Sunday, June 8, 2014

9th June 2014 @ 14:00 UTC = GO !

.WEBCAM - .TRADE and .BID new domain names are entering General Availability today!

The new .WEBCAM generic Top Level Domain (TLD) name contains the best sources of global webcam-related content, making it the first choice for those with an interest in webcam products and services. Owning a dedicated, secure and trusted generic Top Level Domain (TLD) such as .WEBCAM will help you establish your online brand and reach a global network of people with like-minded interests.Be among the first to get your perfect .WEBCAM domain now.

The new .BID Top Level Domain (TLD) name creates an online environment where buyers and sellers can rapidly locate the auction in which they wish to participate. A .BID Top Level Domain (TLD) provides a convenient, trusted name anchor that stands out from the competition, and prospective bidders will be drawn to it by its clear message and the fact that they can trade with confidence in a dedicated namespace. The use of .BID TLD improves online searches dramatically as global buyers and sellers are more easily able to identify the content of relevance to them, which in turn drives website traffic increasing trade and enhancing the auction process.

With the launch of the new .TRADE generic Top Level Domain (TLD) the trade sector has a defined generic Top Level Domain (TLD) name from which to conduct its business activities, in a trusted, targeted manner which attracts all those with an interest in trading – from international business, financial trading, to individuals looking to secure a bargain.

Domain names from these 3 new gTLDs will be available to anyone on the basis of "first come - first served" at GoDaddy starting 9th June 2014 at 14:00 UTC.

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