Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The new gTLD info for Wednesday the 2nd

Few news today but a study from a University and a good article from Authentic Web. We've read critics on some of a Registry's domain name extensions and there is more today from other investors.
  1. More on ".wales" and ".cymru" domain names;
  2. There are now 15 million registered new gTLD domain names;
  3. University Study Finds New gTLDs Could Add 73 Million Domain Registrations;
  4. HOT - The .CLUB new gTLD "makes sense": read why;
  5. Link to the complete study;
  6. Ending soon: Sunrise Period for .コム (com);
  7. New Arabic domain names (from the ICANN new gTLD program) are growing in volume;
  8. The .CLUB Registry holds an auction for numbered ".club" domain names;
  9. Reasons why advertisers should use Brand Registry domains;
  10. HOT - In French: the "Afnic Football Club" (.football new gTLD). Some football clubs DO use new domain names.
  11. Hyunday to use a .NEWS domain name;
  12. Comments on RightSide' strategy on choice of Top-Level Domains;
  13. URS Service Provider;
  14. More coming during the day: updates in the Newsletter (click).

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