Monday, February 27, 2017

Come on .RICHARDLI : show the example

New gTLDs need concrete examples to gain in notoriety. Famous people, super stars and other popular singers can help achieve this.

Unfortunately, the only person - worldwide - to have considered creating domain names with an extension ending with her name, DOES NOT USE IT.

Mr Richard Li Tzar Kai, a Hong Kong businessman and philanthropist, created the ".richardli" domain name extension but no domain name has been created yet, but one redirection. When you click on, you will notice that it works but it redirects to another website.

If I can understand the move to protect some finance personality's name, I don't understand why superstars with a big ego have missed the opportunity to apply for their family or complete name as a domain name extension. 

Securing a superstar's name as a Trademark is common. Some even spend outrageous amounts of money acquiring and registering domain names to protect the name of their child so...isn't it time to consider the next round of the ICANN new gTLD program to create a serious and unique buzz?

What about a ".kardashian" domain name extension for a ? Or will it be aé ?

Who will create your new gTLD?

There are professionals who are able to create domain name extensions. Note that creating a new gTLD is not as simple as creating a domain name...far from that.
  • It is highly technical (but this is generally sub-contracted to a backend registry provider);
  • It requires a certain level of legal knowledge. For example, you wouldn't submit a .BRAND new gTLD application for a generic string or would you take that risk?
  • It requires to know about the ICANN new gTLD program. For example, you wouldn't submit an application for a .AND or .GUM new gTLD or...would you?
  • It requires to know about costs;
  • It requires to have time;
  • It requires to know what to do if you are not alone to apply for the same string;
  • It requires to launch the extension and market it;
  • It requires to know what to do with your .BRAND (...)
  • ...
In round one of the ICANN new gTLD program, an applicant which I won't name, submitted his application without taking into account all this and considered that he could write an application by himself. Well, his extension does not exist today.

It is not so easy to find the right entity to create an extension because, according to the project (.BRAND, generic, community, geographic TLD), one will probably be better than another. For example, price can be an issue and you might consider limiting the number of participants in your application to lower the cost. Also, a new gTLD service provider might not offer the complete range of services required for your type of application. An applicant might also not want to deal with new service providers and work with people he already knows (whatever the cost is).

I created a poll and welcome to learn about who you would select to fill in your application to create your new domain name extension in the next round of the ICANN new gTLD program. It is located on the right column of

Please cast your vote

Jovenet Consulting is a service provider to help you build and develop your new gTLD project with the right service providers.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

That old post I just noticed about Nomulus

IP Twins is a popular French law firm to offer a full-package of domain name related services (registration, search, audit and monitoring), web services (web content search, audit and monitoring, AdWords™, auctions) and IP services (consulting, TMCH, new gTLDs applications).

This company is typically the kind of law firm to offer its clients a .BRAND new gTLD solution for the next round of the ICANN new gTLD program.

I just noted this post about Nomulus, pointing to my article following the Nomulus announcement from Google and I appreciate to be quoted in it actually.

Another good read that I just posted.

Amazon or Google for new gTLDs?

Google offered the world its tool to operate new gTLDs: it is a backend registry solution, named Nomulus. Google new gTLDs already use this solution.

AWS from Amazon
You might have noticed the massive communication around AWS (Amazon Web Services) where the communication focuses on promoting cloud solutions from Amazon. A new gTLD was even created for this: the .AWS domain name extension.

If Google made it clear that it still does not know if it will create a key-in-hand offer for .BRAND new gTLD applicants, what about Amazon?

Amazon did not build its TLDs with an internal solution, it has a backend registry provider and has not yet considered creating its own solution.

Potential .BRAND new gTLD applicants still think that it is too expensive to apply for their own domain name extension and a cheap/simple offer, just build for them, would seriously help. Lowering the price at ICANN...would help too.

So which service provider will come with that offer?

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  19. The .AFRICA new gTLD's cover:
    1. Official date of the delegation: 15 February 2017;
    2. Official registry:;
    3. Application submitted by the winning applicant to the ICANN.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The .RAP new gTLD

Many are familiar with the .MUSIC new gTLD which should launch...someday. For those interested, I think it is also important to inform that there are two three other new gTLDs related to music:
  1. The .HIPHOP new gTLD (1 960+ domains sold worldwide);
  2. The .COUNTRY new gTLD (1 470+ domains sold);
  3. The .DANCE new gTLD (5,240+ domains sold).
Kanye West
For a reason I still don't understand, when I think "Rap", I think of "Kanye West": for the quality of his Rap probably, but maybe also for his...eccentricity. His wife has probably something to do with this by the way. I also think about Birdman, Diddy, Dr. Dre, Jay Z and 50 Cent too.

