Thursday, May 31, 2012

.ZIPPO Top-Level Domain

According to this information found in The Economist, Zippo Manufacturing Company plans to apply for the .ZIPPO string.

"Zippo will apply for .zippo, even though “we don’t have any great plans for it.” He sees possible battles ahead with impostors using Zippo’s name, or variants of it, with .shop or .lighter".

Source of information can be found here.

Indian Corporations apply for new gTLDs

According to this article, Indian Corporations will be applying to new generic Top-Level Domains:
  1. The Tata group has applied for the .TATA Top-Level Domain;
  2. Mahindra & Mahindra has applied for .MAHINDRA;
  3. The State Bank of India has applied for:
    1. .SBI and
    2. .STATEBANK;
  4. Reliance Industries has applied for the .RELIANCE new gTLD.
Read more here.

.DOCS and .LOL Top-Level Domains

Thank to DomainIncite for spotting this announcement, Google just announced it applies for 2 more Top-Level Domains:
  1. .DOCS
  2. .LOL
Reasons are explained on this post.

RADIX to apply for more than 30 new gTLDs

Radix FZC is a Directi Business whose mission is to become the registry operator of a variety of top level domains. Radix will be an active participant in ICANN's process to expand the internet naming system, and will aim to obtain rights to operate several new generic domains. Radix will leverage Directi's rich domain expertise, and will be led by an able team which has helped flourish some of Directi's existing registrar and web hosting businesses.

RADIX applies for:
  1. .click
  2. .home
  3. .one
  4. .online
  5. .ping
  6. .site
  7. .space
  8. .web
  9. .website
  10. .world
  11. .blog
  12. .host
  13. .hosting
  14. .hotel
  15. .law
  16. .movie
  17. .music
  18. .news
  19. .play
  20. .app
  21. .chat
  22. .city
  23. .deals
  24. .press
  25. .bank
  26. .insurance
  27. .loans
  28. .baby
  29. .doctor
  30. .shop
  31. .store

.S _ _ _ S Top-Level Domain

Vox Populi Registry, a subsidiary company of the Canadian internet-pioneering Corporation, Momentous applies for the .SUCKS Top-Level Domain.

More here and here.

.RIP Top-Level Domain

Rest In Peace

As the official web site says: "DotRIP offers a digital service for domains with a dedicated application for memorials, eulogies, obituaries, notices, and grieving communities".

Read more here.

.STYLE Top-Level Domain

.STYLE domain names are "for anyone who values their style: fashionistas, designers, retailers, critics, journalists, artists, and anyone who wants their own style to stand out from the rest."

The .STYLE new gTLD also is a Momentous new gTLD.

More here on the official web site.

Another .DESIGN new gTLD applicant

A third applicant for .DESIGN spotted by The

Applicants are:

  2. Momentous:;
  3. To be announced soon.

.CLOUD Top-Level Domain

CloudNames applies for a second new gTLD: .CLOUD

".cloud will have a wide appeal. It could help identify companies and organizations that provide services in the “cloud”. Likewise, .cloud could be ideal for consumers who wish to “name their cloud” or their personal piece of the Internet. A .cloud domain could also help identify networking or interest groups who are connected by the “cloud”, i.e. – a networking group for entrepreneurs."

Read more about the .CLOUD new gTLD here.

.GLOBAL Top-Level Domain

As found on CloudNames' web site, "the purpose of .global is for organisations aiming for or commanding an existing global presence. Furthermore, .global is ideal for any business that was unable to secure their .com address."

Read more on .global new gTLD here.

First round is now closed, what's next?

The "first round" to submit an application to ICANN is now officially closed. It will probably be expected to wait for years before it is possible to submit an application again.

ICANN has published more time frames (always subject to change):
  1. 13 June: "Reveal Day";
  2. July: Initial Evaluation Begins;
  3. December/January: Results of Initial Evaluation;
  4. December/January: Additional Program Phases.
Read more on the ICANN web site.

.OVH Top-Level Domain

OVH is a French major retail Registrar who announced its application was finalized in TAS.
Annoucement was made by Octave Klaba, CEO of OVH, in a Twitt.

