Friday, May 24, 2019

New gTLDs: a good read

This is a recent article, entitled "Food for thought on the new TLD business
models", written by Loic Damilaville.

I strongly suggest the reading of this publication for new comers to the new gTLD world, entrepreneurs wishing to launch a new domain name extension or, Trademarks starting to wondering about securing - and using - their .BRAND personalized domain name extension:
  • Unequal business models;
  • Brand TLDs (or .BRAND);
  • Sponsored (or Community) TLDs;
    • GeoTLDs (geographic Top-Level Domains);
  • Pure generics:
    • generic domains that can only reach a small customer base;
    • "open" generics, with terms used worldwide, which are lucky enough to address a global target or at least one that is very broad. 
  • The consequences in terms of marketing strategies;
  • Exclusive TLDs versus mass TLDs;
  • Bad pricing never pays;
  • Rights holders and domainers, two false friends;
  • Convincing investors;
  • "Success" or failure is not related to volume but to the relevance of the strategy with respect to market conditions.
Read the publication on the AFNIC website.

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