A domain name extension is unique and whatever is said about them, each new gTLD application is a monopoly too.

2 reasons
There are two reasons why I believe that famous rappers would be successful applicants for the .RAP new gTLD:
  1. Eccentric people like uniqueness and a monopoly clearly answers that need of uniqueness: wouldn't a famous rapper want to be the only person to own the .RAP domain name extension for domain names such as www.birdman.rap or
    Another reason: can you imagine 50 Cent paying Jay Z to register the domain name "50cent.rap"? ;-)
  2. The first round of the ICANN new gTLD program clearly showed that new domain names are difficult to sell and to be able to sell, you clearly need a Dr .Dre to show off with a domain name ending in ".rap". Such famous rappers like Kayne West and Jay Z are famous enough to propagate such information. 
Good to know
  • "rap" is not prohibited by the ICANN to submit an application: it is no ISO 3166 alpha-3 code;
  • there was no application submitted in round one of the ICANN new gTLD program;
  • the RAP business is a multi-billion industry: can you imagine what a .RAP new gTLD would generate in terms of domain names sold?
We are in 2017 and round two of the next round of the ICANN new gTLD program shouldn't start (be announced?) before 2020, so there's still plenty of time to prepare a project...or just write this TLD on a list.

The .RAP new gTLD is "not" one the TLDs listed in my official list.

(but shush, I didn't say anything)

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New gTLDs: 3 conferences are coming

Let's talk .NYC : Thursday 23 February
Lets meet and talk tech, NYC, domains and auction. We have some great info on how .nyc is doing, what's coming next and much more. You can be investor, developer, fan or just curious about .nyc domain.

DomainX: Sunday 9 April
Since inception in 2014, DomainX™ has been a dedicated annual domain name conference with multiple yearly events across the globe to network, spread awareness and educate public about domain names and the industry.

Domaining Europe: Sunday 14 May
DomainingEurope is an event, where many Top Level Decision makers from the global Domain Industry meet,make Business and share new tendencies, tools and knowledge.

More dates to be announced in coming Newsletters.


I received an email asking me why the .MOTO new gTLD was not listed in the SPORT new gTLD report.

The .MOTO new gTLD is a Trademark for which Charleston Road Registry (Google's company for new gTLDs) submitted an application to the ICANN. It intends to operate the extension as a closed registry with Google as the sole registrar and Motorola Mobility (and its affiliates), as the sole registrants.

For this reason it does not appear in the Sport new gTLD report.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Continental new gTLDs

Generic Top-Level Domains:
  1. .ASIA = done
  2. .AFRICA = done
  3. .EUROPE = to be done? (the ".eu" top-level domain already exists but is considered as a ccTLD)
  4. .AMERICA = to be done?
  5. .OCEANIA = to be done?
  6. .ANTARTICA = to be done?

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The .AFRICA new gTLD

.AFRICA new gTLD was delegated.

Check here (15 February 2017).

4 years to delegate the .AFRICA new gTLD

On the 13th of June 2012 was published the list of new gTLD applicants who submitted an application for a new generic Top-Level Domains. Check down this page to find the list. One might be surprised to see that there was one application only on that list...but in fact, there were two. The second applicant made a mistake submitting its application and applied for the ".DOTAFRICA" new gTLD instead (see below in the list). This issue was solver later one.

Almost 5 years to launch a TLD
I stopped following the different legal procedures a long ago since it was unclear what really happened and to be honest...what a waste of time and money. What to remember:

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    1. LIVE:
    2. UNICOM: (sitemap)
    3. NATURA:
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  23. The .AFRICA new gTLD:
    1. ICANN Free to Proceed with Delegation of .AFRICA;
    2. Third time lucky: ICANN beats off .africa ban;
    3. .AFRICA to finally go live after judge denies injunction.

Monday, February 13, 2017

.BRAND new gTLDs: answers from "Nomulus"

Nomulus is the code of a backend registry solution offered by Google and which requires to use Google Cloud. This solution is the one used for all Google new gTLDs and this solution works.
Such an announcement can look like a potential "simple" solution for future .BRAND new gTLD applicants but is it the case?

When Google makes such an announcement, it suddenly catches the eye of the entire new gTLD industry but not only. If such an announcement can be seen as a trouble maker in other backend registries' business, it also alerts other potential new gTLD service providers such as law firms, who could be interested in using this solution to avoid contracting with a backend registry.

We sent our questions to Ben McIlwain, the Nomulus guy from Google, who was kind enough to answer them.

