Friday, April 1, 2016

The new gTLD info for Friday, April 1st

Today is April Fools day so it is possible that what you read is not the entire truth: it is how I learnt - a long ago - about :-)
  1. China -  "Clarification" explained according to a new gTLD expert. Did you know it requires governmental approval of new domain name extensions in China so that websites can resolve there?
  2. April the first - ICANN to ban sandwiches from next meeting;
  3. Record Breaker - .Club All Time Top 10 Domain Name Sales (interesting stats from the 346 sold domains);
  4. "Multiple Registry" informs of its Domains Across the Globe: "the number of total registrations may not be telling the whole story";
  5. Domain Companies: who is rich and who is poor?
  6. 新頂級域名(New gTLD)域名爭議處理現況觀察;
  7. Report - Understanding the world of dot brands (requires payment);
  8. "No, you won't register .SUCKS as a Trademark".
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