Friday, December 23, 2016

Confusing new gTLDs

Choosing the right domain name is like choosing a Trademark, it has to be taken seriously because it is a long time image investment.

If new gTLDs have brought new options to those in charge of creating a name (precision, availability, novelty) and registering its(their) domain name(s), they also brought the possibility to make a terrible mistake when choosing the right extension for a domain name.

First, I'd suggest to take a look at the list of "Singular versus Plural new gTLDs" and wonder:
  1. What if I someone else buys (and starts to use) my exact same domain name in its plural version?
  2. If I buy both domain names (one to use and one to redirect): what will be the trend in 5 years? Am I sure that I am making the right choice to use the plural version of the extension or should I use the singular one?
Second - and this one takes time - I'd suggest to carefully check the complete list of new gTLD applications by alphabetical order.

The same applies for Trademarks who will start to, or have started to, use their .BRAND new gTLD. Some strings can be the same with just one letter added. What happens if someone sends an email to Aigo Digital Technology Co,Ltd. (.AIGO new gTLD) and forgets the last "O"? The email could just never be received, because it was sent to a complete different company: American International Group, Inc. (owner of the .AIG new gTLD).

This is my list of confusing new gTLDs:
  1. .AIG & .AIGO
  2. .ART & .ARTE
  4. Many more to come...
The complete list was first published on CircleId and will be maintained at Jovenet Consulting.

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Our reports are available here.

Since most new gTLDs have launched, reports will be updated on a monthly basis starting January 2017.

Note to our readers: starting January 2017, the content of our Newsletter will be sent by email only. It will not be made available online anymore on

I wish you a merry Christmas.

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