Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Reminder regarding .TREE Top-Level Domain

A long ago, I think it was in the beginning of 2009, I published a new gTLD concept...to plant trees.

This "project" has been printed in many brochures such as this one from Banner & Witcoff I found this morning (and which I recommend the reading).

I would like to remember this is a concept and I have no plan to apply for a .TREE new generic Top-Level Domain in 2012.

The funny thing is that:
  • I received a lot of questions regarding this concept;
  • A person named "erik ludwick" registered most of the generic domain names such as dottree.org;
  • I was offered:
    • Back-end registry solutions;
    • Consulting;
    • An offer to develop the project.
If you look for a list of possible projects, I recommend checking Registries.tel. This site is the one to list all known existing projects.

NB: did I forget a happy.new.year ?

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