Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Use LinkedIn to promote your new gTLD

Here is a nice email I received regarding the links to new gTLD projects I publish on the "new generic Top-Level Domains" group on LinkedIn. I changed the sender's names, domain name extension and web site for these emails to remain confidential.

It is not the first time I am told visits to a web site explode when the URL is promoted in this group.

The email received:

Subject: Thank You Jean!


I wanted to thank you for all the support. I noticed when you blogged about .CHANGED (dot-changed) and my website www.website.changed, my web traffic jumped! I am sure it brought a lot of online traffic to your sites too. Please feel free to write some more about it and be sure to add my website link too.


So, would you want to:
  • Promote your new registry or project;
  • Indicate to a possible competitor he'd better come out of the bush to discuss a possible partnership before submitting his application and avoid a bid;
  • Tell the entire new gTLD industry you exist;
  • Find a financial partner;
  • Find a back-end registry provider;
  • Find a council, a new gTLD consultant or any service provider.
The "new generic Top-Level Domains" group on LinkedIn is the place to be.

Oh, and I forgot something important: it is free.

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