Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Important ICANN update (for brand applicants)

Checking the mass of documents published by ICANN, I found an interesting one I believe applicants should read. Applicants applying for a brand in particular.

This document is called "New gTLD Program Update" and it is written by Kurt Pritz. It deals with:
  1. Batching: a simplified explanation of what it is. You will learn that ICANN will ensure "no one region dominates the first batch" (I wonder what think about this);
  2. All applications in contention sets are placed into the earliest batch designated.
  3. Trademark Clearinghouse:
    1. Simplified definition;
    2. Costs.
  4. String similarity.
The complete PDF presentation can be found here.

Last minute info: according to an info published in a twitt by Rob Beckstrom (ICANN's CEO) yesterday, the reveal date is maintained before the meeting in Prague. "Reveal day" is when all applications are published online and all applicants known. 

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