Friday, May 5, 2023

New gTLDs: so, what happened in April 2023?

A few things that I noticed, checking the real new gTLD numbers, in the end of April 2023:

  • In BRANDS, the .DVAG Top-Level Domain dropped 1400 second level domain names.
  • In FINANCE (rhe report), the .CREDIT Top-Level Domain keeps growing (the .LOAN too).
  • I can't talk about the one I like the most in the COMPANY new gTLD report but I can say that I don't believe that the figures from .ONLINE are real (not fake). 
  • My eye focussed on the .VOTO new gTLD in POLITICS (...)
  • In SPORT, it is the .SPORT new gTLD I keep an eye on with the hope that they reconsider their tules one day. This TLD is the one for sport worldwide and has lesss than 10,000 names created. This number should be 100,000 at least.
  • The CITY report is a really boring one as all numbers stagnate and one only has more than 100,000 creations (the .TOKYO new gTLD). The thing with cities is that in many cases, the cities themselves don't even use them for their own service: in Paris for example, the first one that comes to my lind is Cities should show the example.
  • In LUXURY, .YACHTS and .VIP keep growing but .WHOSWHO is a question mark to me: I don't understand where such a project is going after 9 years with less than 1000 second level domains created.
  • In LAW, the .ESQ new gTLD (by Google) just launched: let's see where this is going.
  • In CARS, the .AUTOS new gTLD, which cohabits with .AUTO, grows too (surprisingly).
  • In HEALTH, the .SKIN new gTLD grows a lot too.
  • In MUSIC, the .LIVE new gTLD grows A LOT but the one we are ALL looking at is .MUSIC which...has launched.
  • In CATERING, both .BAR and .REST new gTLDs don't do good and dive.
  • In PHOTOGRAPHY, both .PICS and .STUDIO keep growing for good.
  • In the FRENCH APPLICATIONS, I am sad that has not launched yet ;-)
  • In COLOR, only .GREEN has grown since January 2023.
  • In ALCOHOL: could .VIN catch up with .WINE ? Looks like.
  • In ADULTS, only the ugly .WTF performs well.
All reports are available here.

I deleted a few TLDs from the .BRAND - CARS and REAL ESTATE new gTLD reports:

  1. .ABARTH
  3. .FIAT
  5. .LANCIA
  6. .LINDE
  7. .MACYS
  8. .NEXUS
  9. .LOFT

A few things I noticed on March new gTLD stats

Once a month, I update new gTLD reports but I believe that I would find it rather boring if I wasn't told where to look at on these when there is an update. Here are a few things that I noticed on some reports:

  1.  On the FINANCE report, I am surprised to see a constant increason on .BET and .BID new gTLDs: I wonder who buys these. 
  2. On .BRANDS new gTLDs, many Trademarks have now more than 10 domain names created. Note that this was absolutely not the case in the early beginning of the new gTLD program. The .DVAG is to me an excellent demonstration of how a .BRAND new gTLD should be.

.BRAND new gTLD Reports are updated once a month: CLICK HERE !