Friday, September 2, 2016

Start of the school .YEAR

Companies are back to business and the reason why this is noticeable is because there are more new gTLD NEWS published, some new gTLDs which were in the red, are getting back to normal in terms of domain name registrations and...I receive more emails and much, but much more robot calls.

Registration volumes:
Meet the .CLUB Team:
  1. The Domain conference: 10th-14th September;
  2. Dmexco: 14-15th September;
  3. DomainFest Asia: 19th-22nd September.
Tonight's Newsletter:
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  11. The Seattle Times Embraces .NEWS TLD for Branded Short Domain Links;
  12. or
  13. Korean .닷컴 and .닷넷 Domains Are Now Available for General Registration;
  14. Lowering prices for .BUSINESS and .COMPANY domains
  15. Donuts: Down to business;
  16. Second IRP Winner Dot Registry files amicus curiae brief in support of Appellee .AFRICA Applicant DCA Trust against ICANN;
  17. Bold has launched.
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