Tuesday, November 22, 2016

We are .BUSY this week

For a reason that I have a hard time to explain, the ".com" legacy Top-Level Domains is losing domain name registrations for the third week in a row. This does not happen often but "hey": new gTLDs are here.

I strongly suggest to subscribe to the new gTLDs Newsletter. The reason for this is that it is far easier for me to add information to it rather than posting to the new gTLD group on LinkedIn. The number of its subscribers has greatly increased these past weeks and I also have space available for new sponsors.

What you missed in our previous Newsletter:
  1. After shaky start, .BLOG launches today;
  2. CentralNic hires Andy Churley as Marketing Director;
  3. Sunrise Periods ending soon for .BABY & .CAM new gTLDs;
  4. Universal Acceptance and the Current State of IDNs;
  5. NewG talk #13;
  6. New .CARS Automotive Domain Ready to Kick-off 2017 With 90+ Participating Dealers;
  7. A look at the top Blog related sales of all time;
  8. Dot-Movie’s Blockbuster Year;
  9. ICANN Used 'Junk Science' Firm to Justify New gTLDs;
  10. .BLOG registry explains they did what they did with reserved domains simply because they can!
  11. Neue Top Level Domain .BOX bringt manche Netze durcheinander;
  12. The .BOSTON new gTLD is coming;
  13. HOT - What really impacts SEO and what you can expect when it comes to new gTLDs;
  14. HOT - It’s the end of domain search (long but good read);
  15. Companies Battle For Digital Marketing Landscape ;
  16. Google purchases X.company for think tank;
  17. What are the pros and cons of a .CLICK TLD?
  18. Berlin to host next Domaining Europe conference in May;
  19. What is the common point between these 33 websites ?
  20. At Least 2 .BLOG Landrush Auctions Pass $5,000;
  21. Who is Chris Cowherd?
  22. "Please ICANN, create the .CYCLING new gTLD";
  23. HOT - A strange thing is happening to domains suspended in URS;
  24. HOT - 10 Simple Facts you Need to Know about Nomulus TLD Registry Platform;
  25. Promised auction for popular .blog domain canceled;
  26. What is your fav new gTLD?
  27. HOT - How Google Nomulus Works (backend registry);
  28. Registry Raked In Over $600,000 in Premium New gTLD Domain Sales;
  29. Radix releases data on premium domain names;
  30. Radix Shares Its Q3 Premium Domain Name Sales Report.
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