Friday, March 29, 2013

Slides of last ICANN webinar are available

Agenda on the slides:
  1. New gTLD Program Update Christine Willett;
  2. VP gTLD Operations + New gTLD Stability & Security Jeff Moss;
  3. Chief Security Officer + New gTLD Operational Readiness Fadi Chehadé;
  4. President & CEO + Questions.
  1. New gTLD Program Timeline;
  2. Initial Evaluation Results;
  3. Initial Evaluation Reports;
  4. Finalizing Initial Evaluation Reports;
  5. Initial Evaluation Panel Stats;
  6. Contracting Phase: Registry Agreement Eligibility;
  7. Pre-Delegation Testing Pilot Update;
  8. Pre-Delegation Testing;
  9. Customer Service Center Status;
  10. Trademark Clearinghouse;
  11. Objections & Dispute Resolution;
  12. Independent Objector;
  13. Beijing New gTLD Sessions;
  14. Security, Stability, & Resiliency (SSR) Update;
  15. New gTLD Security Stability & Resiliency (SSR) Update;
  16. Root Zone Management;
  17. Root Server System Readiness Progress Report;
  18. Operational Readiness in the context of SSR;
  19. Dealing with unforeseen (SSR) effects of new TLD delegations;
  20. SSR and new TLDs: A community effort;
  21. New gTLD Operational Readiness.

Agenda published prior to publishing the slides:
  1. Initial Evaluation (IE);
  2. Update Pre-delegation testing & pilot;
  3. Contracting Rights;
  4. Protections;
  5. Closed generics;
Download the presentation (PDF file)

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