Tuesday, January 28, 2020

New gTLDs for Sports: 2019 in Review

Are end users (domain name registrants) using TLDs with sport names? Well kind of...but general speaking, "Sports" new gTLDs have not revealed their potential in 2019. Globally speaking, it looks like very few have noticed their existence. This is what I noticed over 2019:
  • Of the 29 new gTLDs dedicated to sports:
    • 21 are either community or generic ones (that anyone can buy).
    • 8 are dotBrands (domain name extensions operated by Trademarks for their own use).
  • Five new gTLDs ended the year with between 10,000 and 20,000 domain names. The TLDs in order are:
    • .RUN with 19,289 domain name creations (December 2019).
    • .BIKE
    • .YOGA
    • .FITNESS
    • .GOLF with 10,148 creations (December 2019).
  • .YOGA and .GOLF surpassed 10,000 domain name registrations in 2019.
  • These TLDs ended the year with fewer registrations in December than January:
    • .BIKE
    • .FOOTBALL (!)
    • .RACING
    • .SOCCER
    • .FUTBOL ("football" in Spanish)
    • .CRICKET
  • These TLDs maintained their registration levels (i.e no declines) throughout 2019:
    • .YOGA
    • .SPORT
    • .SURF
    • .AFL (dotBrand)
    • .XBOX (dotBrand)
  • 12 extensions are below 1,000 registrations but most are dotBrands, except these four generic ones:
    • .RODEO
    • .RUGBY
  • Two dotBrands remained at one single registration throughout the year:
    • .NIKE
    • .NBA
  • Playstation does not seem to care about new gTLDs but Xbox does with 57 .XBOX domains registered in December.
  • The .MLB new gTLD held to the same number of registrations all year: 33
  • Something wrong clearly happened in 2019 with these Registries:
    • .RACING started the year with 67,458 registrations and ended December with 3,523 domain names in total.
    • .CRICKET started with 20,772 and ended with 1,561 creations.
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