Saturday, July 30, 2022

The .BUGATTI new gTLD ends its application

The .BUGATTI Registry, which had 7 domain names created in total has decided to withdraw its dotBrand new gTLD application.

The letter to ICANN suggest to terminate the Top-Level Domain "as soon as possible".

Read the termination letter here (on LinkedIn).

Friday, July 15, 2022

Backend Registry: I want you to build my next new gTLD offer

At Jovenet Consulting, we think that the next round of the ICANN new gTLD program will be quite something: we spent the past 10 years watching how existing new registries behave and we now quite know what upcoming applicants want: if some just don't know - like in was the case in the first round, some do.

Many lessons were learnt on applicants' expectations prior to the first round to start in 2012 but today's reality turns out to be different, numbers don't lie : only 6 registries on a list of more than 500 reached out to more than 1 million domain names. Is this where a future applicant wants to stand after 10 years of existence? This is a true question to have prior to submitting a new gTLD application to ICANN.

Combining efforts with a "Backend"

We already know what many upcoming applicants want to pay, we also know that they have high expectations. If submitting a dotBRAND application will be an easy procedure, creating a Registry to sell domain names will not be the same: does an applicant who enters the game want to renew 1.500 domain names each year? Probably not. What about 100,000 or one million? Sounds better doesn't it?

With that objective in mind, applicants will need to address the right partners and backend registry provider: some are already well prepared for dotBrand type of applications but "selling" domain names through the network of accredited registrars will require a studied strategy and a team.

Backend Registry required

Jovenet Consulting is confident that a company willing to invest thousands of dollars/euros in its new gTLD project will want a clear path to success. To do so, we - Jovenet Consulting, want to partner with a Backend Registry provider, not only to develop the best offer on the market but also to be able to offer that "key in hand" solution to our clients.

Our vision is to make it more simple for upcoming applicants to launch their Top-Level Domain. To do so, we want to partner with a Backend Registry provider for which we will sell the offer to our clients if we believe it is a good one. We want this to be a team's job and not a "do it all and send us your client". We are ready to sign a contract for this.

For interested backend registries, please contact us at Jovenet Consulting.

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