Friday, June 13, 2008

Auction daily inventory of expired domain

More and more Registrars announce partnership to sell expired domain names. To understand how it works, the Registrant (owner) can decide not to renew his domain name. In this case, it will expire and then, it will go for auctions if his Registrar has settled a partnership. Anyone interested to buy the domain will have to bid.

It does not mean someone will buy the domain at a higher price at all: it is another solution for the Registrar to sell the domain name to someone else and make money instead of just dropping the domain.

Of course, this is more money for the (accredited) Registrar but what is not said here is: what happens when the Registrant forgets to renew his domain name?

I believe the best quality service a registrar can offer is to provide his client “the best service”. What if I am a corporate client with hundreds of domains to manage and, for organization reasons, I can’t auto-renew my domain names?

Well: it becomes here a very risky situation to trust an accredited Registrar who is going to sell my domain name if I forget to renew it, isn’t it?

What it means is: when it comes to renewing your 300 domains and you’re not there that day, most of them can probably be renewed the next day but there’s a chance you will lose one or two in the list.

Think about it

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