Friday, March 3, 2017

New gTLDs: from one month to the other

The second day of each month is a long day for me since it means that I have to update all of my new gTLD reports dedicated to registration volumes. Here is what I noticed:
  1. Catering: this report shows few variations between February and March. Trademarks to have applied for their .BRAND new gTLD still don't use it.
  2. Photography: the .WEBCAM and .PICS new gTLDs clearly have a problem with their registrations. the .PICS new gTLD almost lost half of its registrations in 3 months. The .ART Top-Level Domain is doing extremely good and domain name registrations increase significantly.
  3. City names: the two versions of the .MOSCOW new gTLD (and its IDN version) keep losing registrations.
  4. Company names: subscribe to our Newsletter to receive it and notice the change for the .WORLD Top-Level Domains ;-)
  5. The Law: there are nine new gTLDs and no evolution since last month. We keep an eye on the .FAIRWINDS new gTLD: the only IP domain name service provider to have applied for its .BRAND domain name extension.
  6. Finance: the .LOAN new gTLD has now almost 1.5 million registrations while .BID lost 10,000 registrations. The .CASH progresses too and the .FOREX Trademark registered 24 more domain names since last month (which is a lot for a .BRAND).
  7. Colors: .BLUE - .PINK and .BLACK are diving but the .RED new gTLD.
  8. Sports: the .CLUB new gTLD looses 30,000 registrations in one month. The .BIKE does much better and .GAMES progresses significantly too. The .SKI sinks into the red but the .MLB trademark registers more domain names.
  9. Alcohol: .WINE and .VIN keep increasing (who would have doubted it? Certainly not me);
  10. Real Estate: the .REALTOR loses registrations as well as .IMMO and .ARCHI clearly sinks from 4,736 registrations in February to...1,794 in March: what's happening? The .AGENCY gains more than 1,000 more registrations. The .FORSALE - .PLACE and .CREDIT are doing good too.
  11. Singular VS Plural TLDs: the .ACCOUNTANT - .NEWS - .PET and .REVIEW are doing great but .WORK is diving.
  12. French applicants: .OVH - .BZH and .PARIS are losing registrations.
  13. Religion: the .FAITH new gTLD is doing extremely good.
  14. Generic domain name extensions (to replace ".com"): .SITE and .ONLINE are highly noticed with an important number of registrations. We will remove the .GDN new gTLD from our listing soon.
  15. Cars: Some .BRAND new gTLDs have started to register one more domain name (...)
  16. Health: the .DIET domain name extension looses a lot of domain name registrations this month. Still waiting for .HEALTH to launch. Will it ever launch?
  17. New gTLDs for French: the list is long and .VOTE is noticed with more domain name registrations.
  18. Adults: .SEX - .PORN and .WTF are not doing good this month.
Have a good week-end.

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