Our questions:
  1. Which technical knowledge would a Law Firm need to offer Trademarks their .BRAND new gTLD using Nomulus?
    ANSWER: "A law firm?  They'd definitely need technically minded people, and probably at least one developer.  There's not many law firms running TLDs, I would imagine?  It seems more likely to me that said hypothetical law firm would want to use a registry service provider".
  2. Can Google Registrar (for US companies) be the single registrar authorized to create a ".brand" new domain name, when using Nomulus? This question is important since a registrar is required to allow the registration of domain names.
    ANSWER: "With a relatively small amount of custom development to Nomulus you could add a whitelist of registrar(s) to TLDs so that only those registrar(s) could register domain names on said TLD. This would work for any registrar, and isn't specific to Google Domains. It'd all be using standard EPP".
  3. Does it make sense to say that Google Registry has already passed the ICANN technical requirements so a company using Nomulus+Google Cloud would easily pass these tests prior to be delegated?
    ANSWER: "Not sure. You'd still need someone who's already familiar with ICANN's pre-delegation testing process to get through it "easily". But you could say that, since we passed the testing on our ~40 TLDs, there's more assurance that someone else could do so using our software than with some other software that hasn't yet passed testing for any TLD".
  4. Starting from scratch with Nomulus and knowing that OpenRegistry was recently sold for $3.7million: what could be the estimated cost to build a backend registry solution with Nomulus?
    ANSWER: "I have no idea. Hopefully not too much, but there's way too many factors in play (requirements, prevailing wage of the area in which you're hiring developers, etc.)"
  5. Are there already service providers able to build a backend registry solution for third parties customers? (ie: law firm looking for a service provider to build its solution)
    ANSWER: "There are registry service providers that exist, e.g. Rightside and Affilias. Did you mean using Nomulus though? If so, I'm not aware of any, but maybe someone would do so in the future?"
  6. Automating and managing the invoicing seems to be though part on a backend registry solution: how can Nomulus help simplify this for an entrepreneur willing to operate a generic TLD dedicated to selling domain names?
    ANSWER: "I don't entirely understand the question. "though part"? The problem is that there are so many potential different ways to handle invoicing and payments, and what is available/allowable likely differs from country to country, that you'd probably need to end up developing stuff yourself. We provide some billing queries that aggregate billing events on a monthly basis and group them by registrar, which gets you most of the way towards generating invoices, and we also provide integration with Braintree, which is a US-based credit card payment processor that handles USD. Most of what someone would need is thus already available, assuming that Braintree is a viable option for them, which it may not be in most countries. Of course, all the standard disclaimers of the Apache 2.0 license apply, i.e. the work is provided "on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied, including, without limitation, any warranties or conditions of TITLE, NON-INFRINGEMENT, MERCHANTABILITY, or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE." We just release the code, and we happen to be using it for our purposes, but we don't offer it as a service, or provide any kind of warranty or guarantee".
  7. Is there, by any chance, a possibility that Google offers a .BRAND key-in-hand solution prior of the beginning of the next round (to take place somewhere between mid 2018 & 2020?
    ANSWER: "I don't know".
  8. Nomulus (developed) comes as total new solution for the next round of the ICANN new gTLD program: why isn't there more marketing done about it? Is it too early?
    ANSWER: "I don't know".
  9. was registered : why it does not redirect to an official presentation of Nomulus?
    ANSWER: "Our official domain name for Nomulus is, and that's the only one we reference. We've registered other domain names defensively, being one of them, but we're not too concerned about them.  Similarly, we have, but it's not redirected to; we just don't use it".
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  23. New gTLDs: A History of the Making;
  24. HOT - When a "Response Fee" is Required in a URS Case;
  25. Reference Japanese LGR for the Second Level;
  26. Alternative roots (be careful);
  27. New .BRAND domains:
    1. Mini: www.denzel.min
    2. Bridgestone:
    3. Bugatti:
    4. Suzuki:

Friday, February 3, 2017

New gTLD reports for February 2017

New gTLD reports for the month of February 2017 have been published. These were published on a weekly basis in 2016 for the launching of most of the new generic Top-Level Domains. These publications focus on domain name registration volumes according to businesses and industries.

Industries and businesses
A list of “themes” was chosen to target specific business and activities: new gTLDs related to CATERING, PHOTOGRAPHY, CITIES, COMPANIES, The LAW, FINANCE, COLORS, SPORT, ALCOHOL, REAL ESTATE, Singular VS Plural versions of a new gTLD, FRENCH new gTLD applications, RELIGION, GENERIC TLDs, CARS, HEALTH, new gTLDs with a FRENCH connotation and ADULTS.

These themes offer registrants two possibilities:
  1. Learn” and get to know which domain name extensions exist in their core business so they can register corresponding domain names if they want to;
  2. Stay in touch” so they can keep an eye on the domain name expansion related to their activity.
Registration volumes
One could wonder why it matters to follow new domain name registration volumes.

