Thursday, September 27, 2012

Google's search engine is ready for new gTLDs

I recently read about a new search engine for the .XXX generic Top-Level Domain recently launched. Yes, it is possible to search for pornography only.

With niche registries about to launch, these new search engines may become of a serious interest for specific industries and communities.

I myself find it interesting to be able to search in a specific domain name extension only. As a wine and rugby fan, I would love to avoid .COM web sites and focus on .WINE web sites exclusively when it comes to searching an info. Chances are high that content found on a .WINE is more relevant than on a .COM.

Well, Google has always been ready for new gTLDs and here is an example on how to find content on .museum web sites only. Let's try with a search in Virginia for example and see if there is content available on Internet on web sites using .museum domain names:

When in google, enter "virginia" in the search box and look for the advanced search which allows to search in a specific domain name extension. It is located down the search page, look for "Advanced search" (below in yellow):

Then, you should enter ".museum" in the "site or domain" search box (below in yellow) and hit on the button "Advanced Search".

All results found will only be on .museum domain names, you can check the URLs:

Basically, it means that Google may be able to provide much better results according to a search related to a specific community, an industry or even a brand represented by a new generic Top-Level Domain.
The number of mouse clicks to reach the advanced search is important and I doubt that a person searching an information goes as far as this. Shall we ever see any or domain names to focus on niche strings and facilitate a search? Will a search on offer the option to target a specific extension?

Future will tell...when ICANN is ready.

.BRAND new gTLD Reports are updated once a month: CLICK HERE !