Thursday, December 7, 2017

New gTLDs and Catering: blue or red?

The year is finished and volumes of domain names registered in the Catering category are now available: it is now possible to check which domain name extension has been successful and which has not in terms of domain names registered.

Four extensions: .CAFE - .COFFEE - .PIZZA and .食品 (food) have received increasing domain name registrations month after month and sticked to the blue.

TLDs such as .KITCHEN - .MENU - .RECIPES and .COOKING have less domain names registered in December 2017 than they had in January 2017. I don't call these successful TLDs.

The .PUB domain name extension lost more than 10,000 registrations from January to December 2017.

Some Trademarks withdrew their application and Mcdonald's was one of them.

Check the full report here.

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