Thursday, December 19, 2013

Quel succès pour les noms de domaine .VOYAGE ?

L’extension .VOYAGE fait partie des premières extensions francophones à voir le jour. Cette nouvelle extension pourrait connaître un intérêt conséquent pour les agences de voyages françaises (suisses, belges et canadiennes) ainsi que toute l’activité touristique qui gravite autour.

Le .TRAVEL, vous connaissiez ?
Pourtant, de nombreuses agences de voyage mettent à disposition de leurs clients une version anglaise de leur site Internet et l’extension prévue pour les contenus de ce type ont une extension Internet dédiée, le .TRAVEL (“voyage” en anglais).Peu de sites Internet de voyages utilisent ces noms de domaine car il est serait peu cohérent pour un site français de communiquer avec un nom de domaine en anglais. Mais est-ce bien la seule raison ?

Le suite sur le Journal Du Net.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

3rd Digital Marketing & gTLD Strategy Congress / March 3-4, 2014, The Dream Downtown, New York

Go behind the scenes and learn how your peers are operationalizing their new TLDs as you are provided with real-life, launch strategies from .Club, .GOP, .Kiwi, .Latin, .Vegas, .Tickets and many more.

Hear from George Faulkner, Manager, Social Brand Engagement, Social Strategy and Programs, IBM as he shares his thoughts on How to Effectively Build an Integrated Social Media Strategy Dedicated to everaging All Your Digital Assets to Connect with Customers.

The only forum that continues to focus on the marketing, branding and customer engagement strategies associated with the changing internet landscape as 1000s of new top-level domains come online and featuring a completely refreshed program agenda for 2014, Momentum is pleased to announce the release of the agenda for the 3rd Digital Marketing & gTLD Strategy Congress, taking place on March 3-4 at the Dream Hotel in New York.

Experience what many of your peers have already found to be the most valuable, interactive and richest learning event as you benefit from increased one-on-one networking during new interactive roundtable discussions and panel sessions addressing:
  • Innovative Strategies for Brand Applicants Seeking to Maximize Your Digital Inventory Post-gTLD;
  • Positioning Strategies for Ensuring Your TLD Obtains Maximum Exposure;
  • Novel Brand Extension Opportunities for TLD Owners through the Use of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships;
  • How to Manage Internal Support from Marketing, Legal and IT to Achieve a Seamless TLD Implementation;
  • How to Set a Realistic but Workable Budget for Your TLD Launch.
Attendees of the 3rd Digital Marketing & gTLD Strategy Congress will be able to sit side-by-side with representatives from leading brand and generic TLD applicants as you are provided with valuable lessons learned, brand engagement, digital marketing strategies that will best position your new TLD for success upon launch.

Hear from our Past Attendees:
"It's not at every conference where you can approach the CEO of different registry operators, where you can approach the meaningful material management people from companies like Google, from Amazon...something like this is a must attend."
- Frank Schilling, Founder & Managing Director, Uniregistry

Register now to reserve your space and be a part of the one industry event where every attendee has the opportunity to speak one-on-one with your fellow peers representing the leaders of the brand and generic TLD and domain community.

Learn what steps your organization needs to take now to ensure your brand is best positioned to thrive when your new TLD goes live. Visit us online at or all
646-807-8555 for more information on the program.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How to .DOWNLOAD Banging Tunes, Sick Movies and Nasty Apps

There is something that I am sure of: if I find two websites to watch a movie, one ending with ".download" and the other with ".cloud", I am almost certain that I will click on the ".download" one, at least for two reasons:
  1. I know .DOWNLOAD offers more chances to "download" the movie. The word "download" sends clear information. I don't exactly know what a .CLOUD website would offer: a weather forecast ... maybe!
  2. I also know I shall be able to watch my movie with the assurance that my comfort will rely on my reading device only, and not — also — on the speed of the connection. When you watch a movie hosted in the cloud, the movie is downloaded while you watch. This means that it stops, if the Internet connection is interrupted.
Read my article on CircleId.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Understand the .FROGANS project and technology

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Grapes of Wrath? An Insight Into .WINE, the Most Hotly Debated TLD in Government Circles

This is my latest artciel published about .WINE.

Everybody agrees, all .WINE applicants want to find where the buck is going to stop, as far as the strange stalemate we have been in for so many months. Situation? "What situation?" I hear you asking.

In July 2012, when applications and the name of their applicants were released to the public, it appeared that 3 applicants had the same idea, when they applied for a .WINE Top-Level Domain.

More on CircIeId.

What is the procedure to unblock a second level domain from an blocked SLD list?

This is the question I submitted to ICANN a few days ago.

Of course, when I send such a question, it is not tivial :-) With the number of highly interesting domain names you can find on these lists of blocked domain names, you can expect this is already an issue and this question will come inevitably. At the moment, it is unclear if it will be possible to unblock these domains or not.

An example: "bordeaux" is one of these blocked second level domains in the .WINE Registry. It means "" can't be registered. A joke...

The first answer I received from the support was expected but terrible too, and here it is:

"We are working on your request and will get back to you as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience.In the meantime, you may want to review our last Webinar FAQ document we published here . Please refer to the Name Collision Q/A. Thank you."

Basically: "try to find the answer yourself in the FAQs"... and I already know the answer won't be there anyway. So I returned the answer after and what follows is what I really call support:

"Hello, Actually, I tried to read the first 10 pages but it has nothing to do with my question and since it is not in my language, I do not want to read the remaining 20 pages of your FAQ document. It is the reason why I write to you. I will wait until you get back to me. Thank you."

ICANN support is +1
At this moment, I thought I would never get an answer in return but a few days after, I received a message: 

"We are continuing to work on a resolution response and will provide you the details as soon as the information is available"

I received the same message again a few days after wondering if this was not a loophole. Apparently not and I finally got this message from the support:

"Dear Jean Guillon,
Thank you for contacting the New gTLD Customer Service.
Please note that the SLD block lists are a temporary measure to allow Registry Operators to move forward without compromising the security or stability.
Q./ What is the procedure to unblock a second level domain from an blocked SLD list?
The blocking should be in effect until the mitigation measures described in the respective TLD Name Collision Occurrence Assessment have been applied.
Indeed, the implementation of the mitigation measures may allow the release of blocked Second-Level Domains, based on analysis or evidence that the cause of collision occurrence has been mitigated. Thank you."

This is the answer I expected from the ICANN support. I am aware they can't have a procedure already but since my initial question is going to be asked and asked again to all Registries by Registrars and Registrants, I get an answer here: these names won't be blocked forever so will probably be live one day.

.BRAND new gTLD Reports are updated once a month: CLICK HERE !