"ovh" means "On Vous Héberge" (We can host you).

Godaddy applies for 2 more strings

Godaddy first announced it applied for the .GODADDY Top-Level Domains, it will apply for 2 more:
  1. .HOME
  2. .CASA
Read more here.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Chinese IDN for "Public interest" (new gTLD)

The China Organizational Name Administration Center (CONAC) applies for the IDN gTLD string."公益”.
"公益" means “public interest”.

More here.

A Chinese IDN for "Government and government affairs"

The China Organizational Name Administration Center (CONAC) applies for the IDN gTLD string ".政务.

".政务" means “government and government affairs”. The language of the label in English is “Chinese” [Native Name:中文 (Zhōngwén), 汉语,漢語], as referenced by ISO-639-1, the language of the label is “zh”.

More here.

ICANN finally confirms target dates

  • 30 May 2012: New gTLD application window closes;
  • 8 June 2012: Batching process begins (what is batching?);
  • 13 June 2012Announcement of applied-for Top-level domains ("Reveal Day"):
    • Application comment period begins (what are public comments?);
    • Formal objection period begins.
  • 24-29 June 2012: ICANN's 44th Public Meeting; Prague, Czech Republic (more here);
  • 28 June 2012: Batching process ends;
  • 11 July 2012: Batching results announced;
  • 12 July 2012: Initial evaluations begin;
  • 12 August 2012: Application comment period ends;
  • 14-19 October 2012: ICANN's 45th Public Meeting; Toronto, Canada (more here);
More on the ICANN new gTLD web site.

.CREDITUNION Top-Level Domain

Thank to Bret Fausett ( for spotting this new generic Top-Level Domain.

"According to CUNA President/CEO Bill Cheney, CUNA’s move to reserve a credit union specific top-level domain, such as .creditunion, ensures this important identifier will stay in credit union hands and will allow the credit union movement to collectively take full advantage of the next stage of the Internet’s development and growth."

Announcement can be found here

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

.ALSACE Top-Level Domain

According to this press release spotted by Namebay this morning, the French region of Alsace is applying for its own Top-Level Domain.

Read the press release in French here.

Monday, May 28, 2012

New domain names pre-orders are open

Did you know it is already possible to pre-order "new" domain names from the ICANN new generic Top-Level Domains program?
This post will certainly not be commenting pre-orders but I believe it is important to know that they are offered and it is suspected more offers of this kind soon start to see the day.

You can already pre-order domain names such as:
  • or mayor.dallas
  • ilove.god
  • ("dirty" in French :-)
  • ("football" in Spanish)
  • ...
They offer pre-registrations:
  1. Unitedomains:
  2. Quintaris (Pool):

Friday, May 25, 2012

.YANDEX and .SKOLKOVO Top-Level Domains

According to this web site, I would not be surprised to think two new Russian Top-Level Domains are coming:
  1. .YANDEX
More information (in Russian) here

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Important ICANN update (for brand applicants)

Checking the mass of documents published by ICANN, I found an interesting one I believe applicants should read. Applicants applying for a brand in particular.

This document is called "New gTLD Program Update" and it is written by Kurt Pritz. It deals with:
  1. Batching: a simplified explanation of what it is. You will learn that ICANN will ensure "no one region dominates the first batch" (I wonder what think about this);
  2. All applications in contention sets are placed into the earliest batch designated.
  3. Trademark Clearinghouse:
    1. Simplified definition;
    2. Costs.
  4. String similarity.
The complete PDF presentation can be found here.

Last minute info: according to an info published in a twitt by Rob Beckstrom (ICANN's CEO) yesterday, the reveal date is maintained before the meeting in Prague. "Reveal day" is when all applications are published online and all applicants known. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

.BIO Top-Level Domain

Bio groups and products are going to have their own domain name extension.

The project is brought by StartingDot, a startup who raised 1,5 million Euros to developp five new generic Top-Level Domains.
.BIO is a standard application.

More to come on StartingDot soon.

.SKI Top-Level Domain

Those who Ski are going to have their personnalized domain names ending in .SKI.
I already imagine a www.pyrené :-)
The project is brought by StartingDot, a startup who raised 1,5 million Euros to developp five new generic Top-Level Domains.

