Friday, December 1, 2023

New generic Top-Level Domains: a few things I noticed in November 2023

In November 2023, some new generic Top-Level Domains "changed status", here is what I noticed:

  • There is an Independent Review Process which is dated 9 June 2019: it is the one about .GCC. The panel was confirmed seven months after it was initiated and as of today: "No hearings are currently scheduled" (more here).
  • Five Top-Level Domains (new domain name extensions) were revoked in November and one was transferred. The revoked TLDs are:
    • the .VOLKSWAGEN new gTLD
    • .اتصالات
    • .ROCHER
    • .KINDER
    • the .PROPERTY Top-Level Domain was transferred.
  • Google Registry launches new .MEME top-level domain (more here).
  • Funny: the .CFD new gTLD is listed in the Registries' Top 10 with more than a million domain names created (more here). 
  • Comments on Preliminary Determination were opened for two Top-Level Domains to be terminated (more here):
    • .XFINITY
    • .COMCAST
  • The TLD Startup information page from the ICANN (that actually very few understand) was updated on seven TLDs (more here):
    • the .BOFA Top-Level Domain
    • .AEG
    • .PICTET
    • .TATOO
    • .FOOD
    • .DIY ("do it yourself")

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