Friday, February 19, 2016

The new gTLD info for Friday the 19th

Someone wrote the story of the .WINE and .VN new gTLDs. I would have added a few things to the story but the website is interesting: it is about selling Premium .wine and .vin domain names and I kind of find the concept interesting. More on .CLOUD and .STORE
  1. The story of .WINE & .VIN domain names;
  2. Project dotVinum :-)
  3. Follow-up on .CLOUD registration volumes;
  4. More on the .STORE future launching;
  5. Almost one million domains registered in one day! 
  6. There is an academy to learn about investing in domain names;
  7. The .GAY new gTLD: the story is not over;
  8. More coming.
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