Thursday, January 27, 2011

Buying a domain name with "InTrust Domains"

I received an email below on January 21 2011 from "Arthur" (note is an example here). A week after, on the the 27th, I submit an offer just below $100.  In the next minute an new email asks me to confirm my interest since "they plan to offer this domain for sale in the next few days". I am a lucky guy because I will be notified to get first chance to acquire the domain".

Why do I guess the coming offer is going to me more than $100 ?

Let's see what the practice is at "Intrust domains" :-)

First email received :
Following up about the domain

I am going to list for sale in a couple days. At the moment I am trying to reach people who might be interested in buying I found you as a prospect, because you own a similar domain. Should you be interested in this name - I'd be glad to consider your offer. Please use the following link  - http://MADIONLINE.COM/8d6e4rt5§7
I look forward to hearing back from you.

Arthur Simmons
InTrust Domains
2316 North Wahsatch Avenue, Suite 108
Colorado Springs, CO 8090

Domain MatchMakers is in full compliance with CanSpam requirements. If you don't want to receive this type of notification in the future, please click the following link, and you will be removed from future notifications immediately -http://MADIONLINE.COM/1/8d69b5201adb4ert01a

Confirmation email received :
Dear Jean,
Thank you for confirming your interest in the domain We plan to offer
this domain for sale in the next few days. As soon as the domain is
available for purchase, you will be notified to get first chance to acquire the domain.
Please click the link to confirm your interest in this domain:

Kind regards,
InTrust Domains
11590 Black Forest Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80908-6000


.MIAMI TLD in second round

I think it is bright saying, "I will be applying on second round". As Alexander Schubert writes it in his new project : "dotMiami LLC creates the application for the “.miami” TLD, secures the necessary funds, develops the business plan and collects the endorsement of Miami’s community".

Finding financial partners and collecting endorsements are the difficult parts of a project dedicated to selling domain names. And you need endorsements for a community project : the more you have, better your chances are to operate your TLD if you are in competition with a similar application.

It takes long to inform about new Top-Level Domains. Even today, it is difficult to explain interested parties the impact a new domain name extension can have on their community : it just not understood yet and the price barrier makes want to run away. So there still need more time for new gTLDs to demonstrate they will be a very powerful tool for communities. I hope ICANN's 4 months campaign pushes the message.

Note this has nothing to do with what I write but why do I expect a few standard applications to try to grab community extensions ?

Now...when I read I'll be there on second round, my fear is there is no second round. 19 months maximum to process all applications also means it could take 19 months at the minimum since all applications have to be processed for the second round to start. If you add the application window of 3 months and other delays between procedures, it is possible second round wont's start before 2 good years. And if we consider it is the first time so many TLDs are launched at the same time, well, it is possible second round starts much later.

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