Monday, January 20, 2020

New gTLDs for Companies: 2019 in Review

When writing my reports, I often wonder if should add an "s" to my titles and write thinks like "Companies new gTLDs: 2019 in Review", instead of what you actually read; but since I am French and French are always right, I'll probably keep writing my titles that way until someone corrects me.

By the way, what I qualify of "domain name extensions for companies" are the extensions in which I believe that companies should secure their domain name with.

Have new extensions for companies been a success in 2019?
MY first answer is yes because many have seen their registration figures increase. I listed 25 of these new gTLDs and here is what I noticed for the year of 2019 globally:
  • 2 are legacy TLDs (old domain name extensions);
  • 4 are Chinese IDNs (international domain name extensions);
  • 1 is "coming" : the .WEB new gTLD
  • 1 was delegated in December 2015, was acquired by a third party then, but still has one single domain name registration: it is the .CONTACT new gTLD, expected to launch soon...for a few years now.
  • 3 extensions exist in 2 versions:
    • .GROUP and .集团 (corporate group);
    • .WORLD and .世界 (world);
    • .COMPANY and .公司 (company).
  • The .SITE new gTLD has the largest number of domains created and doubled that number between January and December 2019 from one to two million.
  • 2 extensions have more than 1 million domain names registered: the .SITE and .ONLINE new gTLDs;
  • 5 extensions have between 100,000 and one million domains registered;
  • Some extensions clearly "exploded" and more than tripled their initial numbers from January 2019. The extensions concerned are:
    • the .BUZZ new gTLD: from 9,500 to 424,640 registrations in one year;
    • the .BEST new gTLD: from 4,745 to 86,684 registrations;
    • the .PAGE new gTLD (by Google): from 8,544 to 51,370 registrations.
  • Five extensions have less registrations in December than when they started the year:
    • .COMPANY
    • .公司 (company)
    • .CEO
    • .世界 (world)
    • .PRO (legacy TLD)
  • Some extensions did stagnate during the hole year;
  • Five extensions kept increasing their domain name registrations one month after the other with no interruption.
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Coming: "New gTLDs for Sports: 2019 in Review"

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