe applicants will have to be inventive and rely on their community, group or industry to promote their domain name extension, not Registrars, and no matter whether these are Community or Standard applications. I also think deep and strong connections will have to be developed and maintained in each industry.

Are .jobs .travel and .museum domain names a good example of what is in front of us: have these industries/groups ever paid any interest in a domain name which officially qualifies them?
I would answer no: Boeing and Airbus still use their .COM, MOMA uses a .ORG as well as the American Museum of Natural History, etc...
Added to this, most retail Registrars won't have enough funds to accredit themselves to all new domain names, they will have to make choices. For sure, existing Registrars won't be able to offer all new domain names to their clients.

Basically, if I think there will be much more buzz about new generic Top-Level Domains, it won't be easier to sell domain names.

So, if these industries have not really paid interest in their domain names, why would they today?


It was the role of Registrars to offer domains to their clients. I think it will also become the role of the Registries to promote their domain names with new methods. New jobs will have to be invented and entrepreneurs will have to be convinced to launch new niche Registrars. The communication model to develop these new domain names remains to be invented. Is launching a new registry going to be affordable with a limited communication budget? I hope so even if I don't think so. If the "how" remains to be invented, If I am sure the "when" started a long ago.

I think my method for .WINE is good by the way. Time will tell :-)

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