Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Cool new gTLD NEWS following ICANN meeting

The latest GAC communiqué was published and seems more interesting to read - in terms of new gTLDs NEWS - than the latest Adopted Board Resolutions from the Regular Meeting of the ICANN Board which offers more "Thank you to" than resolutions

When I have a look at these documents, I often wonder if ICANN knows that real interested parties (from the real world) then need to decrypt these documents. I wish there was an understandable report for end users and a report for insiders where they could auto congratulate each other without polluting the interesting information. Find all links to these contents in tonight's newsletter.

What you missed in our previous Newsletter:
  1. New gTLDs and Universal Acceptance (UA);
  2. Using new generic TLDs for customer email/websites?
  3. Conference - Trademarks vs. Domain Names;
  4. Opportunities/challenges from a human rights perspective;
  5. New Top Level Domains Are Fools Gold;
  6. .Science tops the most abused TLD list for November 2016.
Domain name registration volumes
  • New gTLDs related to COMPANIES (hot); 
  • New gTLDs related to LAW; 
  • New gTLDs related to FINANCE (not hot at all);
  • New gTLDs related to COLORS;
  • New gTLDs related to SPORT;
  • New gTLDs related to ALCOHOL;
  • New gTLDs related to REAL ESTATE.
Since most new gTLDs have launched, reports will be updated on a monthly basis starting January 2017.

Recent Trademark Clearinghouse Sunrise Period announcements

Note to our readers: starting January 2017, the content of our Newsletter will be sent by email only. It will not be made available online anymore on

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