Thursday, June 7, 2012

New gTLD batching process explained

The new gTLD batching process is explained for English readers, other applicants have until June the 28 to learn English and have understood and completed the timestamp process in the online batching system.

A few important things should be noted:
  • "All applications in a single contention set are placed into the batch where the earliest application in the contention set is placed";
  • Batches could be larger than 500;
  • "ICANN reserves the right to delay an application to the last batch or to reject an application entirely if ICANN reasonably determines that the applicant abused the batching system or intentionally interfered with the performance of the system or any other applicant's use of the system."
  • Key dates:
    • 8 June 2012: Online batching system will launch;
    • 28 June 2012: By 23:59 UTC on this date applicants must have completed the timestamp process in the online batching system;
    • 11 July 2012: ICANN anticipates posting the batching order, including the timestamps for each application.
  • Applicant will need to indicate a preference for being in the earliest batch or any batch: "Applications will be selected for batches based first on whether the applicant opted-in or opted-out";
  • The secondary timestamp score will be assigned by calculating the absolute difference between the target time and the timestamp generated by the applicant : got it? :-)
  • ICANN will post the batching results after all applications have completed the secondary timestamp process and the batches have been determined";
  • The batching system is set to UTC time. It is recommended to set up your computer’s clock to UTC time;
  • ICANN cannot guarantee the continuous availability and operability of the batching system, and each applicant agrees that ICANN will not be liable for any system issues including but not limited to availability, error, maintenance, security attacks or other technical issues.
Prior to reading the detailed explanation of the batching process, I suggest to read and understand the basics of Batching first. An online video (Batching demo) is also provided by ICANN.

Complete detailed documentation can be downloaded as PDF documents down this page.

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