Monday, May 16, 2016

The new gTLD info for Monday, May 16th

A lot of interesting NEWS on this Monday (even if very few people are working in Europe today). I stopped by the Inbound Marketing platform for Top Level Domains and I really need to have this explained because I noticed that 5 Registries have applied to it already.
  1. : the .BRAND story;
  2. Interesting - The TLD platform: Inbound Marketing for Top Level Domains;
  3. The lucky back-end Registry to run .BLOG is Nominet;
  4. Verisign (.COM Registry) settles one of its lawsuits against the .XYZ Registry;
  5. The .GROUP and .SALON Sunrise Periods are ending;
  6. Multiple Registry just acquired .SHOPPING and .JETZT new gTLDs;
  7. A major Registrar just finalized its accreditation to .GDN;
  8. The new gTLD review from Domain Mondo  (.BLOG/.AMAZON and .AFRICA new gTLDs);
  9. 250.000 ".blog" domain names in 2016?
  10. New gTLD reports:
    1. New gTLDs related to Cities;
    2. New gTLDs related to Photography;
      (Two trademarks: the ".yodobashi" and ".goldpoint" new gTLDs were added, as well as the generic ".club" new gTLD: this due to the important number of photography clubs)
    3. New gTLDs related to Catering.
      (the ".pizza" new gTLD was added)
  11. Landrush for .コム new gTLD has started (".com" in Japanese);
  12. Can we assess who is leading the new dot brand gTLD?
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