Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Did you know that Google indexed redirections?

A waste of money
With the arrival of new gTLDs, it is a fact: brands and other companies must register more domain names: not necessarily because they need them but because they don't want someone else to do it. Then, the domain name points to...the Registrar's parking page or it sometimes points error or a blank page.

With a background working for many Corporate and Retail registrars, I always kept wondering why companies were paying for domain names that they didn't use: "hey, who cares: the company is paying for this".

Some Trademarks have thousands of domain names that they don't even park nor redirect to another website (or their home page)!

Google indexes redirections
Below is a snapshot of Google and I am happy to see that GoDaddy has a good use of its domain names: the is a redirection which takes the user to the right webpage according to its location.

A reason to pay
For Brands who spend thousands of dollars to submit their trademark data into the Trademark Clearinghouse and then register domain names, another good thing to do is to redirect the domain name for the reason explained on the picture: it also has an impact on Search Engine Optimization and this has a price.

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