Thursday, April 18, 2013

The new gTLD Community reads CircleId

Many of you know that English is not my native language but unfortunately, it is more or less the only language ICANN really considers in the new gTLD program (at least, this is my feeling). It is also one of the most spoken language in the world. This being said, and whatever my English is good or not, I also write in English.

So, I like to write in CircleId because many of us go there to keep an eye on what our industry has to say.

Today, I took a look a my articles and made a simple calculation:

  • I wrote 16 articles;
  • This represents 63 476 page viewed;
  • And it represents an average of 3 967 page viewed per article (I find this is a lot);
  • The article readers read the most was "A New Generic Top-Level Domain Can Be Free" (7041 pv);
  • The one readers did not read so much was "Fashion of the Moment: The "Pioneer Program" (2585);
  • I wrote a SWOT analysis but readers liked reading "Strengths" more than "Weaknesses", and "Weaknesses" more than "Opportunities" so I wonder if I should write the last one: "Threats" (but I guess I probably will);
  • I promoted no one in my articles but I maybe I should;
  • I wrote my first article in March 2011: "Project dotVinum for .WINE Domain Names";
  • I was asked to pass messages by "others" in some of these articles because some applicants won't want to expose themselves to ICANN and other competitors.

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