If it first matters for a dentist to know that there is a domain name extension ending in “.dentist” which exists (instead of “.com”), a “.agency” for an agency or a “.football” for a football federation; it is also important to know that such identities can correspond to your core business and that they are available to anyone who wants to register one. No need for an authorization to buy one and have a perfectly identified presence on Internet.

Second, domain name registration volumes offer the option to keep an eye on trends: when domain name registration volumes increase in an activity, it means that professionals are buying these domain names and that the activity concerned is developing on Internet under a brand new name.

A good example to give are “.cloud” domain names. Let’s be honest: who cares about “clouds”? Well, you’d be surprised to see that this domain name extension is massively being adopted by professionals of the cloud business with almost 100,000 domain name registrations. 

February 2017
It if was difficult to compare figures from January 2017 with figures from the last week of December 2016, it makes more sense to compare domain name registration volumes from January 2017 and February 2017. These figures are, and will be, updated on the second day of each month. Note that figures in blue represent a noticeable increase of domain name registrations, in red when they decrease from a month to the other.

All updated reports are available here.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Sunrise Period for .ECO & more.

Today is day one of the .ECO Sunrise Period. It means that owners of a Trademark - who have submitted an application to the Trademark Clearinghouse to protect their Trademark online - are allowed to register their domain name ending in ".eco" (instead of ".com").

There were four applicants for a .ECO new gTLD:
  1. Big Room Inc
  2. Planet Dot Eco, LLC
  3. Little Birch, LLC
  4. Top Level Domain Holdings Limited
Fortunately for .ECO, the application for the .ECOM new gTLD was withdrawn. The SUNRISE PERIOD:
  • STARTS: Wednesday, 1 February, 2017 - 16:00;
  • ENDS: Sunday, 2 April, 2017 - 16:00.
For full details about the Sunrise Period, check the Trademark Clearinghouse's calendar.

Good to know
The purpose of .ECO is to:
  1. Allow members of the Community to more easily identify themselves and other Community members online and to prevent misuse of .ECO domain names that could lead to confusion.
  2. Utilize the power of the Internet to foster transparency, information sharing, communication and exchange of ideas to promote environmental goals, interests and values, amongst Community members and those who are exploring that opportunity.
  3. Provide a platform for accurate and non-deceptive information and reliable resources to encourage environmental awareness and action on sustainability.
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    1. Trends of new gTLDs in the China Market;
    2. TLD entry license and review;
    3. Domain industry development trends in China;
  3. Dispute: the domain names at issue are <> and <>;
  4. .BRAND new domain names in use:
    1. SAP:
    2. JCB:
      1. Indonesia:
      2. Viêt Nam:
      3. Hong-Kong:
    3. Sohu:
  5. DomainWire Global TLD Report 2016/4;
  6. French - DNS News (edito Janvier 2017):
    1. Coup de blues pour les titulaires chinois:
    2. Etat statistique des nTLDs au samedi 28/01/17;
    3. Des « terminated » nTLDs aux prémices du 2e round ;
    4. Gouvernance : espoirs et craintes autour du nouveau président américain.
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  8. URS for IGOs' second level domains?
  9. RPMs for New Top-Level Domains (TLDs);
  10. Donuts & .WEB: request dismissed;
  11. HOT - Backend talks: "There is more than just the price" in a new gTLD offer (podcast);
  12. Patent (concerns new gTLD): company proposes blocking newly-registered domain names for security purposes;
  13. .BRAND new gTLDs:
    1. SCB:;
    2. SCHWARZ:
    3. Redstone:
      1. Career:;
      2. Curiel: offers (new gTLDs).
  14. Jobs (new gTLDs):
    1. Sr. Program Manager, Registry/Registrar Operations and Partnerships;
    2. Sr. Product Manager, Amazon Registry Services;
    3. Technical Program Manager - Top Level Domains.
  15. Domain Name Industry Forecast;
  16. HOT - 110 Active Brand TLDs - Europe & Asia Lead (infrographic);
  17. How the Fight to Own .ART Illustrates the Art World’s Inherent Contradictions;
  18. Some new gTLDs just turned 3;
  19. More ".BRANDs":
    1. NEC:
    2. NICO:
    3. OTSUKA:
    4. The NRA:
  20. Latest ICANN Newsletters: A source for new gTLD information;
  21. Sunrise Periods:
    1. The .ECO Sunrise Period starts tomorrow: Wednesday, 1 February, 2017;
    2. The .ART Sunrise Period ends next week: Tuesday, 7 February, 2017.
      (check the calendar).

.BRAND new gTLD Reports are updated once a month: CLICK HERE !