The.SKI new gTLD is a community application who first saw the day with Adrenaline TLD. Rob Rozicki, its initiator will also provide consulting for a marketing consultancy dedicated solely to Top Level Domains.

They provide support:

  • Le Conseil général de Savoie ;
  • L’association professionnelle des domaines skiables de France;
  • La station Tignes.

More to come on StartingDot soon.

.ARCHI Top-Level Domain

.ARCHI is the domain name extension for architecture. This TLD is one of the 5 applications StardingDot is applying for.
This community application is also supported by the Union Internationale des Architectes (UIA).

More soon on StartindDot.

.IMMO Top-Level Domain

"Immo" stands in French for "immobilier", a French word for "Real estate".

StartingDot is submitting a Community application supported by :

  • FNAIM (France);
  • Union des Syndicats de l'Immobilier (France);
  • Immobilienverband Deutschland (Germany);
  • Confédération Européenne de l'Immobilier (Union Européenne);
  • Bauträgerverband (Austria);
  • Union Suisse des professionnels de l'immobilier (Switzerland);
More is coming on their web site and Facebook page.

Meet StartingDot.

.DESIGN Top-Level Domain

StartingDot, is submitting "a string for design". This application as a standard one.
According to rumors, it is possible this application will be in competition.

StartingDot is officially launching on Tuesday, May the 22.

.BUDAPEST Top-Level Domain

The city of Budapest applies for its own Top-Level Domain, the .BUDAPEST.
A second applicant existed for the .BUD string but the web site changed to "something else".
  1. .BUD or;
  2. .BUDAPEST ?
Read DI's article here.

Friday, May 18, 2012

.CAPETOWN / .DURBAN / .JOBURG Top-Level Domains

The South African registry which manages the country code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD) domain names for South Africa (.za) applies for 3 more new generic Top-Level Domains:
  1. City of Capetown (.capetown);
  2. City of Durban (.durban);
  3. City of Joburg (.joburg).
Read press release here.

A new “.Problem” for Trademark owners

I recommend reading "BEST PRACTICES" down the article.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The new gTLD Independant Objector selected (IO)

As a reminder, the "IO" is acts solely in the interests of the public who use the global Internet.

The complete definition, mandate ans scope of the Independent Objector can be found in the last version of the Applicant Guidebook (the one I use is dated11 January 2012), page 156, point 3.2.5.

Basically, the IO is limited to filing two types of objections:
  1. Limited Public Interest objections;
  2. Community objections.
"The IO does not act on behalf of any particular persons or entities, but acts solely in the best interests of the public who use the global Internet."

Allain Pellet is French.

ICANN announcement can be found here.

Monday, May 14, 2012

.BLOG Top-Level Domain

MY.CO is an ICANN accredited registrar also providing registry gateway services for the .CO country code Top-Level Domain.
According to its announcement, PRIMER NIVEL S.A. plans to apply for the .BLOG Top-Level Domain.

Friday, May 11, 2012

.SECURE Top-Level Domain

A second applicant to apply for the .SECURE Top-Level Domain. Artemis is headquartered in San Francisco and is a part of NCC Group plc. 2 applicants are:
  1. .Secure:
  2. Artemis:

Thursday, May 10, 2012

.GODADDY Top-Level Domain

Godaddy, world's No. 1 ICANN-accredited domain name registrar for .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ and .US domain extensions plans to apply for 3 Top-Level Domains. One of them is .GODADDY according to this press release.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

.BIT Top-Level Domain

.BIT is a Top-Level Domain project using Bitcoin: "an experimental new digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world". Bitcoin is a progam which uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority.

Read more about the goals of the project on

.AMSTERDAM Top-Level Domain

The city of Amsterdam applies for its own Top-Level Domain.

Check official web site here:

.RUHR Top-Level Domain

Community Trademark registration request for .RUHR:

Found in Wikipedia, the RUHR is an urban area in Germany.

(Source Wikipedia)

.BRAND new gTLD Reports are updated once a month: CLICK HERE !