Sunday, August 21, 2016

.BLOG domain names are coming

Nominet, a new gTLD Registry services provider, is now indexed in Google and listed using a .BLOG domain name for its blog. Nominet has a certain number of new gTLDs under management and offer registry services for major strings such as .LONDON - .SURF - .BEER  - .WALES and... .BLOG.

New domain name registration volumes:
In the report can be noticed the slight increase of ".moi" domain name registrations. I went to to the .MOI Registry webpage and liked, as a French native, the explanation for the use a ".moi" domain name: "Un nom de domaine pour les particuliers et les entreprises pour célébrer la langue française en tant qu’élément rassembleur."
But did you read what comes next? I sent an email to their support :-)

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